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01 July 2006



I think the "creativity" we spoke of last night has returned? Hilarious in it's present state...can't imagine how it could have been bested or funnier had you actually had time to do it! Let's pray to god boy #2 never turns to a life of crime cause I fear it will be a short-lived career...he'd committ the dirty deed...leave incriminating evidence in abundance and then confess if a passing officer gave him a smile...poor kid...perhaps the circus is an option? And, just for the record...I believe your NBFF's blog is called "Simply Said." Great post babe...LOVE YOU, although can't believe you're dragging me to Massachussetts to attend a wedding I feel very little connection to...oh well...since we have no other friends with marrying age kids this should do it for a while - we can only hope! And speaking of hope, let's hope boy #2 hasn't invited 100 of his "friends" over for a little after work party tonight...yikes!


I'm so glad you didn't post all those funny stories, 'cause if you had, I would be laughing my ass off. Oh. Wait. My ass would be better off a little smaller. Maybe I'll read the post again and see if I can laugh some more ass off.

Miz BoheMia

WOW!!! I wonder what you would write if you did have time because this, well this is simply fabulous my dear Neva! Fabulous indeed!!

And fabulous is what your meeting/date/rendezvous with Gina sounds like it was! How exciting to finally meet a blogger and put a face on the person behind the words (speaking of which, I have yet to see your beautiful face! *hint, hint*)!!! Here's to many more such amazing meetings and hopefully one can entail a trip to sunny Spain! Yeehaw! ;)

Hope the wedding, the drive and getting back home all go smoothly and having said "drive" reminded me of your boy#2 and oh my! Mine is a Tazmanian devil at 3! Tell me it gets easier? PLEASE? It is ok to lie! *sigh* I am doomed! DOOMED!

Have a beautiful weekend my dearest Neva! Many kisses to my favorite lady! Oh! And in case you didn't see the comment I left on the post below, there is an email waiting for you ! (Well, if it got there which it should have because I sent it yesterday but who is to know!)


(I love that Joe Walsh song, btw)

Haha! That was most entertaining. Encore--come back! Oops, I didn't mean to grab your collar.


Can I just say I love you for quoting Groucho? So does my grandfather.


Oh new best friend - I love that Joe Walsh tune! Okay, now I'm laughing again thinking of your "casual" review of the board. Yeah - casual, that's how you looked (as her eyes darted about). Funny.

I love this post. Yeah go ahead everyone "Sure, that's cause it's partly about you". Well sure that's part of it. But it's funny, it's touches on quite a few things yet flows nicely and it quotes Groucho Marx and a good tune! No wonder we get along!

Oh and MizB, becuase Neva and I are too ADD, we of course took no pictures, except in our minds. But she is this lovely little bird - beautiful, she's oh so modest I tell ya. And as fun in real life as in print. We are now official members of the Mutual Admiration Society.

TLP: I do wish that were possible: LMAO - at this point, it may be the most realistic hope I have to do so.


honey: sigh... our boy. what's do be done with him? kids, can't live with 'em, can't lock 'em up in the closet.

you *knew* that i knew g's blog was called "simply said", right? and that i was trying to be funny by calling it complicated? and that was my idea of a funny little joke? or is the joke on me? (as it so often is...)

yes ... the wedding. well, now we've gone and come back and are none the worse for the wear. okay. maybe a little worse. and worn. it was a long trip, after all... still, with luck, we won't have to go to another one for another 10 years, or so, right??

i lovelovelove you, sweetie!!

TLP: if it were possible to laugh one's ass off, my meeting with gina would have rendered me slim beyond my wildest hopes and desires! xox

Miz B: the "meeting" really was fabulous, and i fear i didn't do justice to it here... perhaps a future post will convey what an absolute delight it was to meet Gina. you would LOVE her! i know i did!

tazmanian devil? oooh girlfriend.... i hate to break it to you, but i know this behavior...i think there may be ways to reign some of this behavior in, had we only known 20 years ago what we know today! many steps would have been taken to help our young son. i don't worry about yours, tho', i think he's in very fine and capable hands. and i have a feeling he's going to thrill you with the direction his life will take in the future!

your email was amazing!! i actually poured over it last night... i was too tired to respond with anything coherent, but will endeavor to do so today!

bless you, beautiful girl, for all that you are! for your caring ways and willingness to help! the more i learn about YOU the in awe i am *of* you... and the MORE grateful to the universe for bringing you into my life!!

much love!! xoxoxoxox

actonbell: oh that's okay, the collar's pretty stretched on this shirt, anyway! (i just hope i didn't bruise g's leg when i tried to keep her from "leaving" after lunch!) hee hee! xox

Mom-101: it's hard to go wrong with Groucho! even his bad films are worth watching for the one liners...

THANK YOU brilliant/prize winning blogging phenom for stopping by! (seriously, congrats on another wonder "perfect post" honor!) xoxo

g: the most difficult part of writing this post was trying to capture the joy of meeting you, talking with you, and laughing with you! i'm going to try again... because i didn't have time to touch upon some of the more nuanced aspects of our "date" (like: those fucking cute shoes you wore, or, that kindness and sincerity that accompanies your quick wit!)

in all honesty, i almost went with large bold letters that said (simply) GINA IS AWESOME!! but i thought that might be too gay (not that there's anything wrong with that... )

so, i say we work on our husbands to let us take that trip (to spain?) so we can have enough time to properly explore all the topics we TRIED to talk about... as only two women horribly afflicted with ADD can! (in other words, folks, we chatted about a lot, but i'm certain we did not complete any one "thread" of conversation!)

again, i thank you for putting up with me last tuesday... and, if i PROMISE not to keep you out longer than an hour (or so) i pray you'll have lunch with me again in the very near future!! xoxo


See that's the thing - are conversations ever really meant to be completed. Oh Neva, then I would have to put up my post that said NEVA RULES! Please, there was no putting upon, just a genuine good time had - we'll have to set up another date, but this time I say we follow Sar's lead and take pictures (of our feet of course). You're a gem.


i don't believe *good* conversations *can* be completed (nor should they)! and next time we meet (since you've said there will be one, and i have it right here, IN WRITING) i will, indeed, bring the camera! (i'll make sure i'm wearing a better shade on my toenails, tho'!)

hope you're having a happy lo-o-o-ng weekend, sister/girlfriend...if naps are involved, i'm guessing you are! xox


You're a good storyteller :-)
Glad to hear of all these cyber friends becoming flesh and blood friends too!


kyahgirl: thanks laura! now that you've had the pleasure of chatting with g, you can probably understand why i had such a hard time leaving after getting to spend quality time with her! she is a true delight... however, the "circle of friends" will not be complete until you come to nyc... then we can *all* hang out! or... even better... let's work on that trip to spain! i'm thinking we'd have a muy bueno time visiting our favorite bohemian! (we can think of it as our own small version of "BlogHer". wonder if we could write that off...?)

hope you're having a GREAT week! xox

My Spin On Things

You are my role model:) xoxoxo


my spin: role model? moi? ha! thanks, girlfriend! (nice to see ya, by the way!) xox

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