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13 July 2006



What a great way to start the day. You, my sweet and soooo loved Puppytoes, are the most talented and creative person I know - and since I'm surrounded daily by people paid to be among the best of the best, I think that statement carries some credibility and ooomph! So how come I'm not spending my days with you??? Win that lottery and let's move to Maine! I adore you and am very proud of done gone and done yourself proud babe!

Also love Groucho (but in a different way of course.)


Whatever was I thinking, assigning "chat?" Well done over yonder.


Congrats, and I am so glad that the word "chat" did not freak you out, and you were able to write such a short, thoughtful, interesting post in response. Thanks for the chat.

P.S. Les Chats, Tucker, Blessing and Punkin say meow.


...I wouldn't let Sophie know about her new web exposure...we can't afford the pay increase...those "greenies" are just too damn expense. Love you - enjoy your day and say hi to Gina.


honey: you sweet talker, you. is it any wonder why i love you so much? that said, after today, i'm thinking more 'n a few folks might wonder why you love me back. oh well, there's no accounting for tastes, is there? (thank god)

thank you for supporting me in this effort today... and, while i'm out to lunch with Gina, i'll stop and pick up a few lottery tix and see if we can fast track that move to maine!!

you are my LIFE!! xoxoxoxox

Doug: "what", indeed? still i'm very grateful it wasn't the aforementioned qulex, tho', as you can see, i intend to get some mileage out of that heart-attack i almost had! xox

brian: le thank you! and *meow* back to your lovely trio of chats! xo


honey: Sophie's doing what she always does this time of the morning. laying on her back snoring away, dreaming, no doubt, of terrorizing Max and/or stealing Bobo's greenies later today!



It was a great read Neva, I really enjoyed it. :) Your a talented writer!


Firstly congratulations and of course, you brought me laughs with the Groucho quote.

Nobody chats like you Neva as proven by your def and your post - sublime!

Now that said, I have a bump on my head from that rug being swept out from underneath me. Who am I kidding - not like I have a patent on it or anything...

On a sidenote, all of those disclosure forms and privacy notices he makes you sign, almost makes you wnat to back out, almost.

It's a lot of fun - enjoy.


testing this thing back on?


Ok Babe, you're back in business...I reset the post.
Love you


Love this post and you did yourself proud over a Doug's....but I do love the word qulex....have taken it for myself....let's chat in person as soon as I come back from Denmark....*whisper* G sounds great look forward to meeting her.
I am sawing up for a trip to The land of Bohemia....does she sound as cute as she looks? She is one amazing gal.....and so are you my dear Neva.


*blush* That is saving not sawing


honey: thanks for getting this rebooted... i guess, in the process tho', i lost the other 8 comments! waaaaahhhhh! oh well. (i don't mind the crashes quite as much when we're not paying for the service, but since we are... i'm a little pissed!)

mo'a: thank you so much... your comment at doug's was hilarious, by the way! i didn't say anything over there, because i didn't want to be redundant!

and, just so you know: Gina is DELIGHTFUL and you will lovelovelove her... and Miz B has a lovely lilting voice--mesmerizing really... just like she is!

we will see each other once your life returns to some semblance of normalcy! can't wait! xoxox


Your wit and wisdom did insprire...and your photo, well you are amazingly cute!


Okay, a new day - I propose that everyone head back over and post their comment anew. I already dropped qulex into my comment yesterday (they may be on to me if I use it again). May I say having lunch with you was the qulex of my day yesterday? Well it was! This was a great post to accompany your equally great star turn at Doug's. And actually, one of the three posts Doug had linked to, I had not read and it was very funny/good indeed in the inimitable Puppytoes style, so I will now have to add this to my TO DO LIST (as soon as I get one going).

Oh and MoA - I have been intrigued by that little doll avatar from early on, I would only so look forward to a chat that included you.

This really stinks that typepad went down yesterday, but I hope today is better and your visitors mutltiply twofold.


By the way, I see you changed your Groucho quote - equally good!

My Spin On Things

It's always nice being the "guest" star (wink wink) -- think about that one:) muhahahahaha xoxoxo

Miz BoheMia

Loverboy fell asleep on the floor and woke up, startled by my snorting laughter as I choked on the word "qulex"... imagining your reaction upong Doug's weird choice, which, it turns out, was just spam... but then again you know that already so...

And your post here, and there and just everywhere was/is/will be/has been and forever will remain AMAZING!

My word with Doug was Multicultural... now that we know each other better and now that I have been adopted into his family I would be quite afraid to ask! I fear a big ol' Penis being thrown my way! Oy! ;-)

As for "chat"... you? Chatty? Huh! I wouldn't know!

Thank you for putting a smile on my face (but then again, when don't ya???)! I lovedlovedloved this post and hope you have a fab lunchdate with dear Gina! A big huge kiss to you my beloved Neva! BIG BESOS AND ALL MY LOVE!



Deana: oooh! a comment from one of the *other* women in my husband's life! (okay...sort of) thanks for stopping by... hope you'll come again! xo

g: i know. i'm just gettin' ripped off right and left here. oh well... we don't do it for the glory, do we? no... i'm just happy to know one or two people might have benefitted from my humble words. as if... hee hee!

and i didn't really change the quote, it's just that when joel rebooted, my post became toast. so that was my original draft. but i've fixed it now. or i tried to. who knows... it's hard enough to write these stupid things once, let alone 3 times (remember, i had to rewrite yesterday, too...) stupid typepad. yeesh!

