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31 August 2006



Wow! full frontal exposure...pretty daring there babe! if memory serves you were indeed uttering a damnation in my direction for taking said picture, even though, you happen to be undeniably gorgeous and, despite your protests to the contrary, very photogenic...although I will agree that pictures never do justice to the up close and personal reality that is you! Given that our mini-sojurn to water was a success and I'm thinking we may have to venture out again sooner rather than you, you daredevil you.


oh yeah...notice I did not bitch about the fact that you published a picture that included me making a "sour face" at lunch and highlighted my TGSNWM stained t-shirt.

Love you anyway!


yeah... nice of me to give you this to look at, huh? i thought about simply framing it for your office but then i decided, "what the hell?". actually, i have a few more partial shots of you i wanted to feature, but that involved walking upstairs, and, well, you know how i am...

I ADORE YOU!! and i certainly hope we DO get to take a trip sooner, as opposed to later. that said, anywhere with you is a good place to be! xoxox


d'oh! you weren't supposed to notice! of course, before you mentioned it, i doubt anyone else would have either!! and by the way... do you NOT notice the wide-mouth-mother-frog face i showed of myself? that's an embarrassing picture, silly boy! LOVE YOU! xoxox

Miz BoheMia

What wide mouth frogger face? HUH? You are a beauty, A BEAUTY I SAY! Yeah, not enough to stalk you twice via email today and once at the Snark... I had to pop in before jetting off to bed and YAY! I get to stalk you here too! Ooooweeee!

Funkified FO SHO!

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful day with us! I am glad you guys got to have a getaway... no matter how long, if well spent, it does wonders for the soul... and that ties in to that oh-so-wise-and-oh-so-true quote!

Is anything about you not FAB? I am smitten with you! Smitten!

I hope you have a beautiful day, a great weekend coming up and many such a delightful escapade in the near future!




Neva, you're one beautiful lady!

Joel you're one lucky half-faced fella!

Sounds like nice trip, thanks for sharing. :)


Your daddy has tuna, and your mammy's good lookin'
So hush little bobo, don't you cry...


Wow...You are one beautiful lady. Joel, you are sorta ok too :)
very lovely pictures and I am glad you got 2 and a half hours worth of time, outside your home :)
Maybe next trip could be three hours? If you really were to try!?


Hey! Yo mama is pretty! Very pretty.

Joel is good lookin' too. Figures.


Beautiful post!! I love it!!! :) I am jealous - you are beautiful and the scenery was not to bad either!


Great pictures! Looks like fun.

Rabbit, rabbit! Woo hoo! Lagomania!


At least you guys got a vacation in this year.

Coney, coney


Wonderful, wonderful! Such a handsome couple - Oh, You & Joel are pretty good looking, too! Glad you still have fun together! An example to stand by! D :)


Well, aren't you just adorable! Of course you are- to go along with your adorable personality!

I loved the partial face shots- so much fun.


Miz B: along with mi esposo, i suspect you are my biggest fan. Thank you... that's quite a compliment coming from one as *genuinely* beautiful as YOU!! xox

Sar: ha! i've seen your picture, too, missy... so i *know* who the beautiful ladies in the Blogosphere are. but thank you for your kind words! xox

Doug: as long as Bobo likes the way i look, i'm a happy girl. from the looks of that tuna melt, you know he's easy to please! xox

Monika: trust me... Joel's the good looking one in our family! (okay, our sons aren't bad, either)! xox

TLP: stop (don't stop) stop (don't stop) ... yer makin' me blush! (don't stop) xox

CJ: well, it may not have been as pretty as that lake you spent part of your vacation on, but for us, it was music to our... er... eyes? (we were happy just to be around water for a bit) xox

AP3: don't you mean Rabbutt, Rabbutt?? hee hee! (i lovelovelove the pictures you posted for today!) xox

Doug: yep. that's as good as it gets for frumpy folks like us. xox

Feline Frisky: you are too sweet! from what i can tell, you and your honey are no slouches in the "happy couple" department, either! xox

Risible Girl: howdy my girlfriend! i seriously considered sticking with the partial shots all together, but figured folks could live with one small picture of my scrunched up face. in the future, it's probably best if i resist the urge to post anything *but* partial photos... don't want to scare anyone away! xox


I spent some time around there one Christmas with my mom. It was really lovely, despite the cold.
I am alarmed that your husband, who has a little distinguished grey around the temples, appears to have married a teenager.

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