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02 July 2006



Babe I gotta tell you...Hallmark has nothing on you. What a perfect quote for that picture! Or a perfect picture for the quote, ah chicken-egg, egg-chicken, who cares. Well, getting late as we've lazed the day away and mexican food is calling...LOVE YOU even though you're plotting a trip to Spain without me!


yes... and while i'm gone, you can take time out from your busy schedule, stop and smell the flowers, watch how they grow, and learn about life. then tell me what you've discovered, because i'm kind of clueless!

love you MORE than life (*and* flowers!)!!


ohhhh, but there are so many beautiful flowers out there to look at... so many miracles.... why just one????

one of these days I'm gonna blog more... I'm missing my buddies...

...still unpacking - oh yeah, and playing with the dogs, and napping, ...well, priorities, you know.


schnoodlepooh: while you were here... i was *there*! how funny is that? (oh and i loveloveloved those pics of your beautiful boys!)

yep... so many flowers, so many potentials for miracles. try to remember that when you're feeling anxious about your townhouse. patience is gonna pay off in the end. i just know it!

hope you're having a happy weekend! as long as you're surrounded by that happy menagerie, i suspect you will! xox


Ah neva, I am so looking at the flowers here. I forgot how much variety there can be.
Two days ago my sister and her husband bought a little garden and there is so much delight to be had when planting and stuff. I got to plant a sun-flower. The only thing my sister trusted me with...but I am allowed to water the rose bushes in the evening-under supervision of my brother-in-law. My sister has been mothering for far too long :)
Many happy greetings from Germany!


Simply said - sublime.


I love that picture! :-)


Yum! Lunch!


Minka: THANK YOU for stopping by, lovely one! i'm glad you're getting to enjoy flowers--tell your sister to get off your back, tho', for it's very hard to "mess up" flowers. seriously, if joel and i can plant/grow 'em, i suspect anyone can!! hope you're having a wonderful time! xox

g: thanks... xox

kyahgirl: joel took it last week, and i was really happy when i saw it, because i love this quote, and i was waiting to use it until i could find the right picture. thanks! xox

brian: lunch? oh yeah... no! bad bunny! stay away from the pretty flowers! : D


ahhh, lovely puppy. And thank you for the kind comment on c'est chic, puppytoes! Fragrance is addictive ... but worth any energy you expend learning about and experiencing it! xoxo


mireille: thank you for stopping by, and for those kind words of encouragement! thanks to kyahgirl, i've been exposed to this concept of "fragrance appreciation" (thank god she's as patient as she is lovely!) between you and Kyahgirl, i may be able to expand my horizons beyond the point of saying..."gee, that smells good."

in the meantime, i shall hang on her every word (and hope i can convince her to come to nyc for the next sniff-a-palooza) and read your beautiful blog. xoxox

good girl

One day soon, these pictures of your dogs are going kill me. They're TOO CUTE!! Will you look at that expression?? Are they trained to do this?

My dog has the same expressions:

- I'm hungry. Feed me. Feed me NOW.

- I'm so cute. Look at me. OK, now feed me.

- Yo, mum, I can't find my bone. Go fetch. NOW.

- Say, Mum. I'm kinda lonely down by the floor. Move over. I'm sleeping on the bed. What's that? No space? Space is relative. Yea, pillow would be good too. And don't snore. That's my thing to do.

- What? Shower with cold water? Why? You try showering in cold water. Warm. Mine is warm. And that damn duck you keep floating in the tub around me? Kill it. I'm a golden retriever. One yellow diva is enough for us all. Arf! Grrrrrrr!

Love love love these pictures. Almost distracted me from that excellent quote of yours too ;-)

Thanks for the laughs!



GG: now *i'm* laughing my ass off! i know all those "looks", trust me, between our three dogs, there are very few expressions we haven't seen. so you should know there's no way IN HELL we could pose the pups! not no way. not no how. sometimes we just get lucky with the camera and the cuteness (and the quotes!)

thank you SO MUCH for stopping by... hope to see you again. here *AND* at the Snark Park (leave a comment and ya get added to the side-bar... just sayin'...)

hope you're having a lovely long weekend, and that you get the chance to sit in your tub *with* the ducky/*without* your four legged pal (at least for a few minutes, right?) : D


woofin' ya a happy 4th!


