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27 August 2006


Miz BoheMia

What a beautiful surprise to wake up to Neva! Well, now we know why you guys were gone all day and nowhere to be seen in the blogosphere... not that you missed much! Turns out most be people (and that did not include bohemians) actually have a life! Who knew?

The pictures are absolutely beautiful as are the both of you as is the Connecticut coastline and it seems to me that much fun was had for sure!

I LOVE that boat! Too funny and yes, I think Monika will love it when she sees it!

I am glad to see you guys had such an adventurous day! Here's to many more and a nice and restful Sunday! May you have a beautiful weekend my dear friend!

Much love, endless kisses and all things sugar, spice and all around nice...



Thought you'd sneak one by me ay? Good for you two - you deserve a nice long drive together. And now I get to see the other "half". Hi Joel! Looks like a nice place - how far from me? Hope you guys had a fantabulous drive and weekend.

If it's Sunday, it must be raining. This rain better stop or it better not be very far out east on the tip of Long Island!


Miz B: yep. that's as good as a vacation gets around here! actually, we had a lot of fun... well i did, but i wasn't driving. (traffic wasn't pretty) we went to a lovey little town called Old Saybrook, very charming. mostly it was just nice to get out of the house for a bit. breathe in some salty sea air, in the process. we live fairly close to the sound, but you need a permit to get close to the water (hence my jealousy at the amazing view you have from your terrace!)

thank you for stopping by... i was gonna take this down this morning, but now that you and G have been here, i guess i'll leave it up. besides, the Dalai Bobo will be up later, so i doubt many will notice this non-posted post! much love to you, too, Beautiful BoheMian!! xox

g: from what i can gather (from the makeshift weather center i have set up in the basement) the rain will continue through tomorrow, and then, like the song says, "gray skies are gonna clear up!" so put on a happy face and pack for sunshine!

lovelovelove the snowflake (don't be conjuring up any real ones... at least not before your vacation is *over*!) oh, and when you get back, maybe we can figure out a way for you to see what the land mass on the other side of the Long Island Sound looks like, eh? hope you're having a great visit with your Mom & Brother, NBFF!! xox


Not sure you got my "good side" there babe? Oh, you did? Oh well. You, on the other hand are bee-u-ti-full, but I already knew that! A fun day...we need to get out more me thinks.


honey: we do, indeed! and EVERY side is your good side (trust me!) but i've got other cute partial pictures of you to share later. it was a beautiful day... especially so since i got to spend it with you. xoxox


Those were wonderful pictures and can't wait to see the whole face :-)

Joel the way, thank you for cropping out the chocolate stain...little sloppy driving while sipping a TGSNWM. Love you


I'm sorely jealous! I love long drives, especially if you could see water, any water (oceans, rivers, etc...)

Hope you folks had a good time!


sometimes hangin' out in the rain is fun, depending on who yer hangin' with & you got yerself a perfect *hangin* partner, girlfriend!! :-)

btw, love the pics!


Pia: aw, thanks! it was a terrific day, despite being overcast. i know you understand the need to be near the water... sometimes we crave it so much, it's worth the long drive just to have an unobstructed view! xox

honey: ha! just wait 'til i put up the other shots! hee hee! actually, you can't see the spot at all... silly boy. lovelovelove you, too! xoxox

Pavel: i bet you *do* miss the sight of the ocean... one down side to living in Tennesee, eh? still, as i said earlier, just because we live close to the water, doesn't mean we get to see enough of it. this was a nice appetizer, but i'm ready for some good old fashioned sea-side sittin' (hopefully we'll do that, soon!) xox

Karen: you're so right, girlfriend! and i totally agree, a little rain never hurt anyone, least of all, me! but being in the company of someone you love always helps! xox

Jamie Dawn

LOVE those photos!!
The half faces were just fine. I just printed two copies, then cut one of the half faces out and pasted it onto the other half face.
You guys look WEIRD!
(I'm just kidding. I didn't really do that. I would be a total wacko if I did, and I am NOT a total wacko. Only a half wacko.)

Looks like it was a good day!


Wow....I just loveloveLOVE that boat. Do you know if it is for sale and can it cross the Atlantic?
That was a wonderful surprise after coming back from teh countryside.
You two look nothing like I imagined :) You exceed any expectations and you look so HAPPYY... that came as a shock ;)


JD: girlfriend, if you pasted together each half of those pictures, you probably *did* get a good idea of how i look. (i'm lopsided, at best) oh, and the *other* half of Joel's face is reallyreally cute, i just didn't want to encourage too much drooling on my blog, which is why i didn't put up a full picture!! (the pics on YOUR blog are awesome too, by the way!!) xoxo

Monika: i laughed when i saw that boat, and knew i had to take a picture for you! and if someone had been around i'd have A) asked to get up closer for a better shot, and B) found out if it was, in fact, for sale! it looked quite seaworthy, i'm guessing it could easily cross the Atlantic (barring any gigantic waves and/or icebergs)!

Joel and I look happy? well... you know how it is, gotta smile for that camera, right? : ) xox


We used to live in East Haven, CT. It's lovely this time of year for sailing. We don't miss the winters, though. Shovelling sunshine is much easier. D


well, your people have very nice half-faces. I wonder if you get to lick the whole face or just half of it.


FF: you're so right about the virtues/ease of shoveling sunshine v. snow! that said, we lived in So. Fla. for almost 6 years...i don't miss those hot steamy summers one bit! (and don't *even* get me started on hurricane season...) xox

schnoodlepooh: they get to kiss our faces all over, but only 1/2 at a time! can't imagine how covered your face'll be with puppy slobber kisses after Brody moves in, but i can't wait to find out! xox


I knew you guys we conjoined twins. It was really the only explanation possible.

But, absolutely the best looking conjoined twins since Eng and Cheng.


Doug: you scare me. and thank you, i think. xox

My Spin On Things

You guys are so cute only if it's half of you guys:)


I suspect you're only telling 'half' the story you naughty dog.
Loved looking at your Mom and Dad Sophie.


My Spin: hey there, girlfriend! long time no see! (you could probably say the same to me, since i haven't been a very good bloggirlfriend of late) thanks! i'm here to tell you the other half of Joel is every bit as cute as the part you see! (even if i do say so myself...which i do!) xox

kyahgirl: well, i knew you were curious, so i figured it was time to put up something... that way you'd know we were real, and not some figment of my overactive imagination! or not. i didn't want to freak anyone out, tho', which is why i decided to show us in small doses (let everyone work their way up to a full picture!)

hope you're having a lovely Monday, lovely lady!! xox


Well you guys certainly look great from what we were allowed to see!

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

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