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10 August 2006


Miz BoheMia



Thanks shouldn'ta...then we would have been even! Now, I remain in your debt. Love you...and can't wait to get home!!!!!!

Miz BoheMia

Chopped liver? You? Dios mio bite your tongue! You are the sweetest, cutest most lovable-icious (I am a bohemian and may speak thusly! I SWEAR!) puppy fo sho! Hey, got me two bohemian dwarfs that think you are delightful and they have good taste in all things alive and material if I may say so myself!

As for your Daddy's post? Fabuloso! We applaud it fo sho! FO SHO!

And your mummy is one talented, funny, and simply delightful mama indeed! And I for one can vouch that she has indeed been over at the Snark! I swear! And she has cheerfully put up with us bad influences and pot brownies! *GASP*

*hangs head in shame* Oh well!


Besos to one fab Neva, great post dear puppies, and great job amigo Joel! What a sizzlin' family y'all are! No wonder this bohemian is so smitten! SMITTEN I SAY!

The VIllage Idiot


While my comment doesnt really have anything to do with your post, that video..

Hilarious! A perfect geek/nerd song!!


Miz B: i'm such a dope (hee hee) for not getting this up sooner! you know me and distractions (think shiny objects!) thank you for being first... and for ALWAYS being so SPECIAL!! much love to you, dear friend!! xox

HONEY: i was actually working on this last night (when you yelled at me for keeping you awake asked me what i was doing).

i LOVED your post at Sar's today... and, in case i don't tell you enough, I LOVE and ADORE YOU!! xoxox

VI: i'm so glad you liked that! it was just a lucky find... but a good one, don't ya think? i've watched it a couple of times now... and i laugh harder with each viewing. i'm such a geek/nerd i normally can't even think of songs... needless to say, Googlery comes in handy on days like this! (glad you're back from your vaca, by the way... the blogosphere's just not the same without your orange spiky head!) xox


Here! Here!

Well that was just perfection - what with the Blues Brothers quote. You know - now I'm feeling guilty, I didn't pimp you when you were on Sar's. I tried to, but I was in my office and you know how well links and I get along, no less in my at work, where I think I'm banned from any html-ing! Could you do something fabulous somewhere else - even here so that we can write about ya?

Really, you're very sweet my dear - and Joel, I'll take some of the heat. Even though we had to postpone lunch, we talked on the phone.

Have a good night to the cutest couple in the blogosphere. Can I move in with you guys? For a week? weekend? what? "The number you have dialed has been dis...

I'm kidding - kidding.


g: your room is ready and waiting. unless you expect clean sheets, in which case you'll have to wait until tomorrow (when i get my new washer) and you can stay as LONG as you like (with our 3 dogs, 2 big boys, and 1 old/smelly cat, you may not like it here for long...). i'll keep a light on!

mi casa es su casa, EnBeEffeEffe!! xoxox


:) Nothing wrong with pimping with pride. It was an awesome post, very meaningful and profound.

Ps. Dance recital movie is up Neva :)


cj: thank you! and thank you for Joel! (i loved his post, too)

and i loveloveLOVED the dance recital movie!! i also adored your other sweet movie, which i didn't comment on but thought was adorable!! (i will go back and leave a comment) that Thea is precious!! but, you knew that... xox


yeah--that was definifely bragworthy, neva. am now going back to read *yours* (how did I miss it???)

And Sar's intro--Spot On!!!


Sorry I didn't comment on Joel's post--am on vacation--but don't feel that vacations and blogs go together.


just givin' you guys a happy woof day! we don't mind chopped liver. it's pretty tasty. yummmmm....


joy: you are too kind... thank you! by the way, i'm still working on that long-ass post of yours... any day now i expect to finish! (actually, i just like to linger over your wonderful writing...your wordy longish posts don't scare me!) xox

pia: i think you are doing exactly what you should be doing... enjoying a well deserved vacation! knowing you even took the time to check in means more than i can say!! (besides, i'm still thinking i'm a big fat jerk for taking so long to respond to that e-mail, so i'll need to do some major grovelling before i'll think i deserve to be on your good side again!!) hope you're having a beautiful time on the West Coast!! xox

schnoodlepooh: sophie, bobo, and max are right there with you! as vegetarians, tho', i'm thinking your "mom" and i will stick with chopped carrots! (hope all is well with you, girlfriend!) xox


you are cute. and you are sweet! but chopped liver? neva!


Joel did a great job. I'm still waiting for the hero, though.

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