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16 July 2006



Beautiful picture and I like the "artsy" treatment! As you know, BoBo is a true master of Buddha's wisdom and is well schooled in controlling his own thoughts and expressing them only when full impact can be appreciated...that we should all be so in tune and in touch! I believe with all my heart that we need to practice controlling the ever wondering nature of our thoughts...positive, directed thought is so very powerful as is its opposite...and ultimately we have say so over what it is our mind creates. Love thoughts right now are of a TGSNWM and I think with a little action behind thought we can make them materialize.


honey: on any given day it's a toss up between you and the Dalai Bobo (channelling Buddha) as to which one is more wise. i think i should start having you "summarize" these thoughts for readers (i.e. me)... because you do so in such a beautiful and succinct fashion.

i adore you AND thank you for the now happily consumed TGSNWM!! you are my life, sweetie...don't ever forget it! xoxox

Miz BoheMia

Buenos dias! I do love Sundays and tuning in to more beautiful Bobo pictures as well as amazing Buddha quotes although man am I in trouble then with my blog for all the thoughts are there for all too see! Although Joel's explanation and artful translation gives me hope that perhaps it is not careless spilling and therefore ok? ;-) Oh what is a bohemian to do? I do so want Buddha to like me! Ay!

Ha, ha, haaa! Just having some fun although quite serious about my managing of this lesson and yeah, I am trying to focus my thoughts on outlandish yet oh so positive get-rich quick schemes because I have a goal called SF! YES I DO! FO SHO!

But today has been a day o' napping and much lazying around with the little bohemians... peaceful, uneventful and lazy at home, just how we like it!

Hope that you have a beautiful, beautiful weekend and hope the much awaited and longed for TGSNWM was as delish as it sounds! Besos to all!

Just a lurkin' bohemian! ;-P


So what I infer by this is the following: good poker players are wise and bloggers are not? Hmmmmm.


The doggies are so cute. No wonder you're my moms new B.F.F.


Miz B: yes... i think you're on your way to bigger and better things...i also think learning/sharing lessons is important--but even more important is articulating your intentions for a brighter future. be impeccable with your word (from the 4 agreements) means to take care of the words you speak, because they have power once you've put them "out there". that applies to others as well as to yourself! so don't beat yourself up... think and speak of the person you truly want to be... and it will be so! (as will those riches you need to get yourself/family back to the states)

muchos besos and love to you, as well, my beautiful friend!! xoxox

g: yeah, either that or this speaks to ADD girls like you and me! (you know, just because our thoughts race and shift doesn't mean we need to share them with everon... oooh look something shiney! and, is that a flowe... hey, did you see that commercial? abou...uh, what's for dinner? did you see what... hey! let's get coffee and we can talk abou... what's that? uh...)

maybe not. but it's good food for though...ooooh, look what just came on TV! xoxoxo

Tali: thank you! i knew there was a reason she liked me! i'm also trying to talk her into bringing you & your brother out for a visit... so you can meet our puppies in person. maybe if you put pressure on her, too, we can make that happen!!) xoxox

Miz BoheMia

Buenos dias my dearest Neva who is probably just up or almost there! There are two little emails awaiting you with two different things for you to see! Let me know if you like it and forgive my delay if I am not around to respond right away because I teach tonight and need to leave early to get off my ass and distribute brochures (putting the words that will and shall become action out there you see! ;-) ) Sooo... if you like I will do the real deal work as soon as I get back! Besos!!!!


Nobody demonstrates ADD quite like you Neva and I mean that as a compliment in the highest! Very funny and point well taken. xox


The picture is beautiful
ADD isn't a great thing? But I thought....

And thanks for the very kind comment

good girl

Bobo looks like he's thinking, "If I stare hard and long enough AND look so good doing it, maybe these humans will bring my food bowl to me."

If a well guarded thought is the bearer of happiness, I'm in a lot of trouble. I really have to master this wise and mysterious act. Surely, it'd send all the handsome lads my way but not as handsome as Bobo, I'm sure!

GG duly bobofied xox


Miz B: i loveloveloved the emails... still think we need to keep the guys in the groove (maybe use some of the other for our "bloggirlfriend's gone wild" blog?) that said, YOU TOTALLY ROCK!! brilliant genius that you are! and i know you've got a busy day... i forgot to mention in my note back to you that:

GAZPACHO?? i LOVE gazpacho! (just sayin'...) xoxox

g: i knew you'd understand/relate/agree! just one (or 3) of the MANYMANYMANY things i love about you, NBFF!!)xoxoxo

pia: my pleasure, and thank YOU for stopping by! ADD *is* a good thing. at least i think it is. at least i think i think it is... oh, what the hell, it makes us interesting, right? altho', we do have that low tolerance for boredom, then again, that's just a detail, right? xox

~GG~: Bobo has perfected that "bring me my food look" and, in fact, it happens on a daily basis (that his food is brought to him and fed to him by hand. by my husband, but don't let him know i told you this...)

i beleive there is an art to the "well-guarded thought", one i have yet to master. but i'm working on it. (should i have told you that?) xox


there goes my tough guy image.


