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05 August 2006



Actually, I can vouch for every word - sweet, lovable (ouch, my arm...I think it's breaking)...adora (sweet Jesus, the pain), really...I think I see angels...grandma is that you in the bright light?


heeheehee...of course I kid. Puppytoes is the sweetest, most adorable pup in the world (unless you happen to be Max the Beardie and then she is the a demon seed sent from hell to torment and make your ever waking hour miserable)...oh, and her Mom is pretty sweet too!! Love you Babe now let's go walk and earn our dinner.


Honey: Sophie doesn't mean to be short tempered with Max... he just plays on her nerves! can she help it if she doesn't like to listen to him whine all day? is it her fault if she thinks any and all treats belong to her? and should she have to move over just so he can actually walk upstairs when we're already there? no, she's just pretty darn sure he was placed on this Earth to drive her crazy. and, who knows? maybe he was!

oh, and i'm veryvery glad you stood up for me today and told everyone the truth! now come on out of that basement office, and let's go to bed! xoxox


Uh oh, is the "don't mess with the kitty" directed at me?


As for your question, you are such a doll, of the highest order. We're good. and apparently so are both of you - but I already know that.


mom-101: i totally forgot i had that quote up when i read/commented on your post (which was, if i may say, typically brilliant/hilarious!!) hee hee! and i figured you were fine, but since all our bucks go towards saving critters these days, i figured i'd ask!

and ya know... we might be able to help you out with those kittens, then you can be one of those folks who tells your child some day: "well, Fluffy and Beelzebub left us to go live with a nice family in Connecticut" (only it would actually be true so you wouldn't be telling her lies from the pits of hell!) xox

Miz BoheMia

Oh what was that sweet Dawgy Doug thinking when he painted such a dark side to the brilliant and mesmerizing Neva? He is quite the cheeky fun-loving person I would say and that about-face of curmudgeon? Well, much like giving you a dark side I suppose! Funkified fo sho!

Thank you for your sweet, sweet (as always) comment over in the land o' bohemia my dear friend but no worries... all is well and I am fine! Miz B's rants are just extreme you see and if I am a hothead well then she is one to the umpteenth degree and then some! Dios mio!

Love the pics of your puppies and you have a fan in the lil' bohemians as well and Lil' BoheMia thinks it cool that they are my friend's puppies!

I hope you and Joel are enjoying a nice, quiet, peaceful and all in all beautiful weekend my dear friend! Love you to pieces (though I prefer you love me WHOLE, no axes, shovels and the like allowed near me p-lease!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!) and send many boho kisses your way!



I love the South Park quote. Cartman and kitty are funny. Perhaps Snuppy has watched too many episodes of the Sopranos?


That Doug is terribly amusing and far too clever for his own good.
Your story was great.
When he did me I was a motorcycle ecclesiast who preached in 55 word parables.
All that and he's snarky too,
what a guy!


*bows* I mean *bows humbly* I mean...Hel....

Angela K



Let's ask Fuzzy Butt, shall we?

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