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03 September 2006



Always a mind blowing concept that our "reality" is ours and ours alone...still tough to grasp that each and everyone of us see a different world. Deep thoughts...yikes! Great quote from a great writer/teacher...and of course...wonderful picture of the BoBo! Love you, now let's get our butts in gear and get that TGSNWM!


That is really thought prevoking... very true, no ones experience is the same.

Have a great weekend guys!

good girl

Hey puppytoes,

What a sobering thought. A wise reminder though that we must take the time to consider others' point of view. Although we must never lose the value of our own hearts, even if it's a heart whose truths are ours alone.

Taking another view, however, if life is but a dream, why not have the courage to dream it well and dream it to full?

GG bows once more to wise Bobo xo


Miz BoheMia

GG... you are actually going deeper into that very concept, wise girl, and not into another one...

I love this quote dearest Neva, but then again you probably knew I would! Such simple words and yet they speak VOLUMES!

The concept of illusion... where everything really is an illusion, even this thing we are all so attached to called the "me"... the need to widen our view and look away from this "me" into a more expansive universe and vision... that if it is all an illusion, then what is there to fear, and why not live this dream to the fullest for we are, after all, the true masters of our destinies...

I could go on but I will spare you and I will end with this... I finally got my book back from Loverboy and am reading away! WOOH TO DA HOOH!

Have a beautiful Sunday you amazing woman! All my love and many besos!



Words with such meaning. Sobering thought, but curious - what is my truth to others? I must think. D :)


Dear Brilliant Puppy, I love your Puppytoes and yer puppy knows, especially. I haven't yet shared with you about my great other sentient being household. We are the loved ones of 3 wise creatures...Zoey, the 18 y/o amazing cat, Ruby the barking BoHo toy and toyish poodle, and Zusi, the amazing Saluki! One day I'll probably have the technoability to post some photos...Meanwhile give BoBo a kiss in his wise curls for me...MamaE


Honey I'm home!

"Your truth is not the truth for anyone else" - So simple, yet so powerful. Well I'm almost done reading The Four Agreements (might have finished but for the blackout and even then gave it a valiant attempt by tealight, got quite the few snickers for that one). Thank you for the wonderful books and for these words.

Gotta get my groove back, still on a very slow mode.

Missed ya! xox


Aaaaah!!!! I love the Toltec Wisdom of don Miguel are one smart puppy Bobo.


A scurrilous lie!


dogs are the only truth.


I hope that statement does not entail, that that would allow me to behave like a total idiot, ┬┤cause really it doesn't affect anybody but my truth!
A lot of people would find justification for their daftness in that :)


Ooh, this is a neat quote. You know it reminds me of something. Have you ever experienced standing next to someone at the mirror and recognizing that they don't look quite like themselves in the mirror's reflection as they do compared with standing next to you? Makes you wonder what we look like to everyone else compared with what we see reflected in the mirror.


"Your truth is not the truth for anyone else"...

...that could be a good thing! :-)


But can we make our perceived reality into a real one?

Working on that one.


Honey: the only fantasy i have that is, in fact, quite real, is YOU. but the Bobo is a deep thinker, and we would all be wise to pay attention to what he says. otherwise we are destined to fall prey to all those figments of our imaginations.

oh, and since you and i both dream of those TGSNWM's they are, of course, quite real as we need and/or want them to be! I ADORE YOU!! xox

CJ: provoking thought is what the Dalai Bobo is all about! xox

GG: sweet girlfriend, that's absolutely part of the deal for each of us. dream your life well and dream it full, and so it shall be! and you know? if you look again, and are happy with YOURSELF, it already is! xox

Miz B: in my opinion, it's the most difficult thing to wrap our minds around, but in order to be fully liberated, that's exactly what we have to do. our lives are as good--or as bad--as we perceive them to be. and in the end, our own perceptions are the only ones that count! i, for one, lovelovelove that concept! xox

FF: knowing what "your" truth is to others can be helpful, but only if you don't fold your own thoughts/feelings for what your truth is for *you*. i think understanding what others see in us is only useful as a barometer of where we think we're going... and how we're doing along the way. conversely, we need to be mindful of not taking for granted that which we believe to be true of those around us! xox

MamaE: ah... i wish Bobo was in possession of a fraction of your wisdom! and i'll look forward to learning more about your extended family... your four-legged beauties sound as fascinating and wonderful as you! xox

g: YAY! YIPPEE! WHEE! MY NBFF IS HOME!! (can you tell i missed you?)

as for reading in candlelight? what a romantic way to find enlightenmment. the only thing better (i suppose) is if you'd done your reading while in bed with Scissorhands! xox

Mo'a: someone around here has to be! xox

Doug: one man's wisdom is another man's curse. xox

schnoodlepooh: which is why we love 'em so much, right? xox

Monika: this quote means is that other people may *already* see you as daft! in other words, be true to you. it also means we should stop assuming people see us in the negative ways in which we often see ourselves (which is most often our problem). we tend to be our own worse enemies... and we all deserve better. xox

Sar: i'd never thought about it that way, but i think it's a perfect--and tangible example of what this means! that's so great! thank you... xox

Karen: actually, i think it *is* a good thing. but it's also a way for us to remember that we should be careful to pass judgement on others, because sometimes there's more to the picture than meets the eye. xox

Pia: girlfriend, we're *all* working on that one... i strongly suspect you're among those who may actually be getting close! xox


My first reaction was, "well, that's a relief!"

That's a terrible reacion, and I don't know why I thought it.

I like your blogscroll, btw!


Thank you for the reminder. I loved this book but it's been a while since I read it. Based on my attitude lately, I could use a refresher course. Thank you, Bobo!


True. There is no reality, only perception.


great quote puppytoes!!

neva, thanks for sharing this amazing teacher....I have really enjoyed his books.


actonbell: i'm not sure what to make of that reaction, either! i don't think it's terrible... tho' i *do* think it's pretty funny! xox

angela: i'm so happy you know this wonderful book, it's been very meaningful for me, as well. and THANK YOU for stopping by! xox

TLP: right you are, my friend, right you are. xox

kyahgirl: i'm so happy to know you're enjoying the books... they have been among the most empowering lessons i've ever learned. altho' not inconsistant with many other things i've read throughout my lifetime, don Miguel's simple-yet-elegant words just seem to hit home. and i have been a better person for having read them. xox


It is sad but troo that for non-Christinane's there can be no troo acshual reality!!!!! LIke, they live in a fantasy werld that revolves around stuff that is reely not reel and is all me me me!!!!!
I just cant imajin how awfull there lives must be!!!!!!

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