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09 July 2006



Indeed! Enjoy the process more than the result. There's a reason why anticipation of an occurrence or event is usually so much more powerful than the event itself (except maybe TGSNWM at S'Bucks?). Ok, enough of my non-poetic waxing. A great quote matched with a very happy BoBo...what could be better? Love you (he said filled with anticipation of the TGSNWM awaiting)


I agree... traveling is such an adventure!


I love that quote. We are all travelling, and hopefully, travelling well. Kyaygirl left me a wonderful comment regarding that subject.

Miz BoheMia

Ah! I wish Buddha could live with me and keep reminding me of all this daily but yeah, he would tell me that the Buddha within must be activated, channeled, used, blah, blah, blah, that the answers all lie within, more blah, blah, blah, but you see, I am lazy! *sigh*

Oooh! If we move close to you will you be my Buddha? I will give many sweet offerings and just adore you... not too hard a task I say! WOOH TO DA HOOH!

I guess I should be enjoying this Spanish journey taking me to ????? Dun, dun, dun, dun, DUUUUN!!! (Trying to make suspenseful music but man is it hard to do with words!)

Beautiful quote and great picture! Bobo sure seems to have the hang of enjoyment down pat! Everytime I see pics of your babies it makes me want to be one of them! Ah the good life! I momentarily was about to say I want to be my cats but with the way Lil' Mischief treats them, no thanks! I'm good in the frazzled mom role!

Yes... I had the phone in hand yesterday to make the long awaited call (boy did Loverboy hear of my plans repeatedly!!) but then some kiddie drama errupted and blew out the remaining fuses left in my malfunctioning brain! I am crossing my fingers for today (but always under the condition that if ever I call at the wrong time you tell me!!!)!

Ok... this bohemian has blabbed on long enough. Buddha, you have the floor again! Neva, I just LOVE your Dalai Bobo moments (and all your posts period!) and hope you have a beautiful weekend!!! Besos and to all a big, huge NAMASTE!!!

PS- (She's back? Yeah, but this'll be short! Promise!!!) Over at Central Snark you told me to check out Yoga Beans and I wanted to tell you I had when first we met through your site and that it is stylin' but I probably told you in many of the conversations I have with you in my head and just realized that I didn't actually tell you so... ooops! ;)


what a *cutie patootie*!


good girl

bobo has such a happy face!! I'm already wondering if Miss B the Golden might fancy him. She does so love them goofy boys!


Well, that is true for the one who travel, not for the one who's waiting for the arrival, isn't it? ;)

Miss you!
P.S. I just recieved my exam result yesterday :) I passed!... ^___^ v


Ah yes, enjoy the moment hum? Good to have these reminders from the wise Dalai Bobo. Often those moments along the way are those that form the longest lasting memories.

MizB: I was overcome with suspense at your sound effects!

Miz BoheMia

G, you were? Oooh! They were good then? SUCCESS!

Hola Neva! Just popping in for a HELLO (not like I didn't say enough yesterday!) and a THANK YOU FOR BEING HOME because I am still high off our delish talk!

I owe you a delish (but alas shorter than our conversation) email which I will get to as soon as I have the fabulous chance to sit and write to you. Loverboy and I just popped into the link you gave me. It is the one called Experience no? Well, it is unfortunately a laxative!!! It has senna leaf (the harsh laxative I was telling you about) as well as Chinese Rhubarb (what I am on) and one ingredient (Poly something) that is just not too good for you! :-( But thank you so much for the link! The universe is just simply telling me to kick this on its culo so on I go with the journey!

Oooh! She brought it back to Buddha! Funkified!

I hope you have a beautiful week my dearest Neva! LOVIN' you mucho!!! ME!


honey: well, life may be a journey, not a destination, but i'm not sure we can have enough TGSNWM's along the way!

i lovelovelove YOU! xoxox

cj: and you're still in the earliest stages of yours! enjoy! xo

schnoodlepooh: your journey has been a bit bumpy lately, and for that i'm so sorry. hopefully your path will smooth out now that you've signed a new realtor! (and you're right, wise kyahgirl shared some beautiful nuggets with you, something she's quite good at!) xoxo

Miz B: well, tho' we missed out on the conversation saturday, we MORE than made up for it yesterday, didn't we?? as for Buddha living with us in order to remind us of these truths? wouldn't that be nice?!! i fear, however, he'd be exhausted after spending one day with me... better for me to try and remember/practice these things on my own! or not!
much love to YOU, amiga!! xoxox

karen: thanks! he has a way of puttin' a smile on my face, too! xox

GG: the Bobo has a magnetic personality... he somehow manages to win everyone over--i'm guesing your Miss G would be no exception! xoxo

Jom: yes...but maybe part of the point is that waiting for "arrivals" is actually part of life's journey, as well!

