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20 August 2006



Very wise words indeed! Amazing the domino effect that would occur if we all just focused on being the individuals we should be...look first inside before casting a gaze out the window.

Maybe BoBo should consider a collection of great quotes and pictures in book form? I'd buy it...and read it every single day. Love you - now we must away because there are two TGSNWMs calling our name!!!


A lovely thought. We can make the world a beautiful place, one mind at a time:)


... and in order to set our hearts right, we have to have puppy dog licks...


honey: what's that other quote? "be the change you wish to see in the rest of the world"... simple, yet not. people are only too willing to complain about the state of affairs in the rest of the neighborhood/city/country/world, when the answers lie in their (or our) own backyards. or hearts. ("don't point out the splinter in my eye before you've removed the log from your own", right??)

a book? only if we're doing it together! YOUR pictures make these quotes seem so special! okay, so some of 'em are mine, but for the most part, the truly inspired shots are the ones you were clever enough to capture. you know it, i know it, the American people know it. lovelovelove YOU!! xox

actonbell: and you are a perfect example of that sentiment. with your kind and generous heart not to mention your willingness to gently look for the good in others. if more folks were like you, i suspect this world would be a far better place in which to live! xox

schnoodlepooh: amen, sister, amen. there ain't nothin' a slobber kiss from a sweet puppy can't fix! xox


going along with bobo...

"Truly greater is the power within you than any other power on Earth."
~William Arthur Ward~


good girl

Puppytoes, thank you. It calls to me of something I've been mulling over.

It's sometimes one of the most difficult things to do, setting our hearts right, giving ourselves voice and letting our innermost selves the freedom to be. Because in so many ways, it's an action that calls for great responsibility. It is the action that often tears down before it rebuilds.

But once set right and placed gently back to its original, birth-given place of authority (for indeed, our hearts command us), things of integrity yield a thousand times over things of such wonder, capable of greatness in everything we do.

*Remember this, GG. Remember this.*

GG xo


Hi Neva!! I love this very true. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Yes, you really did see me. xoxo :-)


I think there is something to that! besides, if each of us would think about ourselves and sort things out, we all would be thought of and sorted ! ;)


So basically what you're saying is...if Bush's daughters weren't so fucked up we might not be at war?


karen: well quoted... and i couldn't agree more! xox

GG: it's the small things we do that make the biggest impact on our lives, as well as the lives of those around us. take care of *you* and everything else will take care of itself. good words to remember, to be sure! xox

kyagirl: you're back! it is SO good to see you, girlfriend, trust me, you've been missed! of course, you've been off these past weeks doing exactly what this quote suggests--taking care of yourself and your family--which was a very good thing to do! xox

Monika: people lose sight of themselves in the bigger picture. or maybe they use it as their excuse. but you're completely right, some folks would do well to stop throwing so many stones at others from the inside of their own glass homes! xox

mom-101: i'm saying if Bush's mother hadn't been so fucked up we might not be at war! xox


Sounds like a lot of fuss to me. Chaos is underappreciated.


Doug: i bet you don't like doing dishes, either. xox


Dalai Bobo is indeed wise.

Glad you like the Beatles too! They're the best.


I love this quote. And it makes perfect sense to you and me. But there is far too much ignorance in our own nation and the world. Unfortunately, the war in Iraq may be the least of our problems when compared to the war of poverty and hopelessness right on the streets of our own country.

I don't know the answers, I just mull the questions. And pray for better in the future.


AP3: i usually remember important moments in my life by the music i was listening to when they happened (weird i know, but it's true). without the Beatles, i'd have no memories! (well, not very many worth noting!) xox

g: i couldn't agree more, NBFF. in all honesty, that seems like part of the point to me. we're quick to look at the plights around the world, without taking a moment to process what's going on in our own backyards. we need to be the change we wish to see in the world, right?

but, in case we don't get around to making any significant changes anytime soon, (and since there's power in numbers), move over and i'll pray with you... xoxo

Miz BoheMia

Let's see if this makes it through!!! I have been trying since yesterday and I get to the point of writing the comment but not to the point of getting through!

