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20 July 2006



Laughing loudly...great quick hit post babe! See...knew that picture would come in handy. Poor Fuzz, he doesn't mean to be the buggy old cat that his is. I love you.


Goodness me, he does resemble Ack quite well... :) Maybe he can be Ack in a movie someday?


yup, twins, separated at birth :-)


honey: well, i'm glad to know i can amuse you, especially on one of my less inspired days! (thanks for taking this picture... makes me laugh every time i look at it.)

i LOVE you!! is it time for that weekend to start, yet?? xoxox

cj: HA! ya know, he used to be such a gorgeous kitty (oh, he still is, in his own way... poor boy)... he's just so old and, since i cut his coat so short, he's in a constant state of "pissed" (kind of how he smells, too. but that's because of kidney failure. but don't tell him, he thinks he's still a kitten!) and "Ack" is his favorite sound, so he could, indeed, be very convincing as Bill the Cat! xox

kyahgirl: separated at birth? hee hee! yeah... that's what we think, too. altho' mr. fuzz was a very elegant/beautiful cat at one time. just not now. sigh (or is that "ack!"?) xox


I think Fuzzy Butt looks adorable.


schnoodlepooh: you know, he really *is* adorable. and, for an 18 year-old, he's in amazing shape. it's not fair to show him looking like this, and he'd scratch me (again) if he knew i showed it to anyone. sigh guess i'm just in the mood to piss off his fuzzy little ass! xox


sounds very creative to me, honey!


Wow! It's like they're twins!


Does your cat realize you're calling him Fuzzy Butt? That's as hilarious as the visual similarity!

And please tell me you two will be able to stop by The Brawl before your long weekend!


Uh, that's you two as in you and Joel. Not you and Fuzzy Butt.



He's pretty damn cute even though the glowing yellow eyes are kinda freakin' me out though. The name "Fuzzy Butt" cracks me up.


oh yes. the first and only time my picture ever appeared in the local newspaper i was being interviewed about a horrific, horrific motorcycle accident i had witnessed first hand.

guess who was chunking up a hairball on the front of my t-shirt?


....bill gates!

no,ha! oh, my laugh! so humor my face is!
no, it was bill the cat.

separated at birth indeed. daaaaaang.


Oohh thats one crazy looking kitty! LOL

Miz BoheMia

14 comments already? *sigh* 'Tis what happens with this damned time difference! Ay!

Well, I think Fuzzy Butt is beautiful and hey, in his defense, we all have awful pic days you know? Oh! I always keep forgetting to tell you Neva... Mama E's cat had remal problems or failure as well (I do not remember which) and in addition to whatever their vet recommended they did a number of things that Loverboy had told them to do and in time she has healed and no longer has these problems so in that long (and promised replete with a picture! Ahem, ahem! And yes, ha, ha, haaaa! Gotta be cheeky you know!) email that I am awaitin' (she does not quit! Damn bohemian!) or if we talk,, whatever comes first, let me know exactly what is up and I can ask him for his advice if you want! There is always room for relief and/or healing!

I say Fuzzy Butt can kick Bill the Cat's butt anytime! ANYTIME!

Oh! We started watching Dead Like Me last night! It was brilliant but HEAVY! Beleive it or not, that is heavier, so far, for me than Huff was! Go figure!

Oh Huff! *sigh*

And wahey, any length post, any words from the beatiful you is just enough (said the bohemian who demanded a long email! Go figure!)!!!

I love and adore you to pieces, PIECES I SAY!


How did I miss this yesterday? Is that a real cat and is it yours? You're very kind. You are. I'll be back - how did I miss this?


That was me above.


i'm still waiting for my email, chickie. i really do want to post you up. do you have my addo? you can get it off the sign in thingie, can't you? do you need it? rsvp via Paul if so.

oo, sounds kinds 007-y.

The Village Idiot



karma: your brain must still be on vacation. (glad the rest of you is *not*!) thanks!! xox

Pavel: i know! is that scary, or what? (poor Fuzzy Butt... i swear he was once magnificent!) xo

Sar: remember, he's 18. our kids were young when Fuzzy came into our lives. he's named Fuzzy Butt because he has one. made sense then. now? not so much! xox

Jenna: in person his eyes are copper-colored. but in pictures he does look pretty freaky! xox

First Nations: LAUGHING! (at bill gates AND the fact that you wore something so sexy for your first television close up) please tell me you still have that shirt... too classic to throw out! xox

susie: just don't tell him. he thinks he looks like a lion and we don't have the heart to tell 'im any different! xox

