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10 September 2006



Thank god for that! I'd like to think we get up each time a little bit smarter than before the fall. One of the main reasons "aging" isn't quite so scary is you realize that through experience you become a much richer individual...lots of falls...lots of trial and error...a level of wisdom not available when your just a youngin - at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Love you...props to the Dalai BoBo for his you!

Miz BoheMia

How DO you do it? Seems everytime I pop in here there is so much wisdom to be soaked in and so much I am living and relating to! You have definitely brightened a crazy and excessively busy Sunday oh wise and amazing and always so sweet dear amiga mia!

Hope you guys are enjoying a beautiful weekend!



Then again, Naps are good too.


Such deep, true words, BoBo. I always leave here questioning my depth and purpose. Am I going in the right direction? Can I be better, do more? D :)

Angela K

Oh Dalai BoBo, it's just so hard to get up sometimes!

Seems like it's taken me several years to get back up after this last one.

Have you ever been punched by a college wrestler with a glove the size of a yugo in an inflatable boxing ring while wearing a 1920's bathing suit and cap on the worst week of your life?

I have. I think I stayed down. The irony was too much for me to bear.

I agree with the thought. I am still trying to live up to it. Thanks for the wisdom, BoBo. God knows we (and I) could use a little more of it in this world.


OUTSTANDING quote, db!
now thats the spirit!

this is one rockin' doggie, you guys.

good girl

Thank you, puppytoes. I always com ehere to find the right words being said. I completely and humbly agree with Dalai Bobo. I shall remember to use all four paws to push myself up everytime I'm belly-down on the carpet. Promise :-)

GG xo


Neva, most poignant my dear friend, particularly this week. Thank you for always finding the perfect focus for the week for me (you know we ADD girls love a direction). xox


That's true, but sometimes the falling hurts.


Honey: i *hope* we're smarter when we get up! i think part of the point here is that we should never give up. (a concept you've taught me many times over the course of our years together). anyway... i love this particular quote because it seems to apply to a few things we've been through in our lives, as well as the lives of someone we both love so much.

and, for the record, i lovelovelove YOU... that's one thing you can ALWAYS count on... come rain or come shine (or TGSNWM!) xoxo

Miz B: thank you for those kind words, my beautiful and sweet amiga! and if this quote has helped you in any way, the Dalai Bobo's work will not have been in vain! much love to you... stay strong, your own fabulous dreams are but a house sale, a few boxes and a plane trip away!! xox

Doug: absolutely. xox

FF: aw... my hope is that you'd leave here feeling better, and that you'd *know* that as long as you're giving it your best shot on any given day, you are always doing the right thing! xox

Angela:, but i once tried to arm wrestle a guy named Bubba in a bar somewhere outside of Butte, Montana, which, needless to say, did not turn out well. xox

FN: thank you, my friend! the Bobo thinks you rock, as well!xox

GG: good girl... uh... Good Girl. and i know you will, too, because i'm quite certain you've done so many times in the past! xox

g: thanks, NBFF. i really *did* choose this particular quote for this particular week because of it's "don't ever give up" message. it's not a bad thing for ADD girls to remember, either! xox

Brian: "no pain, no gain", right? (sort of) xox


High Five!
I love that saying!


You pick the best thoughts for the week- and to live by!

Jamie Dawn

You can't keep a good man/woman down! No way, Jose!!
We may be battered, bruised, and bloody, but, by golly, we're still standing! Woo-Hoo!!!! :-)


I totally agree with this one. I think I favor engagement over detachment when it comes to the Dalai's wisdom.

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