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03 August 2006



No pimping and you're all over the place today? And I'm first here? We have to get something up in the Snark, but first the suspense is killing me, I'm off to Sars.


Look it's a bird, it's a plane, it's....wait. I think it goes like this. Look it's a Puppy, it's a Snuppy, it's Super Neva!

Many thanks again, Neva. :)


"If the phone still ain't ringing it probably still ain't me"- Vern Gosdin

Fun post over at Sar's. I thought I'd come here and tell you when I was little, little my folks took me to see an Ella Fitzgerald recital in Chicago. I think I was maybe three but remember how sweet and young her voice was behind her glasses and gray hair.


Hey Babe...a post about someone you love and it's not me???? It's not Chuck Barris is it? OH NO!!! What a way to find out you've been gonged! You're the star of our blogosphere today babe and rightfully rock and I adore you!!

Miz BoheMia

I second Joel in that you are a rockin', hip and happenin' mama indeed! I have enjoyed your posts here, there and everywhere!

Oooh! You are Seussical today! Seussically magical! Funkified and electrified fo sho!

Many boho kisses from one who loves you to bits! BITS I SAY!


I just read your post over at BELLE OF THE BRAWL, Ella Fitzgerald, Leon Russell! You've been holding out on us neva.


g: i know. i'm such a whore. and a cheap one, at that! xox

Sar: it's a hostess! with the mostess! it's Brawling SuperSar! thanks again for letting me have so much fun on your site today! that, my friend, was a blast! xox

doug: i met her in the late(ish) 70's, and she did, indeed, have that gray hair & those glasses. but you're so right, she never lost her youthful voice. and what a voice! she was nothing short of scatalicious... and it truly was an honor to spend time with her. can you tell i'm still not over it? xox

HONEY: awww... there's no love in my life like you! and, apparently i won't be writing the post i planned, so when i finally DO write a post about a loved one... chances are extrememly good it's gonna be about YOU! my one my only my heart my life. xoxoxo

Miz B: magical and Seussical? high praise from a beautiful BoheMian, FO' SHO'!! that said, girlfriend, i'm so glad you shared all your fabulous/impressive celeb encounters. talk about magical!! you, oh-wondrous-one, are THE QUEEN of Magical!! and i love you for that and so much more!! xoxox

TDB: well... it was a long time ago (in "my youth", remember?) and, hey, as long as we're talking about celebrities, boy-oh-boy was i impressed with your post about Le P├ętomane! and i think your play about that world class flatulist (or is it "fartist"?) will be a gas!! xox


Bluetooth is befaffeling-daffeling for many of us. I use my mobile phone to speak to people, that is it...
I have to read Neva on Belle now!


Let me know when you get the blue tooth thingamajig figured out. I want one too!


Hi Neva, I'm sorry I missed your guest appearance yesterday!! I didn't go to the Brawl. Except for my lapses in self control which bring me to the alter of Bierce, I've been out of the loop!

You were fabulous of course buddy!


Monika: first off... just let me say WELCOME BACK!! yay! it's so good to see your happy face again! second... yep, that bluetooth technology is crazy. i will say that, once i got it working, it was quite nice, especially when i got stuck on the phone with my mom (she talks for hours) i was able to do the dishes and a load of laundry while we spoke! xox

schnoodlepooh: yay to you, too!! i love seeing you poke your head in, especially since i know you're going through a tough time right now. as for that bluetooth thing-a-majig? it hurt my brain trying to figure it out. and what totally pisses me off is the fact that the stupid icons are so blasted small on the phone, i practically need a magnifying glass just to read it. yeesh. it's times like this when i feel old. fortunatley, that doesn't last for too long!! xox

Kyahgirl: the girl who's not blogging but pops her own beautiful head in from time to time! thank you for stopping by, too! i know you're really trying to limit the blog visits... so it means a lot to me for you to come over and say hi!! and i can't wait to talk to you about that fabulous "smelly" package you s(c)ent me!! you are SO SWEET!! xox


Wow, you're really pimpin' around the Blogosphere lately! A guest at Sar's, and the honoree at Doug's! Well done!


Yet another great post, or pair of posts, I missed. Lovely story about Ella, and how ingenious, yet not intrusive, you were.

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