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01 September 2006



Happy birthday Joel! Sounds like a fun day ahead. I am so glad I am not the only one who can remember the day they fell in love with their spouse! :) nifty isn't it?


Today is my birthday...ta da da..da da. I share this day in history with the likes of Rocky Marciano, Lily Tomlin, and Engelbert Humperdinck (the German composer, not the Tom Jones wannabe). Oddly, my name was not listed on celebrity birthdays...hmmm...will have to talk to someone about that.

But seriously folks, and I know this will sound like the epitome of sap but, I truly am the luckiest guy in the world and everyday warrants a celebration, or more accurately a giving of thanks from me. I am married to the most perfect partner imaginable...and we are blessed in so many ways. It truly feels like our lives, as wonderful as they have been to date, are just now starting to fully blossom, which makes getting "older" something to cherish instead of dread.

Thank you sweetie (and of course Sophie) for the birthday tribute! I adore you!

Rabbitt, Rabbitt!!



Great video, by the way...very funny! It was intended to be funny, right? You're not trying to tell me something are you?? Love the Magpies (sp?)always have.

Love you!!!

Miz BoheMia


Beautiful post, as always, dearest Neva! I loved the story, no it was not sappy but hey, maybe 'tis cause bohemians are lovers of the sap... *sigh* Oh well!

Back to the story... beautiful and what a shining tribute to love itself and to each other! Here's to many more years of looooveee, juicy kisses, delightful getaways, noches de comida mejicana, fun with pups, visits to Spain, life with the fab boys...

What did she say? Yes! You heard me! When y'all coming round for a second honeymoon to crazy Espana! We shall laugh at the cuckoos and have virgin Sangria with delightful veggie delights for the ladies (and since Joel and Loverboy are fish eaters I see, he makes some killer salmon) and... are you sold yet?

*sigh* Bohemians still love to dream!

Have a beautiful day together and party it up any which way satisifies your souls! We are big fans of the low key lifestyle too! Funkified FO SHO!




Rabbitt, Rabbitt and Happy Birthday to you Joel.
I can vote for this caption as it had nothing to do with blondes....sorry I have hammered that subject to death.
As for sap, I am all for it and sometimes feel like a Pollyanna, but now I feel like I am in good!!!I am good now I liken myself to this wonderful, talented, funny, beautifull....fill inn your own words here....I am dazled by your charm, and cannot think straight...people.
I will bake a cake in your honor chocolate alright? I will even eat it for that is friendship.
Happy Brithday again....old man....uh!!..young man :) Have a happy celebration and don't do anything I would not do....contrary to popular belief that leaves a lot of territory.
P.S. Have a happy Monday ;>


happy birthday to joel!
(psst- i think that broad with the cake likes you, dude.)


You know, Puppytoes, I have a blogger friend named Joel I'd like you to meet. I think you might like him.

Happy birthday to Joel and happy party to the family.

Jamie Dawn

What a lovely post filled with lots of love on this lovely day in honor of the love of your life!

I hope that cake turns out only slightly ugly and tacky. As long as it tastes good, he won't care. :)


CJ: yes... it's nice to have a memorable date to help remember a memorable moment! (in my head this made more sense than it does in print) xox

Birthday Boy: who knew when we were musing over the fact that Englebert sang this week's theme song to "Weeds" that the two of you shared a birthday. coincicence? i think not...

as for the lucky one in this relationship? pishposh! anyone who knows us (along with anyone who does not) knows I am the blessed one here. but you just keep thinking that way, and i may let you have another TGSNWM today! i mean, it *is* your birthday, right?

Miz B: you are too kind and most gracious and no wonder i adore you! 2nd honeymoon in Spain?? sign me up, amiga! altho', to be *technically* correct, it would be our first. that said, our honeymoon has lasted over 21 years, so i'm not complaining! muchos besos, dear BoheMian!! xoxox

Mo'a: that may be the single sweetest thing anyone's ever done for us! to bake a cake *and* eat it? i knew you were talented, but i had no idea of your generosity! did i mention i happen to think you are beyond funny, too? well i do, missy, and don't you forget it! oh, and hey, as long as you're making a cake... any chance you'll have a topper to go with it?? xox

FirstNations: you're such a doll... and i think you're right, that broad with the cake *does* seem to like him...he's a pretty special guy, which is why so many do! xox

Doug: i thank you, puppytoes thanks you... and i'm *quite* certain Joel will thank you, too! xox


Jamie Dawn: i guess we posted at the same time! thank you for the lovely wishes... sadly, my cakes tend to look utterly pathetic (have i mentioned the fact that i'm *not* a professional cake decorator?) that said, they tend to taste quite yummy! especially if i use enough frosting. and if i keep the lights low no one seems to mind the fact that they'll win no prizes in the county fair! xox


just for the record...i share my birthday with the REAL Englebert Humperdinck...not the 70's lounge lizard (no offense, sure he's a wonderful chap).


