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07 June 2006



In the immortal words of Randy Jackson (Idol withdrawl?), Yo, so check it out..check it out...true style and grace is found within and baby you've got it. And, just for the record, I love your kitchen of my all-time favorite things! Once again I thank you for your shameless vote gathering on my behalf and I shall attempt to return the your entry! Not to bring up painful history but I didn't notice the infamous wrist breaking experience listed among the list of "clumseys?"

I adore you just absolutely positively and exactly the way you are.


honey: thanks! no... i didn't include the infamous wrist-breaking incident, because i wasn't doing anything related to "competition" when i fell! (gotta stick with the theme! besides, that'll be a good story for another rainy day!)

i lovelovelove you... and appreciate all the times you've helped nurse me through my countless boo-boos!

and we'll always have those kitchen dances... some things can never change!

I LOVE YOU! xoxoxox


OH yeah- we ARE related. People try to keep hot and sharp objects away from me because I'm sure to hurt myself.

I'll bet that Janet Jackson got her "wardrobe malfunction" idea from you!

This was fun to read because I can TOTALLY relate to every bit of it!


ROTFLMAO! ...laughin' with you not at you; lovelovelove how you see humor in everything!

btw, went over and voted for my fav puppytoes!


ok, I'm convinced; maybe I won't invite you to come in-line skating with me!

Great story :-)


Risible Girl: see? i knew we were related! as for the janet jackson debacle? hmmmm. no comment! (hee hee!) i feel better knowing i'm not the only clumsy nerd to have had such experiences! : D

Karen: i've been trying to leave comments for you ALL DAY. i don't know what's going on with stupid blogger...but i've been having the same problem on everyone's sites today. grrrr!

that said... thank you for laughing with me... that's what friends are for! oooh! and THANK YOU for the vote (there are some pretty funny ones this week... i'm not holding my breath)!! : D

kyahgirl: oh, i'll skate with you, girlfriend... it won't be pretty, but i'll skate! oh yes... i will skate! (thanks!) : D

Miz BoheMia

Are we related???? Loverboy always wonders how one who can yoga so well and be so in control of her body while on her yoga mat can be such a clutz when off it!

I always, accidentally, knee him in the crotch... I plop down on the couch when I come to sit and I do this unconsciously although Loverboy is always ready to momentarily step aside lest I hurt him somehow, which I have and so now he knows better... I always hurt his armpits when I come to lie in his arms, again, plopping action and jamming my shoulder into the armpit is just not good... poor man!

One pageant horror story exists in my life... I was bribed by my mom... it was all about her so she could say her kid was in a pageant and in the meanwhile I got the ugliest dress (cause it was cheap)... a horrible suit for the interview and my hair was frizzed out a la Miz B and held down with a fucking clip smack dab up front and center... I had no one to walk me down the stage (because your father or a male of the family was supposed to walk with you and I had neither and someone lent me their grandfather!) and when I got on stage, no, nothing clutzy happened... but people did laugh... they laughed at me just because... I don't blame them because I looked hideous... and to top it all off this bitch from my high school was there and what I had hoped would be top secret was leaked to the bitches in my high school..... hmmmm... I might blog about that some day but for now... *shudder*

Laughs through clutziness at least have an explanation! Oy! ;-P You know, knowing all this about you just makes me looooveeee you so much more! FO SHO!!!


Miz B: oh how i wish we were related!! perhaps in a past life? (for, yes, i do believe in such things!)

i'm guessing you were adorable even dressed in that ugly dress, walking down the ramp with that old geezer, with your fabulous hair flying in all directions! "a rose queen by any other name..." girlfriend, would be YOU! as for that gossipy bitch? you just know she weighs 400 pounds and works in a massage parlor, right? she wishes she had your life... THEN as well as NOW! (the best part about those kids we knew is that they can stay where they belong, in our PAST!) as for our collective embarassing experiences? we're stronger and more empathetic because of them, right? right!!

if you were here i would hug you for your sassy loveliness! you are such a treasure! xoxoxox


Miz B: as for loverboy and the whole crotch/armpit-thing... just ask joel someday about the various times i've inadvertently smacked him in the face and/or lip.

i guess "danger" is our middle na... oh wait. it's not danger, is it? no... come to think of it, it's klutz!! d'oh! xoxox


re no. 3: that qualifies as a bona fide "costume malfunction," doesn't it? For which the FCC could now fine the pageant, if it were broadcast in some manner, a gazillion dollars, which in any case I think they should be fined, simply for the nasty remarks issued about clumsiness. Pageants are not good for your mother's emotional health. I'm glad she emerged as totally whole as she is. Thus spake mireille. xoxo


blogger is a *booger* today! they have posted messages saying they're down for maintenance but the comment portion seems to be werkin' at this very minute but who knows how long... grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

still can't create a new post yet, tho!

think i'll go drown my sorrows in one of your latte thingys!! :)


Oh hi:-) So long since I've been visiting.

Did I ever tell you how much I hate blogger? I wish all our friends would get off .

GRRR. I too have had to miss out on making all sort of witty and fun comments. Damn blogger. And we're missing out on Jenna's big day!


Karen: well, stupid blogger let me comment on yesterday's post finally... but now i can't get in to make a comment on today's (which i love and WANT to!) i will when i can... basically i just wanted to tell you how much i loved that editorial--naturally i agreed 100% with it! and i plan to buy several of the dixie chicks CDs for the very same reason!

thanks for stopping by! : D

kyahgirl: i've had it with blogger... i just tried again leave doug a comment, to no avail! (that's becoming my middle name today noavail! hee hee!) thanks for coming back, i knew we were kindred spirits, and that you'd be feeling as "left out" and/or frustrated as i am! : D


yeah, I slipped one in and then it went down....sounds kind of dirty :-)

I'll check back later.

