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15 June 2006


Miz BoheMia get the picture. yep, poor lenny. harmless. and clueless enough to be a republican....

Brilliant! The entire post was just fantabulous and that line was just gold! Although I am sorry that you had to come across yet another brilliant post via some suffering! I don't get these people who have a need to tell you their entire friggin' life story!

Hmmm... next time call me over... I'll be the bitch cop to your good cop! *sigh* If only....

Glad to have you back sweet Neva! Wait... I said it wrong!!!! Loveloveloveloveloooooveeee to have you back and loveloveloveloooooveee you cause you're the shiz-nitz..


I had a great laugh at poor Lenny's expense...if only we could have our old bug guy back. Great post from a girl who said she had no inspiration! I am the one with no clue as to what to write about (although I shall try).

Love you


Poor Lenny... he needs a dating service! And maybe a new cat!


Hee hee hee..this is one of the funniest posts ever! I lovelove it! It gave me a real big laugh...LOL.

I encountered(more or less) same situation. It was when my friend who (just <--this is what he thinks) broke up with his girl friend last month (maybe 2)...Whenever we meet...he always spends approximately an hour to explain things to me...I a friend I should be with him and give him nice words, right? Yeah, I do...but know..I've been hearing about his pathetic-breaking-up story and how mean that girl is...for...err let say...more than 10 times now :P (actually, I even remember the words and place. Moreover, I can imagine the set of the breaking up moment)...(Oh, recently, he just spent 2 hours explaining it to me again last afternoon!)



I hope he IS harmless.


Brilliant post. Worth waiting for.


Sohpie, can't you and the other dogs and that lazy cat take care of the bugs so Mommy doesn't have to deal with Lenny?

Just a thought.
Nah, never mind.


Your absence is herby excused. That guy hasnæt got a clue, has he?!


hi sophie-posted something for you to look at over at the park *wink*


You're very patient. I don't think I could last 5 minutes with Lenny.


i can't git my bug guy to talk, he jus nods his head and turns away from me which really *bugs* the shit outa me! i'll trade ya! jussssss kiddin'!

best line of the week award goes to... "clueless enough to be a republican" ... tee, hee!


Oh girrrrrrrrrrrlllllll, do I feel your pain! Everywhere I go I meet Lenny! Of course we've talked about this before- we just have this 'thing' where people want to tell us everything we never wanted to know!

It does make for good blog fodder though. I'll need to start taking notes...


LOL - that was a funnnnnny post. I alternated between chuckling/smiling while reading to going ewwww, he is not talking about his cat's -------- yuck. You are too kind.

Mr. Chatty Arbuckle (A.K.A. Boy#1)

Lenny gives me the creeps too.

That's why, whenever he knocks, I always respond, "There's no one here... er... no one but us mice!"

Yet I'll be damned... even AFTER establishing the fact that I'm a mouse, he still thinks I want to hear about that cat... ugh.


Miz B: with you at my back, the lennys of the world don't stand a chance! thank you for those compliments, too! the shiz-niz? damn! loooooove you, tooooo!! XOXOXOX

honey: poor lenny. that said, i wish we still had our other guy, too. (*boy* do i wish we had our other guy...)

and, for the *record*? as far as i can tell, your new post kiced *my* new post's ass!!

i love you!

cj: not sure dating services *want* guys like lenny! as for the cat? somehow i think he'll be getting a new one fairly soon! (poor guy) : D

Jom: are you SURE it's *not* lenny?? cuz you're describing someone who sounds an awful lot like him! hee hee! sorry you have to go through that... especially now, when you've got so much on your mind!

stay well, young lady... hope to 'talk' to you soon! xox

TLP: yeah, joel asked me the same question... but i'm pretty sure he wouldn't hurt a flea. strike that. fleas he's supposed to hurt, right? hee hee! : D

jan: you're too kind...and i owe YOU a visit! thanks! : D

kyahgirl: it's a good thought, but, ewwwww! no lenny's perfect for the job, it's just too bad he has to actually come inside in order to do it! ; P

Monika: thank you so much! and, no. bless his clueless little heart. : D

Casper: been there, read it, liked it a lot! : D

Schnoodlepooh: the thing is, he's so bad at social cues i actually have to tell him to go, "okay lenny, see ya next month." and close the door! sigh

Karen: i thought of you when i wrote it! thanks (don't think i've forgotten you... i'm coming, i PROMISE!) : D

Risible Girl: as always, coming from you that's a true compliment! and, you're soooo right! what the hell is it about us that makes perfect strangers feel the need to bare their souls? : D

g: thank you! and sooo glad to see you out and about the blogosphere, girlfriend! (loved your post, too!) lenny's creepy. just be glad he doesn't work out in LI! : D

Mr. Chatty Arbuckle: (if that's who you really are...) and, d'oh! i *knew* there was a reason you didn't open the door last month! you little snipe! lenny's not bright enough to figure out your clever little mice ruse... but nice try!

welcome to my blog, oh fruit of my womb... don't be such a stranger! well, any stranger than you already are, that is! (hee hee) LOVE YA, BOY! xoxoxo

My Spin On Things

I am giggling at your post because I too have experienced a "Lenny" or two in my life -- and I can so relate.

And I am laughing even more because it's hilarious to me how each party describes the other.

Republicans refer to Liberals as "Wacko's and Stupid"

Liberals refer to Republicans as "Clueless and Moronic"

I am so glad I am a big fat nothing:):):)


sorry to hear lenny's been buggin ya


my spin: it's so true! that said... liberal that i am, i guess i'll have to live with being considered a "wacko & stupid", tho' in truth, as i told a friend, i am only a "democrat by default"!

karma: he's just a buggy-kinda guy. hee hee! thanks! : D


I love your humor, and your dog photos are splendiferous! What is the breed? I take photos of mine, and nothing so professional and amazing in closeup...I have 2 dogs, a Toy poodle (always had Standards before) and a Saluki...I'm so happy that you continue to visit me, and now I'm a fan of yours for sure! MamaE


Mama E: i am honored to have you here! Sophie (black one) and Bobo (tan & white) are both Tibetan Terriers... and very special dogs, indeed! Max is a Bearded Collie... a very goofy but wonderful pup, as well!

and, believe me, it is my pleasure to continue visiting you! i find your stories insightful and vivid, and i always leave knowing i've experienced something very special! it's not difficult to see why Miz B loves you so dearly, you are clearly a very special woman. i'll look forward to learning more about you and your fascinating life (and, perhaps, your dogs?) as time goes on!

thank you again for the visit, and your kind words! xox


lovely. just when I thought it might be safe to go out on Saturday night ...

"mystery" ailments, which include things like random aches & pains, bowel-related maladies, and a rash that just won't go away?

Dear Pest Control Company. Please be sure your employees have been following your chemical safety procedures. Sounds like this one has not been. And if he's exposing himself to your agents and this is the result, what about us? Hmmm ...??

Also, does your company have a policy regarding steroid use by its employees? Given the known psychoactive effects of these agents?


O'C: um, is there something you're not telling us? hee hee! actually, i think your saturday nites are safe if you steer clear from lenny!

and i am soooo with you on the steroid thing... i'd say lenny is a walking example of the "psychoactive effects". bless his over-pumped upper body/under-pumped legs and/or brain!

*thanks* for stopping by and actually leaving a comment! i'm honored! : D

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