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02 June 2006



You are so damn creative...pretty sure there's wealth to be had with that talent! Even as I laughed loudly I was feeling your pain. Nothing like a little kid inflicted pain and suffering to get the blues mojo going eh? is the weekend and at least I'll be here to share in the fun and games...not to mention the pizza now on its way! Adore you...but you knew that.

Miz BoheMia

Neva, that was brilliant!!!! I so LOVED it! Now, ahem, ahem... wasn't someone we know in a band which implies she can sing and would it not be cool and oh so gratifying for certain bohemians to hear this sung? *hint, hint* Yes, sounds like a BRILLIANT suggestion I say!

Since we don't drink (and boy do kids make you want to!!!) come on over for a good, long session of Ashtanga and/or acupuncture session... *hintin' away she is today I am afraid*

Hey, a bohemian can only dream! *sigh*

Love you much sweet Neva and have a beautiful weekend!!!

PS- the teeth are better... the crown-bridge poppin' pair have been stuck back in, the broken tooth fixed but the new crown still throbs... I think my bite is off so once that is fixed I am hoping to get a break from the dentist! But I can at least eat now and believe me, with a mouth like mine, that is exciting news! ;)


Reference my post today - I just posted and lost my comment. Ahh well. Anyway, loved your song, sang along throughout and love the lyrics! So, you were/are in a band? Do tell. OOooh brainstorm - storytelling at Doug's on Saturday and Jam Session with Neva Saturday nights? Hope you enjoyed your pizza as much as I enjoyed your post. Joel's still rocking the vote! Adrian voted for him today, well with a little help from me. That's as far into the blogosphere as he's ventured. Have a good night.


That was fantastic. You are so funny Sophie. Your mom is quite talented.



Neva, thank you for the invite.....I would love to see all my doggie friends...believe me I have come to love them, I especially love the photos of them running with the wind blowing in their fur.
Will you also sing to me?
I loved that song there is much love in it, along with the frustration....what a clever woman.


Honey: fortunately for me, on the heels of that "kid inflicted pain and suffering" came that oh-so-tasty grande-soy-no-whip-mocha! and shortly thereafter, YOU! and soon... Pizza! so what i am reminded of, time and time again, is that the clouds always have silver-linings (that look better with grande-soy-no-whip-mochas and pizza!)

lovelovelove you!!!

Miz B: i'll take the yoga AND accupuncture over drinking any day! especially if it means coming to visit my FAVORITE BOHEMIAN!!

i'm soooooo happy to know your mouth is happy, again (or at least better). i'm guessing it feels very good to be able to bite in to something yummy after this long wait!

hope your weekend in filled with love, and LOTS of tasty treats! kisses & hugs, sister/girlfriend... xoxox

g: how well i know the pain of losing a comment! (i hate that!) i was in a band in my youth... now i just sing for the fam & dogs (my youngest used to yell at me for doing that... but now he just looks at me like i truly am crazy!)

thanks for the compliment... it was so silly, i just felt like sharing a little frustration with my friends! (who will now, no doubt, regard me much in the same way my son does!)

hope you have a wonderful weekend! it's starting out wet, but hopefully we'll see improvements as the day moves forward! : D

Kyahgirl: *blush* thank you! but you can see why you get to keep that beanie, right? i traded in a head filled with science for dumb song lyrics long ago... sigh. : D

Mo'a: you are welcome here ANY time, girlfriend! (we're pretty fond of the critters, too!)

i'm glad you liked my silly song... and you're right, there is a lot of love there. that's the thing about kids: sometimes we love them in *spite* of their behavior! i believe that's called "unconditional" love... the parental curse (or blessing) on any given day!

hope you have a happy weekend, filled with lovely flowers & yummy strawberries! : D


Ahhhh kids..... I miss my kids (well, they're men now) but I do NOT miss the frustrating days! Not even a little bit!


Note to Risible: Please feel free to borrow our kids anytime you like!


