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16 August 2006



Awww, happy anniversary you two! I hope you have many, many more.

I love the quote at the end. It's just perfect.



The Dodgers are on a tear too. No coincidence.

Congratulations. It is an especially good man who marries the woman with children but I have no doubt it was worth it.


Ah perspective...different like the snowflake I suspect. See, my recollection is seeing this gorgeous blond and experiencing one of those, once-in-a-lifetime-oh-my-god-instantaneous-love connections, tempered only by the knowledge that said blond was clearly out of my league and quite unlikely to return the affection. Imagine my thrill when, for no logical reason she/you is I who won the the super charged powerball love jackpot of a lifetime for which I am eternally grateful. We are blessed (me more than you, but I can accept that) is complete. I adore you.


Wow! What a story. You two are wonderful. Out of words today.


Awww that's so beautiful!!

Happy anniversary. *sniff* Just beautiful.

good girl

I swear I have tears reading this and even more sniffles reading bobo's comment. I am truly moved.

I have goosebumps reading this. This is what's out there, why we hang wishes on stars and pen word after word about stumbling hearts and clumsy feet. And how nice to look up from our fall to see the rest of our lives.

You two are too much. I can't decide if I want to bang myhead against my desk and go "waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" or pop a bottle of champers now knowing it is all so possible.

Happy rainbows to you. May each one land you right where you started...serendipitously.

GG Sigh-A-Lot


*what a wonderful warm fuzzy romantic story*

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many, many, many more! :-)

Miz BoheMia

Magic is truly experienced first hand the moment true love is found and a heart of a miracle is lived when said love is maintained... the feeling is beyond what words can convey and so I will not even attempt to go there but will say that I can think of no two better people to have met their destiny in each other...

Here's a toast in celebration to a delightful past that held the stepping stones that were seemingly random events (but not really) that led you to each other and here's another one to many such beautiful moments to be lived and created together and many joyous moments to come!

Have a beautiful day together dearest Neva and Joel and all my love always...




Happy Anniversary to you Dear Neva and Joel and may you have many more.
Love your story :)


Oh my gosh, what a sweet story! Congrats you guys!!!


Aw, that's lovely! Happy anniversary, and congratulations on finding each other:)

Jamie Dawn

VERY Happy Anniversary wishes are being directed to YOU both!!!!

You still have passion. That's HOT, and it's for spicy-hot Mexican food.
As long as there's passion for anything, you are in great shape. :)


i love true love stories like this. Touching and well written. Happy Anniversary.


I'm glad you got the tip to the delivery guy - those flowers are beautiful; as is your respect and love evident in each interaction.

To many more such happy days! love, g xox


you two remind me a bit of sharing an apple, trying to give the bigger half to the other one.
I remember when I came along Joel´s posts back in teh day -neva I didn't know you back then- and I always saw puppytoes each morning as the first commenter and I thought to myself: "I bet she likes him" not knowing the two of you were involved or anything.
It is true what many say...soemtimes we give up the ide aof finding true love out there-a construct of Hollywood-,settling for teh next best thing...
you show us that a belief in something bigger and better doesn't make it un-real.


Yours is a story that touches even my shriveled and blackened heart.

Happy Anniversary!


Man I hope tomorrow's post is about BBQ or war.


Happy Anniversary. What a great time to finally visit. I have been encouraged for sometime for a visit and finally made time now Ardlair is farewelled.

What a wonderful story. You must be a wonderful mum to recognise a wonderful dad.

Happy times to you both.


happy happy, neva! i got lucky too like that.

only, um, not with the same guy, of course.


Wow...this is the sweetest story! ^___^
Happy Anniversary! (I'm so glad I visit your blog today! otherwise I would miss the most important post!)
Happy Happy Happy Neva and Joel! ^__^


Happy anniversary! What a wonderfully sweet post!


Holy canoli! i am absolutely overwhelmed by the well-wishing that's been happening here... THERE and EVERYWHERE! it's enough to make me glad i married Joel 21 years ago! oh wait! i already AM glad i married Joel 21 years ago!

thank you all so very much for your kind words and loving messages. i have been blessed in so many ways throughout my life, and meeting all of you and developing so many friendships just adds to my joy! Joel and I are both so touched by you all. and we'd appreciate it if you'd kindly spread out. seriously, it's gettin' crowded in here. kidding! i kid! we feel the love and we send it right back to each and every one of you!!

of course, that said, now i'm gonna have write something snarky, or some of you may never come back! then where would i be? tragically alone, that's where... just me, myself, and i, sitting here in my corner of the blogosphere, pining away for someone, anyone to pass by, leave a mark of some sort to let me know you've been by... or not. xoxo


flowers! how do you get him to do THAT?!


i made a tactical mistake a few years back on the "flowers" front--I commented that a dozen red roses were a waste of money, and I preferred fresh "in season flowers" (which never seemed to come my way)

I know, I am retarded bitch-troll who would micromanage flower selection.

having said all that, my own huz is one of the good guys. i *am* six months gone, and he just calls me beautiful (dear lord, I am making myself well up--MORE HORMONES PLEASE).

Happy Anniversary, Neva and Joel. You two are an inspiration (QUIT WITH THE TEARS ALREADY, JOY! DAMMIT)


O love a story with a happy ending? You are both truly blessed!


*stares at computer screen* Sweetney? my bloggoddess? the woman at whose blogalter i worship, when i'm actually capable of getting up and out of the door in order to do so? holy shit!

thank you for stopping by! and for those words! and yes... someday, when i share the tales of "pulling out every single fucking piece of clothing he owned and throwing them on the floor because he never hung stuff up" and/or "locking myself in the bathroom because he was less than fond of the Salisbury Steak i'd fixed for dinner", you'll know what a true prince i'm married to. that is if my eyes aren't playing cruel cruel tricks on me right now, and this is really you! xox

joy: i saw that picture of you, girlfriend, and you *are* beautiful... that said, never articulate such a stupid thing about flowers, again! i know what i'm talking about here, for i've noticed more than a few men are more than ready and/or willing to take us at our word when we tell them shit like "oh, don't bother with a gift, a card'll do nicely, thanks". just wait 'til that happens, you won't like it.

i do believe the arrangement Joel sent was especially romantic, since irises are my all-time favorite flower... 21 red roses & 21 irises. how could i *not* love this man? xoxo

debby: thank you, i think so too! and i happen to know you and your partner just returned from a fabulous trip up the road from us...which sounds to me like you know a thing or two about blessings and true love, yourself! xox


You guys are such a great example!


I didn't see this when I popped by the other day. You two are wonderful.
Congratulations on many happy years together.

Angela K

Absolutely fabulous. Happy belated anniversary from a total stranger who loves your story!


A belated happy anniversary. How wonderful to be so close for so many years.

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