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17 September 2006



That is an inspiring thought. I will keep it close this week as I go about my tasks. I think I dance in the known too much and need to dance more in the unknown. :)


A great concept but so very hard to do...taking the leap without the net. We are so guided by our past experiences and limited by them to be sure. Something to strive steps. Love you...great wisdom and, of course, a lovely picture of a fine speciman.

Miz BoheMia

Oh sweet Neva! WE have not spoken for a bit and yet again, this fits into the scheme of everything so artfully! Recently, I went through a panic attack, something I had not lived through for many years, and whilst in it, I did something I was unable to do in the past, I wrote Mama E for help...

She wrote back a beautiful and wise email and in it was this:

Remember that positive feelings, just like negative feelings don't last long either. The big recommendation for a relatively happy and definitely more sane life, is don't be attached to anything as long as you can recall that enjoinder...Remember to 'grasp' with an open raised palm, fingers towards the sky and apart, just letting it all slide through - by not grasping too hard at anything, ideas, people, moods, problems, life becomes a simpler dance...

She wrote me this on Saturday... must be something going on in the universe, something that you and Mama E are most definitely tapped into fo sho! FO SHO!

As for me, I am breathing along, taking it baby step by baby step! Thank you for yet another enlightening quote and may you have a beautiful week you amazing and fantabulous woman I so adore!



Such a deep thought. Enlightening. I shall remember this and reflect on it more through the week. Thanks much! D :)


Hi Neva,

Thank you for reminding me to look forward with hope and purpose and to break free of my past.


that was a deeeeeeeeeep one. kind of like one of those russian nesting dollies? except it made me bleed a little out my ear.


Oh, I like that quote! It's something to be read over and over, something you can really meditate on--thannks:)


I love the photos of all the dogs. I plan to come back this evening to "vist."
Until then, I'm going to try to process the quote today. Wow!


Another great quote akin to change is good. Just when you think life can't get any better, surprise it can. Complacency doesn't afford that opportunity.

Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, ha, haaaa! FN, now she make-a me laugh many laughters of happy happy joy joys... funny, funny flatbutt lady biker mama she be! Ha, ha, haaaa!



I am cracking up at the Flatbutt Biker Babe too!

I read this yesterday and didn't comment because I wanted to process it. And as Actonbell pointed out, it is a great thought to just meditate on...

It's very freeing if you can get your head around the whole letting go and just being thing.


cj: yeah... i think we all tend to lean towards the "safe" dance... but the real adventure begins when we allow ourselves to explore the unknown (within reason, of course!) xox

Honey: what's that quote? Leap and the net will appear? i think our lives are a testament to the truth of that statement, as well as Chopra's, don't you? lovelovelove leaping with you by my side, by the way!! xox

Miz B: i'm gonna remember Mama E's wise words too! damn, that's just a great quote... and you are lucky, my dear friend, to have someone so amazing in your corner (can i borrow her?) thank you for sharing, oh wonderous and wonderful BoheMian... (i may have to use her words down the road!) xox

FF: i'm so glad you like this one... and i hope it has as much meaning for you as it does for me! xox

Brian: i know this holds a powerful truth for you... and i hope you remember the wisdom and continue to move forward in all ways that are beautiful, joyous, and, above all else, free of that painful past. xox

FN: deeeeeeep. not unlike you, girlfriend! Russian nesting dolls?? i'm laughing. and laughing... and now bleeding out of *my* ears, too (but just a little!) xox

actonbell: you're so welcome! i have a feeling you're one who appreciates "the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the Universe" more than most! xox

swampwitch: thank you! as you can tell, we're rather fond of our happy little puppies... i'm glad you like 'em too! and welcome!! xox

Sar: i read once that "consistancy is the hobgoblin of small minds", but i've always thought it was complacency. and you're soooo right...the good things in life don't "just happen", we make 'em happen! xox