THANKS AGAIN FOR THE FUN LUNCH DATE YESTERDAY!! rest up so we can do it again... soon!! xoxo

my spin: thanks... and i saw your newest suggestion... we'll probably put it up tomorrow or over the weekend.... don't worry. we NEVER waste a good idea! xo

Miz B!! yeah... i cracked up when i saw that too. i sent doug a note to tell him what had happened (as you might imagine, in my warped mind this was hilarious) he gave me 5 bonus points for defining it, which i did. i plan to cash in one of these days when i can't think of anything to write on his blog!

multicultural? that's a great word for you! (i'm gonna have to go into his old posts and catch up on a few folks... including YOU!) i'm guessing you'd be safe from getting anything too risque from doug... that said, i plan to send him a copy of terri's book, in order to expand *his* vocabulary... 'course then maybe we'd all be in trouble, no?

thank you for your kind words, you beautiful bohemian you... lunch with Gina was indeed fabulous... i'm working on getting her to come with me to visit you. keep your fingers crossed. say a chant. send out the good vibrations. or send gina a note to tell her how much fun we'll all have!

MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!! xoxoxox


yippee! looks like the comments that had mysteriously vanished have mysteriously re-appeared! how the hell did that happen? 'tis a mystery.


'tis a mystery"...

...or maybe an *FM* which hubby calls a *fockin' mystery*, oh, that would be a good one for doug!

{woofy, woofy}


"Posted by: k | July 13, 2006 at 10:17 PM"...

...oops, that's me! don't know how that happened!

{woofy, woofy}


karen: you haven't lost your mind... i just made a slight change to protect your identity. unless, of course you didn't want your identity protected, in which case i just screwed up! have a great weekend, girlfriend!! xoxo


I was a guest poster in April and it was way fun!!!! embrace it!!!


Doug didn't make you produce evidence that you're not an alien? Of the space kind?

But I thought that he asked everybody for the new government issued non-alien middle finger laser tatoo?

Really have to talk to him


jodes: oh yeah! i think i remember your post... those were back in my 'lurking' days! but you're so right, it was a lot of fun, and i'm just glad i survived made it through the ordeal relatively unscathed! xo

pia: "government issued non-alien middle finger laser tatoo"... ha! now *that's* funny!

actually... i have a rather prominent tattoo on my ankle...i'm thinkin' doug was distracted placated by that! hee hee! (who is he to ask us to prove *we're* not aliens, anyway??


I believe the tat count is actually two is it not sweetie? Just saying.

Love you


honey: uh, well yeah... but i didn't think you'd want me blabbing about the one on my boob! love you, sweetie!! xoxox

Miz BoheMia

Oooh! A tat on the boob? Now there's an idea and one bohemians sure do love! We are boob friendly you know!

Yeah, multicultural was my word and I was also lucky enough to get me a story! They are in my sidebar, under "Everything Miz B" and one is title "Miz B defined" and the other one is "Miz B an anecdote..." Fun times and yeah, before my genital frankness was exposed or else I am sure, SURE I TELL YOU, some other words might have been offered... well, on the other hand Doug does prefer we behave so... smart man that he is! And ding, ding, ding for this here ditz just now, can you believe it? *sigh* Oh well!

I think if I were to get a tattoo on my lower back or my ankle are the places that appeal to me but the pain! And also I grow bored of things fast so I know I would want it gone soon so piercings are more my thing but having one on the nose is seen as nothing these days (7 on my ears... also nothing) but that's not my fault as that is where Loverboy draws the line and well, let us just say that my libido wins and acquiesces on this here battle! ;-P

I had to pop in for a quick hello and mostly to wish you a beautiful weekend my dear, dear Neva! Love you oh so mucho!

just me...


What a nice little plug for you! I love how he compared you to running into your funniest old friend on the street. That's just how you feel to me.


hey, chickie!
sorry I haven't been by before.
tell you what. you have strong issues on the post i did on the special ed kids; and i closed up shop too soon. how would you feel doing a guest post on the issue? doesn't have to be long or anything. if you arent comfortable with that, you can email me and we can bs about it...or you do one here, hows about?????
XOO and thank you


Miz B: have i never mentioned my tattoos? hmmm... sounds like a post in the making! i have only 3 piercings, one on one ear, 2 on the other (but i should get points for piercing my own ears... right?) much love to YOU, dear dear lovely BOHEMIAN!! xoxox

mom-101: what a sweet thing to say... and how lovely of you to have read that post in the first place (trust me, i know what a busy woman you are of late!) i appreciate your words... and think of you in much the same way! (only i like to think of you as my "funniest friend with an adorable 1-year old in tow wondering whether it was a mistake to tell your nephew about masturbation!" which was as hilarious a post as i have ever had the pleasure to read!) xoxox

jessica kardon: ...a spammer by any other name, one suspects.

FirstNation: girlfriend! i am so happy/honored to have you stop by. and i would love to write a guest post for your blog (you might want to think about that a bit longer, but hell, i'm game!) i'll email today/tomorrow (would it shock you to know life is weird(ish) right now? nah, i didn't think so!) YOU ROCK! and i'm glad you came over... get used to me, for i plan to spend a lot more time at your place, too!! xoxox

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