I think that's a beautiful insight, really. I mean a single flower is truly amazing and miraculous when you really think about it....

that Buddha fellow sounds pretty wise.

Miz BoheMia

HOW can I be so LATE to this FANTASTIC party?????

Neva, that picture is just breathtaking! I LOVE it! Probably my fave from all the pics I have seen thus far! Beautiful! And it fits in with that quote so seamlessly, or is it the other way around? (Joel, Yes, before hopping into the comments my mind was on the same spin as you!)

And Joel again, you are always welcome to Spain and hey, why aren't you coming too? Loverboy has the old-fashioned barbecue all ready to go!

And Neva, *GASP* you seriously are???? Say YES because I am having a heart attack from the excitement of the mere thought of meeting you in the flesh and hey, my death better not be for nought! Mon Dieu!!! I actually miss you if that makes any sense and not a day goes by where I don't mention you to the Loverboy! *sigh* Yes, you are much, MUCH loved in this household fo' sho'!

So, WHEN are you coming???


Very good thought for the day.

*wags tail*


Oh, I love that picture! It's so contemplative, just like the quote. A perfect match.
Yes, we must appreciate all these things--the flowers, the trees, the changing of the seasons. They are all wonderous.


karen: *woof* back at ya, girlfriend! hope you're having a HAPPY 4th of July!! xo

Square Girl: Happy Birthday!! (i'd like it noted that i wished you this FIRST... just not on the right post!) yep, that Buddha had quite a few good "deep thoughts"...and you're right, a flower is a miracle of life, and worthy of study and consideration! (most of us just don't take the time to appreciate the beauty of this concept!) xox

Miz B: i lucked out with the picture... thanks to joel for snapping it at the right time!

late to the party?? i don't think so, sister... it's not really a party until you ARRIVE!!

as for our (my) pending/hopeful visit? i'm working on it... but you know that these things must be handled *delicately*... oh, and i absolutely know what you mean by "missing" me, for i feel the same way when you're not "around" (posting and/or commenting)! that said, you are such a presence and force of life, that out of sight NEVER means out of mind!! you are adored by me... and a family member already, whether you like it or not!! xoxoxo

Spirit: thank you! and i hope your little sister, Ruby is feeling better... i loveloveloved the pictures of the two of you together! stay well, my friend! xo

actonbell: wonderous, indeed! thank you so much for stopping by...and i hope you and your whole fabulous/funky/funny/FUN family of Pez Pals are having a safe and Happy 4th! xoxo

good girl

hey neva,

I would be having a long weekend if I were in the US ;) But alas, no fireworks here in Singapore. Although the ankles and stilettos got me some distance today with a firework or two. lol.

Enjoy your 4th July!


Miz BoheMia

Neva, all I have to say is that you are dreamy!

Pssst... sent you two emails today! Yeah, I think I am a stalker now, huh? ;)


GG: singapore? whoa... at least you're in a glamorous part of the world! thanks for the good wishes... and i have no doubt the ankle/stilettos set off much *more* than a couple of fireworks! hee hee! xox

Miz B: ooooh!! 2 e-mails from my FAVORITE BoheMian sister?? yippee!! i'll be checking my mail soon...(after dinner) and will be SURE to respond to you ASAP!! just knowing i have mail from you gives me a lovely reason to smile! thank you...

MUCH love to you, my friend... xoxox


hey neva, I've been catching up with your blog (and peeing myself). i have just spent a couple of weeks trying to be zen-like, so this quote totally works for me right now. (but give me time)


Joy: welcome back from vacation, girlfriend!! you've been missed! (but stop peeing all over the place... just cuz you're pregnant doesn't mean you can stop practicing good hygiene, ya know!)

i'm really happy you had such a good time, and were actually able to relax and read a good book or two!(was that before or after the trip to the Elk Farm?)

i'm glad you like this quote/picture, i do too! thanks! xoxoxox

Miz BoheMia

Ask me to resend you an email and I send you 3! *sigh* Will I ever be normal, NORMALI SAY? P-SHAW!


My schizo way of making an announcement and saying hola!

Love you much dear lady!


Hi buddy :-)

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