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07 July 2006



fair enough. :) somedays there just isn't anything to say!

Mad Secretary

LOL Adorable Pics!


Just knowing you're here is a pleasure indeed and what's that old saying...a picture is worth a thousand the way I figure it you've got several thousand pretty good worms there Roxanne! I love you and I'm so glad it's the weekend. Amazing how these "short" weeks seem so long!


canine karen runs in to say *woof*


Impressive scaling of that wall Bobo - not only wise, but athletic. No wonder you keep him around :)

Now this is what I like to see - a post. Don't worry, I'm sure Mommy is working on a killer post.

Miz BoheMia

YAY!!!! You are back!!!! I love the pictures of your puppies. They are such beauties, to say the least!

And I just adore YOU! Thank you, THANK YOU for the beautiful email! It did my heart good to read you... lord knows I constantly talk to you in my head so real moments of communication are such a high! ;-) Others reading this may think me nuts, but I know you understand!

I had to stop by and say hello, wish you a happy weekend, and hopefully, if this hectic day of frantic cleaning cause my family is coming over tomorrow (which will then be a crazy day of frantic baking as I plan on baking 3 cakes and 24 muffins) eases up on me and my nutty and absolutely defiant and my god when did they get such attitude kids allow me, I am hoping to give yu a quick call for a hello because I miss your voice (if that is ok!!! If not, write me NOOOOOOOOOOOO as in not today and I will catch you some other day!!!!!).....

Have a beautiful weekend and all my love and oh so many kisses,



They are so adorable!


I hope the frustrated doggies like what I have for them... and you... :)


cj: you know it! that's why god invented cameras, right? xo

mad secretary: thanks! and thanks for stopping by!! : D

honey: i like your math. actually, i appreciate your math! cuz you're right, this should tide me over for, heck, another week, at least! lovelovelove YOU!!! xoxox

karen: woof back at ya, my friend! and thank you! xox

g: one never knows when one is gonna need a wall scaled. so, you're right, it's good to keep the bobo handy, just in case... as for the "killer post". don't hold your breath. i keep thinking someone will beat me with an inspiration stick, thus far, no takers! xoxox

Miz B: cakes? muffins?? that's a lot of wonder everyone's taking off their clothes around there! hee hee! i hope your visiting family appreciates the wonderful efforts... i know i would!

i'm sorry we didn't have a chance to chat, but no one understands the demands of kids (when *did* they get so defiant/such attitude, indeed!) and "life". we'll talk when we talk!!

i ADORE YOU... and send you back as many kisses & hugs as a beautiful BoheMian can stand!! xoxox

pia: thank you so much! i'm honored to see you here... and hope you'll come back, soon! xox

Shayna: oh my! this was such a LOVELY/BEAUTIFUL gesture!! thank you SOOOO MUCH!! really, i'm touched by your thoughtfulness... more than you can possibly know! xoxo

My Spin On Things

You should never feel pressured to write. It Central Snark Yours? It's hilarious, and soon to be a favorite of mine.

You gotta do what you gotta do. I don't write unless I feel the urge. Kind of like pooping.

If you force the poop you get a rhoid:)

Love ya girl.

It's gonna be okay.


Great pics!

PJ Weatherill

Love your puppies ... Max-A-Million (my guest blogging puppy!) says hi!

And as for diaries and journals ... they are worth the energy in the end aren't they? Pop by and do my survey on journal writing for my research if you are interested.

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