Miz B: one of the MANY reasons we *adore* our flat-butt friend, right? she makes us think *and* laugh... that's a hell of a great combination!! xox

g: yeah... not so inconsistant with don Miguel Ruiz, in The Four Agreements, i think. shedding our preconceived notions (assumptions) of people and outcomes allows us to move forward in a way that is well-intended and hopeful.

as for that flat-butt biker babe? she slays me too, the absolute *best* way! xoxo


As usual, I am prompted to offer a dissenting view, which I hope will be accepted as a positive, thought-provoked response. My favorite philosopher, Emmanuel Levinas, does not believe detachment is possible, for reasons best illustrated in Moby-Dick's "Masthead" chapter, where the erstwhile transcendentalist Ishmael reminds us that too much detachment and mystic expansiveness may lead the sailor on the masthead to plunge to his death, shrieking, and thus betraying that at the last moment he was not detached at all.
Nor does Levinas think detachment is desirable. It sounds great, but this also means freeing ourselves from bonds with those around us, right? In other words from the ethical life that gives ours meaning.
Again, I hope this will not give offense, but simply put a different point of view out there.

good girl

I need not tell you what these words mean to me :-)

Thank you, Puppytoes. I am stepping into the unknown as best I can and I look forward to dancing the dance of our universe.

GG xo


Mrs. Weirsdo: what a thoughtful and wonderful perspective! and how i wish i were as well-read and knowledgable on the subject of Levinas as you are!

from what i can glean (based on the most superficial reading, along with your amazing illustration) Levinas believed in man's obligation to his fellow man, as a means for justifying his own existence. pretty darn interesting... and in many way, not so hard to embrace.

i think Chopra's quote is meant more in the spirit of an emotional "leap of faith" we all need to take sometimes, in order to break free of the ties that bind us to a "here and now", instead of a "what may be", you know?

as i said before, my knowledge of philosophy is rudimentary, at best, so i find myself speaking in hopes of not sounding like a total maroon. that said, i believe it is possible AND desirable to detach, even from the "bonds" of the ones we love. too often we rely on the opinions and/or needs of others as a means for remaining stagnant. "i can't work because my kids need me at home" (and i'm serious, this was a valid excuse for me, personally for a few years)... but to take that further, the thoughts that, "i'm not worth much, because other people think i look too ugly/fat/skinny/blond/ old/girlie/uncoordinated/whatever" is prevalent in our society, and limits more people than you can shake a stick at. more times than not, we base our own "sense of self" on the preconceived notions of others. to make matters worse, we do it right back.

i think, in a perfect world and in pursuit of a perfect "existence", it's our job to move through our lives to the best of each of our abilities. to be considerate and loving and compassionate to those around us, expecially the ones we hold most dear. but we can't make them responsible for how we feel about ourselves. and we can't presume to force them to feel this way or that about their own lives.

for me, the bottom line with regards to this quote is "fear". or more specifically, to stop being afraid of taking chances and/or a leap of faith when one is called for.

thank you so much for bringing your wise and incredible perspective here! you become more impressive in my eyes by the second! xox

GG: sweet and lovely GG... here you are facing a variety of new dances with a Universe that holds many mysteries, and that's just scary. but, with your intellect, humor, grace, and joie de vivre, i know you'll not only keep up, i suspect you'll teach that Universe a new step or two! and i, for one, cannot *wait* to see how it all turns out! xoxo


Thanks for taking so much time with your response. I don't disagree with most of that. In Levinas' eyes, the kinds of bonds with others you mention are bonds because they really represent not true respect for others but the human tendency to encapsulate others in boxes we construct for them (e. g., "kids are needy reasons for me to stay home"). For Levinas, the fundamental ethical bond is not a project of that kind but a sense of responsibility so overwhelming that it at once frees us from such projects (our own and the boxes others make that attempt to contain us, like "too fat," "too skinny," etc.) and inexorably impresses the other's need on us. This does seem oppressive, but like Levinas and Melville I just have trouble reconciling total detachment with being human.

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