Miz B: trust me, the show will lighten up... tho' the humor is always dark. i lovelovelove the cast of characters (especially the one played by the brilliant Callum Blue. and, by the way, isn't that a FABULOUS name? Callum Blue. maybe i'll name my next cat that)

Fuzzy could kick bill the cat's ass... lord knows he's kicked mine on any given nail-clipping day! MUCH LOVE TO YOU, TOO, sweet BoheMian!! xox

Tali/G/whoever you are: as you can probably tell, i threw this up (like a hairball) late yesterday afternoon, in the hopes i might eventually/actually start writing on a more frequent basis. is that a real cat? which one? (the one of the left is our kitty Fuzzy Butt... keep in mind he's old. very old. and he has renal failure. which means he's not only old, he smells.) xoxox

First Nations: d'oh! on it's way, pit bull missy... xox

VI: many. xox


Fuzzybutt... I know some PEOPLE that answer to that..


For an 18 year old cat with renal failure, he looks adorable

Sometimes it's better to post less--trust me on that onw

Thanks for helping make my birthday so special


The resemblance is uncanny.
Brain cells are just wasted on some :)



What the heck happened to it?


Debby: sadly, we do, too! come to think of it, both our sons might qualify on any given day! xox

Pia: he is adorable, for a curmudgeonly cat! as for your birthday? i was just honored to be part of the celebration! and i hope you enjoy EVERY moment of your continued birthday festivities throughout the rest of the month and into that fabulous trip you'll soon be taking! xox

monika: you adorable little penguin, you! aren't ya supposed to be playing "auntie" on that extended vacation of yours?? speaking of birthdays... i'm SO GLAD you had such a great one, and survived the roller coaster/bungee jumps/ocean swim/birthday cake! you set a fine example, and for that, i salute you! xoxo

Laura: that's what we'd like to know. one day he was a magnificant red Persian, the next a frazzled version of his former fuzzy self. i just hope to god this isn't what's in store for me some day (that's what joel keeps saying, too!) thanks for stopping by!! xox

good girl

HAHAHAHA!! Is that really a cat?! He looks like a snarling, not-so-lean-still mean human-AND-canine eating machine!

I was expecting your cat to look like your pups. All angelic and floating like :-)

GG x


hahaha! Yes, indeedy, there IS a resemblance:) Those older cats don't groom themselves so fistidiously anymore, do they?

btw, The Stink Files pic on my blog IS a real book--it's a series for children that I happened to see at work the same day Satinlady was telling me about that dead mouse. Oy

Jamie Dawn

Fuzzy Butt is freaking me out!
He looks very soft, but he also looks like a maniac cat. I suppose at 18, he's not much of a maniac though.


OK, I am a raving Bloom County fan, have the books, and even one on my nightstand now, so I regard having a Bill the Cat lookalike a high and rare honor, ACK
A little Billy and the Boingers, anyone?
(electric tongue solo)


Oh, my ... that is one NASTY looking cat! I'd be careful around him if I were you!


Puppy, I look forward to Sundays now when Opus comes out. Thanks for exciting me.


Man! I LOVE Bill the Cat! There was an animated Bloom County Christmas Special years ago, called "A Wish for Wings That Work." Sooo good and featured Bill in hilarious moments of coughing up furballs, getting his head stuck in garbage cans, and wearing a rainbow afro wig.

And thanks for stopping by my place!


GG: well, in his defense, Fuzzy was quite a beauty in his day. sadly, his "day" was about 5 years ago! (he's much cuter in person... and in other photos) xox

actonbell: no... sadly, like people, with age comes a disconnect with appearance. either that, or they run out of saliva. The Stink Files is a REAL book?? oh, that's too funny... and too cool!! (it sure made for a great illustration, i loveloveloved the artwork!) xox

Jamie Dawn: he was very mellow as a youngster, but he's very pissy these days... in more ways than one. so, yeah, he's a little maniac. but he's our little maniac! xox

logo™: ack! i feel the same way--loveloveloved Bill the Cat, love the fact that Fuzzy Butt looks like him)! Billy and the Boingers? too funny, girlfriend! xox

Chatham: see? not all older cats can age as well as you have. but Fuzzy's not a bad cat... he's just a cat that looks bad! xox

Doug: glad to know i could help brighten your day! xox

Mutha: we actually thought about getting a rainbow afro wig for Fuzzy, but he hacked a furball on it, so we had to toss it out! (as for visiting your blog? that was totally my pleasure! and thanks for visiting *me*, too) xox


Lol. Just saw this and must leave a link to it with blogfriend Cheesemeister.

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