Nice name, neva noavail.....I like it.


did I hear you say Dixie Chicks? I just go their latest CD in the mail... ITs good.


MIREILLE: how big of a nerd am i??? pretty big, girlfriend! i was goin' on about my frustrations with blogger--which surely includes your site, because i've been unable to leave a comment there, either, yet i missed you in the above comment! my bad! blogger is a great way to get started, but it sure can be a gigantic pain in the ass!

thank you for your kind words... back when my little mishap occured, i covered it up so fast i think the only ones who actually realized what had happened were my sisters and my mom! thank goodnes a larger scandal didn't ensue (different name, different venue, bigger scandal, i guess!) needless to say, the pageant "experience" was interesting... and it did provide me with some nice scholarship cash, so all was not lost!

i'll be back over to see you/comment as soon as blogger allows me to! xoxox


kyahgirl: HAHAHA!! and glad to know that CD is good... i'm gonna pick one up tomorrow (which means i'm going on, because that's how i get my stuff these days... lazy shopper that i have become!) : D


kEwl kyahgirl and neva! i picked my Chicks CD up on amazon a couple weeks ago and have already received it!

lovelovelove their *Not Ready To Make Nice* song!!

and, of course, lovelovelove them and 'you' for lettin' me rant!!


Did you win a purty statue like me for your pageantry? Well, you should have! That was a funny post indeed. I guess we all were sitting brooding at our computers today. I hated it. Let's hope for a less frustrting morrow.

Glad you like my new lady. I am so lucky to have Kyah looking out for me. As I mentioned to Joel, for the price of a nice doggy bone, a new avatar could be your's.


Karen: the *love* is most mutual, girlfriend!

and now i'm really anxious to get that CD. i always liked them (despite the fact i'm not real keen on country music, per se)... and i adore their spunk! thanks for the "review"! now i can buy with confidence! : D

g: not only did i get a lovely statue (which broke during one of our moves...sigh) but somewhere, i have a crown *and* a fox fur! okay, it's a stole. and i never wore it (made me feel like a barbie doll), but still... it's there. somewhere. in a closet.

i'll have to think about the avatar... actually, i want to do another blog eventually, one geared towards women (and those issues we have with regards to...aging. eek!) so maybe then i'll cough up the "bones" for something saucy! still, it's doubtful there's another quite as wonderful as the one you just received! too too fun! (just like you!) : D


I love your stuff, it makes me smile. Today it made me laugh outloud during a very important city council meeting:) I am so glad it did:) ha!


Hi Sophie, you've inspired me to get off the couch and sneak on to the computer chair. We dogs need to have more of a voice in the blogosphere so I did a post. Don't tell kyahgirl.


:) I love the pictures!!

Yes, I too am clumsy and that is just how I was made. Thankfully Erick can see through it to love me anyway!!

:) Did I miss your take on the season end of the Sopranos?


Its happening again neva, its like an endless blogger nightmare!!!!!!!


My Spin: soooo glad i could help ya smile through a meeting! especially an important one! (hope you didn't get in trouble...)

you always make me smile... so i'm happy to know i can return the favor! : D

Casper: HOWDY!! i went over to say "hi" but i'll do so here, as well! you are one handsome boy, by the way, and i'm VERY glad to know ya!! : D

cj: ya know? i'm still scratching my head over that last episode. it was like an hour long montage, don't you think? i was gonna blog about it, but then i thought "why bother?" i still might write something... i'll let ya know! (unless you've already taken care of this, in which case, you need to let me know! hee hee!) : D

kyahgirl: i know!! BLOGGER is such a bitch! maybe even a whore! (a whory bitch? a bitchy whore?) either way... we HATE them!! i think you and i should start another blog (on typepad?) called something like: "Comment Central" ("Central Snark"?). no posts... just random comments about random blogger blogs! actually, now that i say this, maybe we should! seriously, it might be fun! : D


OMG-that would be hilarious. Just comments, randomly piled in everywhere :-)


kyahgirl: so? let's do it! it would be hilarious... : D


Mommy's!...(that's all I can say ;) )


YOU are a woman of ACTION! wow.

And, because you are having commenter withrdrawal, I wanted to point out to you that there is another, very worthy non blogger blog that you should visit:


something didn't work with the link so here is the URL:


Love the "Comment Central" idea...go for it!!!

Be home soon (I hope)
Love you


Oh yay! Another non-blogger home!
What beautiful dogs you have. :)


jom: don't kid yourself, mommy's a big nerd most of the time! hee hee! : D

kyahgirl: loveloveLOVE whinger's site! i'm gonna add her to my "favorites" as soon as i log back in! also... check our "new" site... i've got your post up now... and left ya an explanation! (we really ARE nerds, aren't we? oh well... that's the way we like it, right?) : P

honey: get your ass home, babe... mine isn't gettin' any smaller sitting at this computer! and, guess what, we DID start the new site... callin' it "central snark". what do ya think?

loveloveLOVE YOU! xoxo

Whinger: i'm sooooo happy kyahgirl sent me over to your place! i can see why she likes you so much! i laughed out loud... i really did! thanks for stopping by, hope you'll come back, and often! : D


I heave tears in my eyes from laughing....I love your writing style.
I am not at all Mother would not allow it....I actually cross my legs at the Victorian is that?
I actually envy clumsy people they are so free and in the moment.....except for the person who helped me clear the dishes....she dropped four plates and three was at a dinner party so the good china and crystal was being used. I tought me not to accept help when I entertain in a show off way.
What's with Blogger!!! I need to talk to MizBohemia I think the time has come to abandon ship.


** taught ** Mother taught me that in all things I must strive for perfection.

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