Fingers crossed and here I go!

Yet another beautiful and wise and intuitive choice of quote my dearest Neva!! As always, it is eerie how you seem to know what quotes shall speak to me the best! (Because yes, this is all just for me now isn't it? HUH? Ha, ha, ha, haaaa!)

Having read this last night when hit with some shocking news, not bad but shocking because it was so unexpected, I was forced to sit and contemplate the whys and wherefores of the feelings that arose and the only way to do that? Well, that pesky mirror of truth dammit!


What I wrote last night was just much nicer than this! But know that my mind is always boggled (in a good way that is!) and my soul forever smitten by you my dearest and oh-so-lovely Neva (hee, hee, heee! Though true, imagine how this shall look to a first timer! They will be thinking "Damn! This chick so has a crush on Neva and doesn't she know she is married to that Joel fella?")

And to them I shall yell loud and proud, 'TIS MORE THAN A CRUSH DAMMIT! 'TIS THE LOVE I CARRY FOR A SOUL SISTER!


OK... time to hit the post button! Don't fail me now typepad!

Miz BoheMia


HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA! *Bohemian likes psychotically as she shakes without stop, having conquered the evil banishment of Typepad, EVIL I SAY*

Typepad, YOU MA BITCH! Bwahahahahahaaaaa!!!

Miz BoheMia

Dammit! That was supposed to be "laughs psychotically" although I suppose some would say I LIKE you PSYCHOTICALLY!

Either way, I seem to be psychotically stalking you now! Oh dios mio!


That person we call the dawg, threw my thought out comment off

"To set our hearts right" can at times be easy, and other times take a decade. Just depends---sorry Doug made me laugh too much

And MizB the pshycotic stalker, oy.....


Oh also wanted to thank you for that beautiful beautiful comment


Bobo is my hero he always knows how to find just the right quotes.....we should all listen to his wise words.


Great quote.


Miz B: i'm so sorry you had trouble leaving a comment... but it was well worth the wait! at least for me, that is!! as usual, you provide beautiful insight and perspective to the words, deep and beautiful person that you are!

i know you received news that upset your world a bit, but i'm confident in your ability to hold dear the memories of all those meaningful times you've shared, and care enough to allow that person to move forward in the way that makes sense. i mean, if we each take care of ourselves, it all works out in the end, right?

and, since we share a psychotic affection for each other... i say, way to conquer the evil that is Typepad in order to make it your bitch!! bwa-hahahahaa! nicely done! (this is much more effective when it's coming from beautiful BoheMian lips!) xox

Pia: Doug has that effect on many times have i laughed through an otherwise clever comment? i've lost count! thank you for your lovely words... as for the ones i left you? totally heartfelt. i'm so happy your vacation went well, and ended with you finding your way back home, where you belong!! xox

Mo'a: the Dalai Bobo tries... cuz he knows we're all capable of thinking about such things when the proper seeds are planted! xox

TLP: am i HAPPY to see you!! thank you... i suspect this quote reflects the way you've lived your life and raised your daughters. based on what i know, you Pez Gals are amazing, caring, and well-grounded. i'm serious... i find all of you incredibly inspirational! xox


that is a profound damn dog.

reminds me of the sixties...'the best way to do revolution is to start the revolution in your own heart' or words to that effect.


Neva, I'm playing a mean game of catchup, so please forgive my absence of late. I just wanted to say hello my friend and hope all's well (curious about your comment that something kept you away).

I loved your anniversary post below, btw, and I know you and Joel must still be celebrating. :)


Can we get right to this? I would love to have our nation back in order!

Your photo~ absolutly marvelous as always!


But as long as Bush & Co. are in power, my heart will be corrupted by bitterness and loathing.

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