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13 August 2006



Them thar are powerful words missy, as well as, empowering and another way of saying we are masters of our reality...the creators of this dream we live. Excellent!

Love, in honor of Don Miguel Ruiz, it is time to order our Mexican takeout.


Honey: i love this quote (as well as the book it came from) because it serves to remind me that the only one in control of me and/or my feelings is me. i think the sentiment is so beautiful and indeed powerful because, as you say, we are the masters of our own lives...

i create the reality i live in. my "dream"--or my perception of my dream--can only be changed when i allow for it happen. pretty empowering, no? how i look at myself, how i feel about myself... these are the things that propel me forward, or hold me back. not inconsistant with Buddha or Confucious when you get right down to it. gotta love that Toltec Wisdom (i know i do!)

for 21 years i have been grateful every minute of every day for the fact that our "dreams" wound up on parallel paths. of course, since this is my dream, i guess i "created" you, too... damn! i am good!!

I LOVE YOU!! xoxo

Miz BoheMia

Man are those words powerful! I have nothing to say but to sit here in awe pondering over those words! Beautiful!

Now, I believe 'tis time Loverboy returns that book to me 'cause I have me some reading to do!

Like always, you leave me speechless my dear Neva... beautiful choice of words reflecting that inner and joyous wisdom of utterly fabulous you!

Besos and may you have a beautiful week!


Wow, I really like that thought. Well said :-)


I need to get this book today. Very powerful. Apparently you would be my sister's NBFF as well as she was just drawing from The Four Agreements in one of our discussions over the weekend. Great to have sisters, great to have NBFF's!


Miz B: you *do* need to steal back this book because you will adore it.

and i truly hope you have a beautiful week, sweet BoheMian, as well!! much love to you always! xox

LisaBinDaCity: thank you! i like it too, and find it incredibly empowering... xox

g: do NOT go buy this... i have a copy for you (and would have given it to you last week, if not for the weather and/or my patriotic eye!)

so glad the weekend went well. can't wait to hear about it! (and why am i NOT surprised to know i'd love your sister? your relationship with her sounds a lot like the one i have with Terri, which is beyond special!) and you'll tell me all about your fun visit over lunch this week, NBFF, right?? ('cuz we are having lunch this week, RIGHT?) xox


amazing how sometimes a simple sentence with usual words, can obtain os much more. A very good quote!


I agree with Monika. If you'd want to change yourself, you'd have to change your mind...


i'm kinda *remember, no matter where you go, there you are* type of gal!



I gotta give you come up with the best quotes! You are quite a deep pup!

good girl

exactly what I needed to hear today. dalai bobo has been sleeping in my room, methinks. I'm going to lay out a mattress for him soon, surrounded by toys and nibbles.

Thanks, neva :-) No better words would I have found this rainy arvo xo



good words to keep in mind.

Jamie Dawn

That is one SMART doggie!!!

Today, I am feeling that I am too fat from all the good eating I did while on my two week blog break and family vacation. Me thinks it is time to cut some daily calories and change my self perspective to a svelter JD. :)

I hope you are having a good week and feeling just GREAT about being YOU!

I will have a new post up on Wed.


Okay, that's a very inspiring and heavy quote.

Then again, I'm lazy. What does that say about me?!


monika: it seems the most beautiful and/or meaningful sentiments are always expressed in the simplest of ways. i think we're supposed to learn something here about how hard we tend to make things, when in fact, the answers to all our problems are simple, if we take the time to pay attention! xox

Actonbell: thank you... this quote is like a lot i've seen by Buddha, in which he tell us that the secret to our heart's desire lies in our minds. change your mind/change your life. an easy concept, to be sure (just hard to do, sometimes, right?) xox

Deana: wait until i start quoting Jack Handy (Deep Thoughts) then you may want to rethink that assessment! hee hee! xox

Karen: you say potahto, Dalai Bobo says potato! if you believe you're *there*, *there* you are!! xox

GG: you sweet (and good) girl! the Dalai Bobo would probably be *very* happy to be spoiled by one as lovely as you... but what would the Dalai Daddy do? (he'd be lost without his puppies!) perhaps we could just convince you to come out here with your pups and we'll spoil *all* of you with tasty treats & lots of love! xox

Schnoodlepooh: thank you! and i'm so happy to see you SMILING again!! congrats on selling your house... now you can start "thinking" of yourself as a happy woman with 3 (soon, right?) beautiful puppies!! xox

Jamie Dawn: she's ba-a-a-a-ack!!! YAY!! and, what a treat, girlfriend! it is SO good to see your happy/beautiful face around here again! i hope you had a terrific time "off" and i'll look forward to reading the new post... tomorrow!! xox

Sar: you? lazy?? i don't believe that for a nano-second... and i'm pretty sure you don't either!! but that's not a heavy quote, i wrote it in a lighter type, so it has fewer calories and should be less filling, even as it satisfies! (hopefully, that is!) xox


Happy Anniversary, Neva and Joel!


Doug: thank you, kind sir! 21 perfect years, and counting.... xox


That was truly beautiful. Happy 21st anniversary and many many more

Hope that you're having an amazing anniversary week

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