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10 June 2006



Very inventive babe! Love the concept of "best of comments." Great quote...caught me by surprise and made me giggle like a school boy. Great pictures eh? Wonder who took those? Besides you that is. See, aren't you glad I convinced you to jump from the demon blogger? Sometimes I know of what I speak. Well YOUR dog Max is barking and I've got to go let him in...or do I? better let him in the neighbors might complain after a while.

Love you!


honey: not sure these were the "best of comments"... just a few of the manymanymany i left last week! glad ya liked the quote, tho'! (made you giggle like a "school boy"? that's very cute!)

and, of course i must thank YOU for the great pictures, since, i believe, you took them ALL! (show off)

and yes... you MUST let max in! the neighbors are nice, but let's not try to find out how nice, shall we? : P

i am forever grateful to you for talking me off that "blogger" ledge... thank you, from the bottom of my heart! oh, and in case you forgot? I LOVELOVELOVE YOU!! xoxoxox


Yeah, clever solutions.

Blogger does go down a lot.


doug: like a 2-bit whore on a 4-bit date.


My new (but everyone's old) solution to reading a bunch of blogs is bloglines RSS feeder. I *LOVE* it. I can read all my blogs at once on one page and then if I want to comment, I just click on the link to their blog.

It's a real time saver!


Risible Girl: so that's what *blogline* is all about?? whoa. i am so there, girlfriend... thanks for the tip!!! : D


Wonderful photos! And I know what you mean about the time management thing: reading blogs is an activity that just sucks you in, and before you know it, it's LATE.

I think I'm finally motivated to give up dial-up, too.


You are adorable and a shameless promoter :-)

FO Sho!

I really enjoyed chatting with you today missy and this post is hilarious.


lovelovelove how innovative you are with today's post... great idea posting comments from bloggerland.

and, btw, you'll want to be sure to stop by tomorrow's Monday Meme! took ya up on yer suggestion, girlfriend!! and, THANK YOU!!

Miz BoheMia

I for one can NEVER get enough of you so keep on bloggin'!!!! Oh, ok! Take some time off if you need to! *sigh* I cannot have it said that bohemians are anything but understanding! ;)

Ooooh! I got a mention? And a BOOTYLICIOUS one at that? Me like! Sizzlin'! And gracias amiga mia!

YAY! A fellow baker! Loverboy has tried, to no avail alas, to turn me into one of those cookin' wives and has now given up, the poor man! Anything that keeps me in the kitchen, unless it involves baking, for more than 20-30 minutes is EVIL I TELL YOU! EEEEVILLL!!!!

Luckily, the man can cook a mean dish and is the cook in the land o' bohemia now! Woooh! Not that I suck or anything... cause I am good when I cook but... just not gonna do it too often or at least super time-consuming meals you see (or ones that involve tons of chopping and prep work... I would make a great chef with tons of sous chefs and prep people! Luxurious fo' sho'!!!)

Ok... all that is my bohemian way of saying that I just loveloveloveloooooveee you to bits! FO' SHO' YOU DIG?

Have a great weekend and snark away! Me like! Meow!


actonbell: who knew this "hobby" would eat our brains this way? certainly not me! still... i think it is time for you to give up dial up... at least with cable access you can "flip" through things faster!

glad you liked the pictures...we don't have many of our kids, but we've sure made up for it with our dogs! : D

kyahgirl: and i SO enjoyed talking with you!! can't wait for "part deux"... and i hope it's soon! (i think we have much to discuss, girlfriend!) hope you have fun with the kids... and that your honey is feelin' better! : D

Karen: thanks for the compliment... and i will be HAPPY to come over and "chat" about that article with you tomorrow (i can think of a few people who will want to do so, as well!) i'm glad you liked it, and i'm very glad you decided to post it! should make for a lively discussion! : D

Miz B: bootylicious is but one little adjective to describe you... mostly i think i'd use words like "fabulous" "fascinating" and "fun"!

as for cooking? yep, i'm not a fan of the kitchen... tho' i can whip up a mean lasagna. oh, and i'm well-known for my scrambled eggs (course, i use chicken eggs... and, after that experience you had a while back with the quail eggs, i'm VERY glad i've never tried any other kind!)

it's a good thing bohemians lovelovelove me... because i ADORE them! (i.e. you!) : D


just popping by again... I forgot to mention that your last quote there makes me laugh everytime I read it.


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When Blogger goes down, write a hilarious post about it. Good one.

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