YOU PASSED??!! YAY!! i'm so proud of you! tho' i never doubted for one nano-second that the outcome would be any different! still, i'm sure you must be very relieved to know you're over this particular hump (on your journey... right?)

much love to you, dear Jom! it's lovely to see you and i apprectiate the fact that you took time out of your hectic schedule to visit! xoxo

g: yep. enjoy the moment. smell the roses. don't sweat the small stuff. all that crap. still... it's pretty dang good advice, cuz you're so right, those brief moments often become our most lasting memories!

i agree... i felt tension/suspense, too! xoxox

Miz B: OOOOOH!! thank YOU for spending so much time with ME yesterday!!! what a great conversation... imagine how long it might have been had we not been forced to contend with that 6 hour time difference?? the more i know you... the more i LOVE you, lovely bohemian!

as for the Experience? yes, i knew it was a form of a laxative... i'm sorry it contains ingredients that aren't good for you... all i know is that it's effect is gentle and it helped our son more than anything. and eventually he was able to stop using it all together. but, you're right, maybe this is that part of your journey where to *do* sever unhealthy ties. never a bad idea!

MUCH LOVE to you... i hope you were able to get some rest, since it was, what, like 1:30 when you finally got to go to bed? i worry loverboy's gonna make you break up with me, so you won't spend so much time on the phone! thanks again for the BEAUTIFUL conversation!! xoxoxo


You're lucky I'm not the jealous type Neva. Yes Miz B, I pictured the candleabra with the melting wax on top of the organ with the transylvanian accent (did I mention Scissorhands is Transylvanian)...ooh, scary indeed. And I've been hanging out with my kids too much and Tali has just comosed a scary music piece on Julian's toy piano.


I'll try to remember that! Excellent wisdom, good advice:)


Thought that I had learned to enjoy the journey, but was just telling somebody that the bumps in the road and the curvy hills can be overwhelming


Yes, it's the journey that has meaning, not the destination. We were never meant to survive.


So a flight in First class, never reaching its destination would be time well spent?
but I agree...getting somewhere is always more exciting than when you got there and think "what a long way!"


So, the Dalai Lama flies first class?

Ooops, sorry Minka.

What Minka said.


I did just figure out the one exception to the great Buddha quote from's when I'm headed home (which I hope will be very soon)...the arrival to see you is so much sweeter than the journey.

Miz BoheMia

HOLA!!! i have been thinking of you (when am I not??? 'Tis a delight I tell you!) and especially when Loverboy and i watch our new addiction "It is always sunny in Philadelphia"... AMAZING AND PEE IN YOUR PANTS FUNNY!!!!!!! I always, ALWAYS tell him how I think you guys would love it so if you can, WATCH IT! And then we can gossip! Ooooh! ;-)

Well, off i go to bed soon (gotta bid on eBay and then jet on off to bed!) but I had to pop in to say hola, nighty night and that I just ADORE YOU MUCHO!

And Joel's words up above... a thing of beauty I say!


g: oops! you weren't supposed to see that! heh heh.

scary music played on a toy piano is kind of creepy. but good creepy. if there is such a thing as good creepy. why are we talking about creepy? this was supposed to be an uplifting quote to remind us to enjoy the journey... which we're doing... unless we get too creeped out. xoxo

actonbell: i love this quote, too... and most certainly the idea behind it! xox

pia: i know what you mean... tho' i guess the bumps & hills are supposed to help us appreciate the smooth parts. or something like that. at least i hope that's how it works! xox

TLP: technically, i guess you're right, that's why the "end" is referred to as our "final destination", right? (too heavy?) what the hell... i say hold on and enjoy the ride! xox

Minka: well... when you put it that way.... hee hee! altho', if i have to be stuck literally travelling, i'm always gonna hope for first class, for, as far as i'm concerned, it's the *only* way to fly! xox

doug: in the mind of the Dalai, it's first class... or nothing. xox

honey: it's days like this that i wish you had that stinkin' helicopter... hurry home, so we can journey into the kitchen and figure out what we're havin' for dinner! xoxox


Miz B: so we were writing at the same time, no? AIEEEE! i guess joel and i will have to check out this show you love so much, so we can share in the fun!

you, too, are thought of often... and always with much LOVE and JOY. for that's what you contribute to the journey... at least the one i'm on.

i hope you sleep well... and a wonderful rest of the week. (i'm sending you an email... if i had been more diligent you'd already have it. apparently diligence is not my "word" today. sigh) see you tomorrow, sweet bohemian!! and thank you for brightening up each and every single day with your love, joyous energy, and beautiful intentions! xoxoxoxo


Yes, indeed it is all about the journey.
I am back. Thank you Neva for your comment, it is good to hear that I was not forgotten.

Miz BoheMia

How exciting! An email? I just sent you one!!!! I guess we are writing at the same time on many other levels!

Thank you for your ever so sweet words and if you only knew how much YOU brighten my days my dear Neva! It is blinding I tell you, BLINDING!

Have a beautiful week and we shall "talk" soon!!!


What a wonderful saying...and so true! It really is about the journey...something I learned with my Mom as she and I took many long, meandering road trips. We always had wonderful travels, but rarely had a final destination. Thank you for jogging such fond memories!

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