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06 August 2006



Me first! Although the only way that happens is when I comment at night.

This is one of my favorite and most oft used quotes. It fits so many situations - or how we deal with them.


A sentiment certainly followed by the BoBo! One I should have written on my hand so as never to forget! Great quote and pic as per usual...Love you Babe...can't believe the weekend is already over :-(


Hi neva, I read over at Central Snark that you and Joel are also big fans of the Colbert Report. As regular viewers you'll know how Stephen feels about bears, so I thought you might enjoy having a look at this:
No Bears

Maybe someday I'll get around to putting on a tee-shirt or something.

Miz BoheMia

And sometimes that is the problem! No shaking me off myself! *sigh* Actually quite a big lesson to be learned (for it alludes to having to like yourself cause there ain't no running away dammit!) as it speaks volumes and, as G said, fits so many situations!

Oh wise woman that you are! Thou hast an uncannily knack for picking quotes that are always so "right on"! FO SHO!

Big besos to one funkified mama from one who loves you much!


That is completely true. I have never been lost in my life, I knew exactly where I was, it was just that the rest of teh world seemed to be in disarray at that moment :)

Miz BoheMia

That should have read an "uncannily golden knack"... Oy!


If I'm already where I'm eventually headed, why am I not sitting having coffee and to die for cookies with you now, Neva? ;)


I know I'm "here" but I'd much rather be "there." Is that so wrong?

Love you!


his Lama-ness is looking very heroic; nay, Byronic! in that picture. truly an apt medium for the thoughts of confucius, who had the same facial hair thing going on, as i seem to recall.
'i yan what i yam and thats all what i yam'
popeye the sailor man
(toot toot!)


I love that one!! I've tried to lose myself, but it's never worked:)


I thought that was Groucho Marx. It's a fine line between the ridiculous and the sublime.


g: you're here... you're FIRST... you totally rock, NBFF! and i agree, there is a lovely profundity about this quote that has a number of good applications. (like saying "it is what it is", which sounds so simplistic, and yet, is not). i HATE that we didn't get to hang out today, and i'm counting the days until my "here" will be "there" having lunch with YOU!! xox

Honey: the weekend is over... but we're still here. gotta stay in the now and present, right? (that said... can't wait until next weekend! extra time with you just makes me greedy for more!!) lovelovelove you, too!! xoxo

TDB: i'm not sure i ever viewed bears as "godless killing machines" before The Colbert Report, but now... what else could they possibly be?? thanks!! xox

Miz B: what touches me is the fact that certain concepts i find so personal, seem to resonate with others, as well! i'm so glad to know this particular quote is no exception. "be with yourself" sounds so easy... and yet, it's not. this is something, honsestly, we've seen our youngest son struggle with lately, and i look forward to the day he can accept himself for the amazing person he is so he can actually get on with his life!

much love and many kisses to you, too, amiga!! xox

Monika: you strike me as a very grounded person, which is remarkable, esepecially considering your youth! (i promise, i mean that as a compliment!)

only when you truly know where you are can you move forward in life... to be where you are when you get to where you're going.

now... in my head, that made sense, but in writing/reading it, it sounded like i deserve that low score (the Flesch-Kincaid Grade). oh well. at least i know where i am... and that's something! WELCOME BACK, by the way... you were sorely missed! xox

Sar: girlfriend, i am marking my calendar... for i know we will, indeed, be doing that VERY SOON!! (and i'm so happy!!) xox

Honey-bunny: having just gotten off the phone with you, i know you will be HERE in a matter of minutes! xoxoxo

First Nations: kind of you not to mention "out-of-focusness"! but i love this picture... i think he looks very well "planted" wherever it is that he is. (and he "never goes swimmin's, wit bowl-legged women's..." hee hee!) oh, and you're right! he *does* have Confuciously configured facial hair!! xox

BIRTHDAY GIRL!: lovely to see you back... hope you had a wonderful trip!! the only thing i'd like to lose is a few more pounds... but you? with your mom & sisters around, i'm guessing getting lost is pretty tough! (have i mentioned lately how much i love your family?) xox


Doug: d'oh! what the hell? you weren't here a minute ago. or were you...?

a fine line, indeed! and as far as i'm concerned (in case you wondered), Groucho definitely falls on the side of "sublime". xox


Oh, I really like this one. Yes, no matter where we are, we are there. Yes we are. We are here. here here here and even here...


schnoodlepooh: as Paul McCartney said... we are "Here, There, and Everywhere." glad to see your happy face, girlfriend... and i can't WAIT to hear more about the soon-to-be-new member of your family! xox


The best part of this quote...I'm never lost. Of course the yellow "You Are Here" flag always helps.

Did I read wrong or is TDB running around shirtless?

good girl

I have always loved this quote. Time and again, it brings me gently so to Here&Now. Can't redo what's gone by, can't predict what might come. But here and now, here I am, not just a breath away from possibilities but standing within them.

There you are.

Here I am, indeed.

Love love this quote, puppytoes.

GG xo


love the quote...



Great quote, even better pic of that beautiful dog reflecting on the mysteries of life!


Nevaaaaa...I miss you! How are you doing? I hope you're doing very well! I guess you are quite busy, since I can catch up all the posts I missed within 10 minutes...hehehe

I just (kind of) finished 2 chapters of my dissertation today and reached 6300 words from the limit of 8000-12000 words. Still, there are so many things left to do -__-"

Next week, I'm going to Brighton, a small (gay) city in the south of England (this city is called English San the way, I'm going for my internship (and possible job) interview ^__^

Hope to talk to you soon!
Miss you!!!!
Jom ^__^


Jenna: now that you mention it, i think "you are here" is what's on the front of TDB's t-shirt! xox

GG: i'm so glad you liked this! and i'm reallyreally happy to see your lovely face! you were missed (did i mention that before?) so... even tho' you're not "here", at least i know you're somewhere out there!! xox

Karen: happy to see you, too!! and wwss right back at ya! xox

Pavel: thank you... i love this dreamy picture, too! xox

Jom: HELLO!! what an absolute treat to see you here!! i was so bummed about the other day... (won't happen again, i promise--tho' the boy and i did have a few important things to talk about, so it probably worked out for the best. at least on that day...)

so you're crankin' out the dissertation AND going for interviews?? wow! i don't suppose any of those internships are around here, will they? (i still think you should come out here and marry the boy see all of us!!

i've missed you, dear Jom, and i'm thrilled by the fact that you stopped by! much love to you ... and all good thoughts and wishes for success on your dissertation as well as that interview! xoxo


Wait, I'm entirely certain that this is Steven Wright.


mom-101: actually, i believe Steven Wright channels Confucious... in fact, i came thisclose to using this quote:

"I have an existential map; it has 'you are here' written all over it."

maybe we should put that on T-shirts? xox


Maybe so, but I've spent a century over the last decade here at Veryred.

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