Honey!!! mea culpa!! the man responsible for the opera about Hansel and Gretel! THAT Englebert Humperdinck!!!

suddenly i feel better about you. and loveloveLOVE you more than ever! XOXO


Birthday Sweetie Pie: *still*, you have to admit hearing the name Engelbert Humperdinck twice in the same week is a bit of a coinky-dink!

also... you *do* know that the only reason i linked to that video was because i thought the song was funny AND i know you lovelovelove Heckyll and Jeckyll, right? (i figured you did, but it never hurts to ask) I LOVE YOU!! xoxox


Happy Birthday to Joel! Also Rabbit Rabbit to the entire family.

good girl

Happy Birthday to Sophie's daddy! Have you rolled on ur back and woofed for him yet??

Many happy returns to both of you x



I'm sorry to be so late to the party, but I come bearing gifts, err..votes. *just don't tell da others*

Have a great long weekend by yourselves setting off some Birthday sparks. ;)


Good dog puppytoes!!

Happy B-day BoBo :-)


Topper?!! No problem, marzipan entwined hearts suit you?....good I love mazipan!!....great idea...I will also eat your hearts ;> That's OK!!!don't thank pleasure.
*grin* you think I am funny? Thanks :)coming from you *grin*


Alles Gute und Liebe zum geburtstag, Joel.
ch hoffe du hast einen shönen Kuchen und die Kerzen leuchten in euren Augen.

Und ausserdem: Hase hase und einen wundervollen September!


HappyHappyBirthdayBirthdaytotoYOUYOU!! :-)


nooooooooooooow... bring on the cake!!


omgoodness! please send me a submission at some point for my new every WED fan Animalz photo tribute!

and vote too each week if you want too!


is that so wrong?



TLP: Rabbit, Rabbit and Thank you, Thank you!! xoxo

GG: if i take your meaning, the answer is a resounding "yes!". if i don't, the answer is... "i think so". xox

Brian: thank you for your greeting *and* your vote! (i'll never tell) and this is a party, which means it's *always* a good time to stop by! i hope you and the lovely FF have a great weekend, too! xox

Kyahgirl: i try, dear Kyah, oh how i try. xox

Mo'a: you are the *best*! and you know, when my NBFF gets back, we'll start working on that trip out to see you and Paloma, along with any and all marzipan toppers you happen to have lying about (if you decide to eat it, just be sure to take a few pics, first!) xox

Monika: danke mein lieber freund!! xox

Karen: if you like chocolate... you'll LOVE the cake i made. triple fudge with cream cheese frosting in the center and dark fudge frosting on the outside. can you say decadent? can you say... oh crap. what just happened to my diet? (i know i just did!) xox

bronxbt: eep, indeed! pictures? of my puppies? you need not ask a second time! and my votes can be had, tho' not without a fair amount of shameless promotion. fortunately, stopping by here to invite me definitely counts! thanks! xox


A word about tonight's birthday cake...beyond decadent!!! The triple fudge cake with cream cheese frosting crammed with 40 some odd candles was incredible...I'm pretty sure eating it had to be a sin in several different religions. Thanks Babe for a wonderful was perfect for me just like you!! I adore you.

good girl

Lol! I promise I had but one meaning when I posted and it was innocent. You give me too much credit. Heh :p

I hope the rest of the weekend is as decadent as your triple fudge cake xox Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!



Well...I know it's late...but...

Happy-happy-happy... Birthday, Joel! ^__^


Happy Belated Birthday Joel! Hope you guys enjoyed a very festive birthday weekend together!


Sorry I was out of town and missed the festivities, but many happy returns.


I missed this!!! Waaaaaaa.

Apologies, Neva & Joel. It's always a treat to read about you two, and this was another wonderful example. I'm hopeful there'll be a post with a picture of a certain homemade birthday cake soon. :)

And I must say, this was the sweetest example of shameless promotion to date, and I need to make an addendum to my caption post to acknowledge it!


GG: hee hee! one way or the other, it didn't matter! as for the cake? tooooo delish! and too freakin' fattening. now we have to diet diligently, or else forego the upcoming holidays. sigh xox

Jom: you can never be late, sweet girl... i'm always thrilled just to see your happy face and appreciate the effort you make to stop by in order to say "hi"!! xox

Deana: thank you SO much! we were as festive as a couple of frumps can be! xox

Jan: lovely to see you back, girlfriend! and thank you for the good wishes! xox

Sar: it's not as if you don't have about a bazillion things on your plate, my friend! and thanks for the shameless promotion honors... i may not always have winning captions, but i'm content to capitalize on my honey's talent whenever the opportunity presents itself for me to do so! xox


That is so sweet. I'm glad I made it back here to read it.
Dr. Weirsdo and I are also party poopers.

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