Risible Girl: sadly, our kids are "men", as well (i miss that part, too)... tho' our *youngest* one, well, let's just say he may always be a child at heart and/or in action! sigh...

kids, can't live with 'em--and they sure as heck can't live without you! : D


honey: at least boy #1 is thoughtful enough to bring us coffee treats without being asked (again)! that counts for quite a lot in my book! : P


"showed up with a grande-soy-no-whip-mocha"... and yummy! headin' out door to git one!



BRAVO! That was wonderful. And such a good idea. I should make up a funny ditty for my shitty job, but...I don't have the brain for it. Darn! I know I was missing something...

Life's sure up and down, isn't it?


I meant to mention that Aral gifted me with an IZ CD a couple years ago, speaking of Hawaiian music. I love his rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a song that always makes me cry!


That was such a great ditty... I laughed last night as I read it while enjoying a little Starbucks life. I couldn't help but wonder that in 15 years if I too would be singing such a song? :) Thanks so much for your advice on Thea, its nice to know I'm not the only one. :) I'm off to find some babylax.



Karen: "wow and yummy", indeed! funny how such a small thing can turn a frown upside down! have a great weekend, girlfriend! : D

Actonbell: thank you! and from everything i know about you--and i MEAN this--you lack in nothing! nothing, i say... NOTHING!! but if ya can't come up with a good "shitty ditty" regarding your job, let me know, i'll be glad to help! of course, you could always come up with a few good one-liners ala "Spamalot". i'm pretty sure some of the "french" insults would suffice quite nicely! bet you could do a bang up job of paraphrasing something like:

"You don't frighten us, English pig dogs. Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called "Arthur King," you and all your silly English K-nig-hts."

as for IZ? lovelovelove him! my sister gave me that CD last year, and it was because of "Over the Rainbow"! it's an amazing version of the song. i'm so happy to know you like it, too! : D

CJ: thanks! and, i hate to say it, but don't be surprised to find yourself singing something similar in a few years... kids have a way of doing this to us!

and i hope the info i gave you helps... i so understand the heartache in this. on the surface it seems like such a silly thing, but it's not, is it? let me know if there's anything else i can help ya with (i think you know i'm ready with the advice!)

have a great weekend! hopefully it's not as WET there as it is out here! : D

Jom should be a composer! (and I can help arranging on the chorus part and we can make the funniest band ever...LOL) the way, I hope your situation is getting better! (actually I'm, now, wondering if my mom would feel the same way when I did bad things in the past!...I think I'd better call her and give loads of apology.)


it's me, mireille. here with a bouquet of pity for you. But heck, you're working it out in your art ... and I'm sure he feels guilty, after reading the song. Guilt: the great parental tool. xoxo


Jom: yes! call your mother and apologize! tho', i can't begin to imagine what for! everyone knows girls are soooo much easier on their parents' nerves than boys are! hee hee!

as for the situation getting "better"... i'm sure boy #1 is keeping you posted, but, stay tuned... cuz i will, too! ^__^

mireille: welcome!and, may i say what a treat it is to have you here!!

as for guilt? boy might feel guilty, if he actually read this blog... but that's something he's too busy to do! (serves him right...) doesn't matter, even if he did read it, guilt is not something he struggles with, on any given day. oh well... life's a "journey", right? some days, it's a journey straight through the pits of hell. fortunately, most of the time, it's actually fun!

thank you soooo much for stopping by... hope you'll come back, and soon! xox

Wager Witch

Popping in from Blog Clicker.

This is hilarious and my kid came rushing over to see the pictures of the pups!

Lovely writing and lovely pics!

The Witch Highly approves of animal lovers!

The Wager Witch


Two questions:

1. Are your kids old enough to move out?

2. If so, how come they aren't gone?

In all seriousness, been there, done that, have a patent on the tee shirt. You have my empathy, sympathy and hugs. Kids are frustrating -- and the part that freaks me out is that *regardless* of how well we *think* we know our children -- it's about that time they exhibit a side of them that we never really knew existed which causes me to pause and say "WTF!?!"

So pass the Southern Comfort sister, that's what Janis used to drink when she sang:)

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