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27 August 2006



Ain't that the truth. Doubt is what happens when we live too much inside our own head. I'm convinced the brain will always find problems, suspicion, fear, doubt, when left to run amok with our thoughts...retraining ourselves not to let that happen is easier said than done but an essential part of removing doubt and all the bad things that go with it from our lives...of course, that's just my opinion.

Of course there can be absolutely no doubt that...

a) I adore you
b) I wish the weekend wasn't over.
c) I wish you'd hurry up and win the lottery so the whole "work thing" would no longer be an issue.
d) We love our pups
e) We love Mexican food
f) We pretty damn fond of TGSNWM.
g) We need that house overlooking the ocean (see "win the lottery" above.)
h) It's past my bed time.


Awwwwwwww! I just lovelovelove how wonderful Joel is to you Neva.

Here's to a great quote, a great couple as well as a great couple of my buddies, and to this being the last week before school starts!

Btw, we went out for Mexican tonight and you two were with me in spirit.



I doubt that those pics would make us move back to Conn. but they brought back some pleasant memories. Thanks for sharing.


Your puppy is quite profound!

Ooops, I just realized that was Buddha talking ;-)

Miz BoheMia

Oh you don't know (well, you really actually do!) how this quote so applies to our lives here in crazy-everything-is-upside-down-nothing-is-going-as-planned-and-I-am-freaking-out-on-and-off Spain and to my state of mind, in spurts but yeah, I find myself working extra hard to be alert so that when this here enemy called doubt comes creeping in I can kick its ass...

... it all very much ties in to fear, the fuel of doubt, and to inertia and once stuck there it is a vicious cycle that feeds off itself and requires a tremendous amount of work and will power to break...

... work, work, work... Man how I wish some things entailed a vacation to, well, work!

Dios mio!

You'd think that after a beautiful evening spent in the presence of your beautiful voice as well as your calm, peaceful, brilliant and wise energy I would give you a break today but I am afraid I am your worst nightmare of gab! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Ok, ok, I will actually give you a break now! Thank you for yet another delightful and beautiful and wise choice of quote that came at oh-my-god-SO-the-right-time-you-don't-even-know! Well, actually, you do, which is what I love! And for that I thank you too!

Have a beautiful day, a glorious week and may the weekend arrive quick for much quality time to be spent with your dear Joel of the Bobo Banjoey tribe!

Besos to one most adored and loveloveloved by bohemians everywhere!



No truer quote could there be. and such a wise poochie to have the know how to post it! :) D

good girl

Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations.

So true!!! I have often been guilty of doubt but I quell it fast and make sure I have discerned insecurities from truth.

Dalai Bobo is too wise. And may I just compliment him on the lovely colour job?? I must get his hairdresser's number, neva. Look at those highlights and symmetry. Heh! Wise AND chic. Lethal ;-)

Smooches for the Pooches,
GG xo


Sure, Buddha. Whatever you say, pal.


That's a great quote. It makes me think about how important it is to ASK QUESTIONS when you're not sure what someone means.

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately (pass this on to Joel too!). I've been reading, but too busy to comment.

I know you know why!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Trust me, I take these things to heart and I'm doing something about it.



honey: Buddha says that "desire" is the greatest of all evils, but i think it's "doubt". for me, doubt is that unplanted seed that somehow manages to germante and yield a potential bumper crop of falsehoods and lies. it gets up inside your head and destroys confidence and hope. i'm no stranger to this evil phenomenon, but thanks to you, i no longer find myself succumbing to it at such regular intervals. the one thing you should NEVER doubt is my committment to you, and the love and regard i have for YOU!

oh... and TGSNWM's are good, too!! i love you, honey!! xoxox

Sar: i'm a spoiled brat, and i know it! and please tell me where-oh-where you managed to find Mexican food in your area? last time i looked, the favored spice in Virginia was salt. (i'm hoping things have changed, because there's nothing worse than being surrounded by a sea of blandness!) xox

Brian: heh heh! i know you don't miss Connecticut, but, as i told your lovely wife, i'll take a little snow over those crappy humid summers any day! xox

Lisa Bin Da City: yeah... the puppy only looks profound! hee hee! xox

Miz B: i actually did think of you when i chose this quote... because i know how close you and Loverboy are on any given day to giving in to your doubts, and how hard you work NOT to. i admire that so much, and believe with all my heart that success is well within your grasp!

as for our latest/lengthy chatfest?? your voice is music to my ears... i am always charged myself after spending a couple of hours with you... even tho' it's yet to be in person (i know it's just a matter of time). you are a delight, not to mention a beautiful inspiration! and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring enough about me to take time out of your busy and/or sleep schedule in order to talk. much love to you and MANY besos, mi amiga!! xox

FF: thank you... and our little Bobo *is* clever (as long as we load up the right page)! xox

GG: ah my sweet friend! thank you... and after your rant last week, i had a feeling you'd relate to this! (seriously, i work every day to keep these demons out of my head. i'm very happy to know you do too!) as for the color job? i know! wish my own hair was colored thusly! (altho', sometimes his hair reminds me of a chocolate sundae. either way, he's pretty yummy!) xox

Doug: only you would doubt the veracity of the Buddha. xox

Risible Girl: thank you so much for stopping by. i know how chaotic your life has been, and i'm very relieved to know you're paying attention to yourself. if YOU don't take care of yourself, who will?

and, i feel like *i'm* the one who's been remiss of late... but never DOUBT the fact that you are on my mind! stay well, dear friend... i'm sending lots of good thoughts and love your way! xox


Doubt, sometimes can also be a sign of thougtfulness. Not always jumping into things but displaying doubt about a certain order might come in handy once in a while.
Although, doubt on most accounts is right behind lying and being envious.


