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29 July 2006



and yet you're so much better at figuring these things out than I am! Can the new phone run out and get us Mexican food tonight? Maybe just beam directly to our waiting plates? I guess that would be more of a "transporter." That's what I want. Love you it's time to walk so we can have the aforementioned Mexican food with at least a bit less guilt.


honey: i think that once i get that bluetooth crap to work, beaming in Mexican food is exactly what we'll be able to do! (otherwise, what's the point?)

lovelovelove you, too, sweetie!! xoxoxo


Aren't cell phones fun? I adore mine too and its fun with all those little bells and whistles! Enjoy the frolicing, I don't think we frolic as much as we should in life!!

good girl

I love that Edison quote. Too clever :-)

I never quite understand fancy cell phones. And I keep losing mine that I really can't be arsed paying top dollar anymore :-( To me, a phone is for ringing others, for others to ring me and for messaging. Period. Full stop. That's all the brain cells I can afford to crank on a wee little phone.

Good luck, Puppytoes! Oh. I hope the Mexican food floated its way to your gates ;-)

GG x

Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, ha, haaa! That phone fits me to a tee, A TEE I TELL YOU!

YAY! You are back! Bohemians everywhere rejoice! Fo sho!

I am with GG in that yours truly only expects the simple things with a phone but well, the wee ones do not allow for more and were they not so well, wee (?) ish then maybe their mama would have a deeper love affair with her cell phone than the one she already does... you see, I have veered away into other brands but the only one I have been able to connect to and well, loooovee, LOVE I TELL YOU, is Nokia. Quite user friendly and gets me into my phone book with one click of a button! Good times! All I need is to set it up for the car and the good times will roll! Funkified!

And the best part of this post? THAT PIC! Finally a glimpse of you! Ooooweee! You know what shall follow this, right? Right? The words shall not be spoken but my email thou posseseth... oops, wrong place! And by the way, I LOOOOVEEED your Shakespeare Snarketh post! Classic!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend my dearest and most adored Lady Neva! Big besos to you with all my heart!


PS~ I have yet to understand why the Loverboy shakes his head when the subject of me on the phone is raised, hmmm? Any ideas? :-) Just my way of saying I lovelovelove speaking to you and I am still high off of talking to you you fabulous Neva!

Miz BoheMia

PPS- the email for a pic that is! *sigh* Bohemians are a little dazed these days that's FO SHO!

Miz BoheMia

PPPS~ Ok, I am officially stalking to you! But blame it on OCDish tendencies and the fact that Typepad does not allow for the deletion of comments the way Blogger does for then I would have merged them all into one to make me appear less, well, psychotic! *sigh* Oh well!

The pics are fab, by the way, and the little snippet into your yard and house that we get is just a colorful breath of fresh air! Precioso and oh-so-cozy!

Ok... I think I am done now! No more stalking! I promise! Dios mio!

Miz BoheMia

That should be "stalking you"... I knew that!

Crap! And here I am again! NOW I am gone!


cj: well, the "bells and whistles" are nice... and i'm sure i'll enjoy 'em once i actually figure out how to use them all! let's just hope i do that soon... i kind of need to use the thing, ya know? (heck, i'll be happy if i can figure out how to actually send the pictures i take! to something besides another phone, that is!) xox

GG: i completely agree with you! call/get calls/txt if ya need to (which i don't very often). the pictures/movies? not sure what i'm gonna do with all that... as for the Mexican food? it did, indeed find its way into our house/my mouth! thank you!! xox

Miz B: where do i start? talking to you was FABULOUS! and i'm soooooo happy we had the chance/time to have the long and lovely conversation we did!

i know Nokia makes great phones... i actually looked at one i liked a lot in the store. simple is GOOD. GOOD i tell ya, GOOD!! but, because i'm such a klutz, the fact that the Samsung comes with that bluetooth/wireless technology made it a good one to go with (then i don't have to worry about getting caught up in wires when i'm driving...) time will tell... if i don't like it, i'll just go back to my reallyreally old phone. no speakerphone, no voice-dialing, NO PICTURES/MOVIES... just plain. and about as simple as a phone can possibly get!

stalking me? stalk away, girlfriend! after that long-ass e-mail i sent you, i'm thrilled you haven't told me to take a hike! i am honored and THRILLED to have you here--besides, all those comments make me look so popular! (until people click to this page and realize i'm being stalked it's just you leaving a lovely/extended comment!

thank you again for the conversation... ALL the comments, and for the e-mail you sent ME!! what a beautiful way to wrap up this weekend! you are much adored and greatly LOVED by me, beautiful BoheMian!! xox


Fancy!!!! You're my kind of gal, with a phone like that.

I am impressed. :)


Good luck with your cell - I'm sure you two will be very happy once one of your sons show you how to use it :)


Risible girl: fancy, and yet i'm such a maroon... i'm still trying to figure out the dumb f*cking icons... and it doesn't help that everything is so small i can't see the screen without my reading glasses. sigh. this is progress? that's what they tell me! xox

g: you know me too well, NBFF. in which case, you also know i'm up shit creek for 3 more weeks until they get back from California! aieeee! that said, you should know i did manage to put YOU on speed dial! (all 3 numbers, too!) so... call me? xox


You have to press end to turn your cell on?! rofl!
That's like Microsoft Windows where you have to press start to shut down the computer.

I was going to say, ask your kids to show you, but g beat me to it. Good luck!


As long as you have the on/off thing figured out, the rest is just extras.
Gives you something to do while ignoring the sound of water dripping or whatever

My Spin On Things

You are so cute:)


You got the important part of its usage downpat I see.


Pavel: i know! and it all goes downhill from there! xox

logo™: yep! i've actually figured out how to take pictures now, but danged if i know what to do with them (it seems like i should be able to email 'em, but i haven't figured that part out yet!) xox

My Spin: hah! (it must be the hat) thanks! xox

g: that's right, NBFF! all three of your numbers AND i know how to call them with "voice recognition". don't kid yourself, my priorities are straight. xox


Your flowers and home look gorgeous! It is a tough gig...blogging. I can't get my Thugs to commit, they still just chew things up. But they love having their pictures up! At least you stepped up and got one done!


Too true. Our cell phone is entrusted to Mall Diva.

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