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24 September 2006



AMEN Groucho!!!!! What a tremendous sentiment...and speaking of sentiments, in just a few short hours it will be the birthday of the author of this fine blog. That's right kids, the creative force behing Puppytoes has her happy day tomorrow (Monday)...three cheers and an early happy happy joy joy Babe!!!


:) I don't know how many people I've told that people don't make you happy but you do. I think that its a pretty simple thought. I try to find joy in small things - its all I have sometimes.
Hope you had a great mini vacation!


Honey: i'm pretty sure we could have gone all day without mentioning that particular tidbit, sweetie. that said... i *do* like the concept of taking control of one's own sense of joy. i think Groucho nicely articulated a sentiment of "carpe diem" we should all strive to embrace. as for MY source of happiness i'd like to carpe on any given diem? gee... i wonder who that might be?

i adore YOU and thank you for making every day (not just the past 22 birthdays) full of Happy Happy Joy Joy! xoxox

CJ: you are so right, sweet friend! ya gotta find the "happy" in your own heart before you can truly share it with anyone else! all you need is one reason to smile every day--just as a reminder not to take everything too seriously. and i think the joy *starts* with the small things... and builds from there! (with that in mind, our "mini-vacation" was lovely, thank you!) xox


How enlightening that a comedian of such notariety would also carry such wisdom. I wholeheartedly agree. Fabulous reminder for us all. D :)


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday and all hail Groucho! Enjoy your day and ahem since Joel mentioned it, I did the Snark. Hey we love you and want to celebrate your day!

Whatever you do, may it be grand!



and hope you're being happy on this special day ... your birthday! Have a wonderful one, N! xoxo


That was Groucho Marx? But it's not funny.

Yesterday is behind us, tomorrow out of sight and I'll be damned if I'll waste today asking directions.

Happy Birthday, magnificent Neva!


Happy Birthday to the warmest, most inspiring gal I virtually know.

Enjoy the day to the fullest, you deserve it sweet Neva! :)

good girl

Happy Birthday, Neva!!!!! Ahh, sweet 16, how grand thy be ;-)

Someone said to me long ago that if I keep worrying about tomorrow, how can I hope to know my today? This quote from Groucho is a gentle reminder that I often forget to ground myself in my here & now.

Thanks, Puppytoes and happy happy birthday xox


good girl

Sorry :-( Connection problems xo


Happy birthday to the woman who can find the naughtiest/funniest/weirdest/coolest videos!!! Hur-rah!!

Jamie Dawn

Amen, Dalai Bobo!
I choose to wish the marvelous Neva a fantabulous birthday!!
Dear Neva,
I hope your day is filled with lots of love and a few nice surprises like flowers, candy (preferably chocolate truffles), jewelry, spa gift certificates, cash, etc.
Enjoy YOUR day!!!!


Have an awesome birthday!!


Have a wonderful wonderful birthday, and if it was yesterday, you're in great company--my b-i-l

So help me I never knew that was Groucho Marx.

I always thought "yesterday was dead..." was from a rock song


I liked that one!

Happy birthday Neva!!


you know, i was about to do a post on this very issue. get out of my heaaaaaaaad!!!!!

rockin as always!


I love it when people say soemthing you feel, but canĀ“t put in such beuatiful words!


FF: Groucho was a deep guy! xox

Debby: thank you! xox

G: thank you for helping make it so special blabber mouth NBFF! seriously, it was a great day, and i really *did* appreciate the fact that you felt compelled to tell the entire blogosphere! (you're the BEST NBFF a girl could ever have!) xox

Mirelle: how lovely of you to come by! thank you! xox

Doug: you know what they say about flattery, my friend... xox

Sar: thank you! that means a lot, especially since you were virtually my first(ish) real friend in the blogosphere (well, you and our devine Miz B--whom i "met" while commenting on her guest post on your blog!) thank you for that, as well! xox

GG: thank you sweet girl... i lovelovelove this quote and selfishly saved it for my own birthday! xox

(by the way, i deleted that extra comment, hope you don't mind)

Jenna: and thank you, oh-feisty-and-funny-and-fabulous friend who provides a safe harbor for some of those aforementioned videos! xox

JD: no chocolate truffles, but i *did* wind up with the world's most decadent chocolate cake... oy the calories in that would choke a very large truffle sniffin' pig! xox

Actonbell: you are so sweet! thank you! xox

Pia: apparently that Groucho was full of surprises (someday i'll fill you in on why it cracks me up to say that!) thank you so much for your kind wishes, my friend! xox

squaregirl: thank you, lovely NEWLYWED! (and congrats on that, too!!) xox

FN: uh... er... and don't i owe you something (with regards to an aforementioned post?) now you know my problem. i'm just old and forgetful. oh, but happy. (and, in the end, that's all that counts, right?) thank you, sister/girlfriend! xox

Monika: me too!! (guess that's why i love using quotes like this so much...seems like other's are always saying what i feel better than i'm able to say myself) happy fall, beautiful Penguin! xox


It really IS amazing that that was Groucho Marx.


Actonbell: just goes to prove there was more to him than a cigar and funny mustache! that said, of course you're right! i was a little stunned when i first found this quote a few months ago. guess that's another reason i like it so much... it's insightful *and* surprising. xox

Miz BoheMia

Ain't that the truth! Amen brotha Groucho!

You know, I have always known that but recently started to live it... takes much conscious effort and hard work at first but afterwards it becomes easier and my god what benefits we reap from this positive mind control! And you know what else? I have you to thank for your sweet words and the sharing of your experiences that facilitated such an experience to become a reality in my life! So thank you you amazing and beautiful (belated on my end) birthday girl!!! May this year and life and the universe and all that is just shazam and sacred hold nothing but the very best in store for you my dearest amiga!

Love you mucho! Besitos,



Dear Neva,
Happy Birthday! wish you all the best and happiness and joy in everyday!

Sorry for late wishes T__T

I have just settled myself down in London after submitteing my dissertation on 15th. My dad came and helped with moving stuffs. Next week I am going to Paris and Brussels and on 9th OCT I will go back to Bangkok ^__^

Hope to talk to you soon!

Happy Happy Birthday Neva! ^_____^


The other day I stayed up late to watch TV and saw Groucho being happy in my pajamas. What he was doing in them I'll never know.

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