Monika: i think it's very wise to hesitate in order to think through something, but i regard that as being cautious. doubt is that "thing" that nags at you and holds you back in ways that are not always healthy. especially when it's self-doubt that's filling your mind with nonsense and negativity.

i happen to believe "I Can" is a much more powerful mantra than "I'm not sure if I can"... and, being the "can do" kind of girl you are, i'm quite sure you agree! xox


I immediately thought about a play we saw called DOUBT. As Minka pointed out, it can be a good thing when it comes to being objective. However, it is poisonous to doubt the ones you love.

Interesting quote:)


there's no *doubt* bobo and all the puppies are sweethearts! :-)


You know, you're actually starting to convince me that that Buddha was one smart guy.


This is a heavy when I'm supposed to be packing, but I can't leave without a personal visit to my NBFF (no doubt). I truly believe things/circumstances will always work out, but I often push through self doubt or doubt in a relationship to get there. This is an excellent quote to ruminate on as I gaze upon the ocean each day.

Thanks my dear friend, see you in a week. Water my plants for me okay? xox


actonbell: poisonous to doubt those you love, as *well* as yourself! i had no idea there was a play called 'Doubt', did you see it in PA? xox

Karen: and there's not *doubt* that you are, too! thank you. xox

Mom-101: you should never doubt the Buddha, girlfriend... besides, he always speaks so well of you! xox

g: aw... i'm gonna cry. i'm SO happy you're going off on this trip, and i have no doubt you'll have a wonderful time, but i sure am gonna miss you, NBFF!

i can't think of a better place to contemplate life than sitting on the beach, looking out over a large, lovely expanse of water. enjoy... i'll keep your spot in the blogosphere warm for you until you get back. xox


There is no doubt that your's is a beautiful family Bobo,I have had examples of your beauty/handsomeness for some time now, only by looking at the last post did I find out, that your mommie and daddie are also beautiful and handsome....and they have fun too.....and they have good taste in food.....Mexican food rocks :)
So Bobo if you think this adoration won't go to their head....tell them from me how I much I enjoyed seeing their photos....ofcourse it was a lot of work. First I had to look for a small square mirror then I had to place the mirror just so, to see what they realy look like....I was blinded by her beauty and his grooming and yes handsomeness.
I will leave it up to you whether you tell them...... if decide not to will be just between us.


I have no doubts about many things, but then I hope that I'm not being delusional :-)

Come from a family that looked at every possible thing that could go wrong.

Being the family optimist made me, the one who acts without thinking.

good girl

Bobo's hair does look like a chocolate sundae!! hahaha!! Maybe, you shld braid little coloured beads through that fine mop of fur so it'd look like he has rainbow sprinkles on a chocolate sundae.

Thank you, puppytoes. I don't where you'd found all the love you have. You seem to have an endless store of it within yourself. what a blessign and a gift xo



Mo'a: i'm so sorry you had to go to all that trouble just to figure out what we look like! hee hee! and thank you for those kind words... coming from one as beautiful (not to mention TALENTED) as you i shall take that as a compliment! xox

Pia: no wonder you and Doug get along so well! actually, as the resident optimist around here, i completely understand acting without thinking... but that's just having confidence in the Universe and understanding that all will be as it must. i've heard people make fun of the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy", but i think there's a beautiful wisdom in the words. No point in "troubling Trouble until it starts to trouble us, right?" xox

GG: i'm laughing at the vision of Bobo with those beads in his hair! he'd actually look cute, but i suspect he'd think i'd completely lost my mind! (there's a lovely woman from Korea who does my nails, and she actually gave me some lovely beads for Bobo a short while ago... wait, let me explain: she was fascinated when i told her we had 3 dogs, so i brought in pictures to show her what they looked like, and there was one picture of Bobo that she liked so much she put it up on the wall. now, everytime i go in, all the girls ask me "How's doggies??" it's so cute and so sweet! so she gave me beads... but Bobo was none too pleased the first time i hung them around his neck (for a picture, i thought would make my nail gal happy). where was i? oh yeah! too funny.

and believe me when i tell you how blessed i am. i don't know what i did to deserve having the amazing people in my life that i do, but i'm sure glad i did it! xox


Good thought.

I enjoyed the posted below and the pictures. MORE!


TLP: aw, seeing your name here ALWAYS brings a smile to my face! and i'm glad you enjoyed the pictures (i'm hoping to post a few more tomorrow, actually) and may i just say Happy Birthday to your wonderful daughter, 3D, and Thank You for the wonderful women you are responsible for bringing into this world! that's quite a family you've got there, my dear friend, but then, i'm guessing you already know that! xoxo


Such a cute pooch! No doubt about that.


Neva, we saw Doubt on Broadway the same weekend we saw Spamalot. It's a three-person play--a priest and two nuns--one a veteran, the other a novice. It's really smart.


I agree with those who put in a good word for thinking things over carefully. Feeling secure is good, if there is a sound basis for it, but "Fools rush in. . . ."

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