Lovely job, as usual, of marrying a great, contemplative picture with such a beautiful quote:)


I love this. It reminds me of the adage that writers should never speak of their ideas until they write them because otherwise your energy has gone into the telling instead of the writing and the potential brilliance is gone.

Jamie Dawn

Very wise words.
Lovely photo.
Our thoughts are important. If we spend our time thinking about negative things and cultivating bad thoughts about ourselves, we will end up depressed.
If we think of the possibilities and hopefulness of life, we can lift ourselves up and strive for happiness for ourselves and others around us.
Nobody wants to hang around with a down in the dumps person. :)


honey: tough guy schmuff guy... you are putty in the paws of the great and mighty Bobo. he knows it, i know it, and our blogging friends may as well know it, too! (besides, it's one of the MANY reasons i love you so much!) XOXOXO

actonbell: thank you so much... i appreciate your comment more than you might guess, because i actually do try to fit the quote with the picture (yes, that's how nerdy i really am!) and i choose quotes that have application in my life at that moment, so they are very meaningful to me. i'm glad to know you like them too.

your positive input is one of the MANY reasons i enjoy/appreciate you (as well as your pezzy mom & sisters). you're a doll (and so are runs in the family, right?)thanks!! xoxoxo

mom-101: how right (and wise) you are! i can't tell you how many times i've expressed something with great excitement, only to then try and write them down and/or create a video with a less than spectacular result (unless i'm lucky enough to be working with a spectacular editor, because then i look (or have looked) brilliant in spite of myself). thank you for being here... and for your thoughtful comment! i'm such a fan of yours, needless to say, i'm always honored when you stop by! thank you! xoxo

jamie dawn: you can never know how much truth is in your words. or maybe you do, which is why you wrote them. this has been an especially trying day (our 2 sons are heading out to California for 5 weeks to spend time with their dad--but this break is as much for me as it is for them).

i try to remember that life is filled with wonderful/happy possibilities. i honestly prefer to invite the good into my own life, and, on most days, i think i succeed. but once in awhile, a dark thought festers, the cloud forms, and i am that "down in the dumps" person no one wants to be with! i am blessed to be married to someone who loves me even on those shitty days... which helps a lot! thank you for those words. xoxox


thanks dali bobo. my thoughts must be very happy because they're guarded like Fort Knox!


Stealing time to check on my friends.....leaving Saturday.
I am working on a little couple to have on the top of the wedding cake :)
Will be Dancing soon :)


Hello, Neva. You're baby is gorgeous! What a sweet face!
I read in your about section that she is TT. Pardon my ignorance, but is that the same or similar to a Lhasa? We had a family Lhasa for years and they look so similar.


Cute dog...and I love the quote.


I like to think of my thoughts as well-guarded.


schnoodlepooh: unless you're talking about crappy real estate agents, right? (i sure hope that's going better for you now, and i'm quite happy to share my thoughts with you about *that*!) xoxo

Mo'a: oooh. and i so hope you're taking pictures of the cake topper in order to post them for us all to admire! knowing you, i'll bet it's just fabulous. and i hope you have a wonderful time in Denmark, tho' please know you will be missed! xoxo

MrsJason: why thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment! i think TT's were technically related to Llasa Apsos, they're both valued by Tibetan Monks... TT's are actually incorrectly identified as "terriers" at the time they found their way out of Tibet, westerners just didn't know what to call them, and assumed they must be terriers because of their size. they are a fabulous breed, as, i understand, are Llasas! xo

Vanya: thank you, i do too! xo

Doug: like a pit bull with a steak. (one of the many things we love about ya!) xoxo

Jamie Dawn

If you didn't have a few of those down days once in a while, I'd wonder if you were truly human. :)
When my mind wanders and tries to tell me how bad things are or how awful I am, I take charge of my mind and handily kick the sh!t out of it.
We've gotta keep control of our minds and always look for the silver lining and then hold on to that silver lining with all our strength. Life has too much good to spend our lives pining over the bad.
Have a good rest of your week!


let me guess...tibetan terrier?
a holy terrier?

tell ya what, mine is.
(breedname: dumbass terrier, guards against women with bay strollers and guatamalan soccer players. we are safe.)
dalai terrier. pretty smart.


I love the quote and you have such beautiful doggies! Great photo!


good one!


Jamie Dawn: spoken like the truly wonderful/inspiration person you are! thank you!! hope your week is going well, too, and that you add a few more FABULOUS hats to your collection (tho' maybe stay away from sunflowers?) xoxo

First Nations: holy terrier? HAHAHA! glad to know you're well protected from women with strollers and/or those Guatamalan soccer players (i hear they can be a nasty lot)! xoxo

Deanna: thank you so much... in case you can't tell, we're rather fond of these guys! xoxo

jodes: thank you! and at least i'm not snapping pix of my pets in various stages of undress and/or in the bathroom... if ya catch my drift. and i think you do! (that picture of yours was hilarious, by the way!) xoxo


It's always useful to me to be reminded to keep my mouth shut more.

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