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21 June 2006



You are not alone. Maybe it's a summertime thing? Maybe it's the need of a vacation? More sex? (my vote) More Mexican food? More sex & mexican food while on vacation? Even at your least inspired moment you are more creative than any thousand people I there! I love you.


summertime thing? yes. need for vacation? yes yes! sex?? YES!!

SEX & MEXICAN FOOD while on VACATION??? oooooooooh baby... YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!(god i love multiple orgasms positive responses!)

and i ADORE YOU!!! xoxox

The VIllage Idiot

Hey there, I just wanted to congratulate you on a well fought battle over last weeks caption!


VI: thanks! it was a good contest! fun too! sadly, our computer only allows us to vote once... so i have to thank joel for coughing coming up with any extra votes i may have received!

by the way, i LOVE your song list this week, too! AND your wonderful post on WA. well done, my friend, that post was hithterical!!


wow! food and sex, i'm at the right place!!



:)I'm sure its there... its just relaxing a bit before yet another moment of profound intelligence comes shining through as always. THAT takes a lot of energy ya know!


I wouldn't know a brain if it rode past me on a bicycle. Haven't seen mine in a long time. I let it wander once, and, poof! it was gone.


Good Thursday morning,

I wanted to let you know that I deleted your comment and reposted. That brain fart has been taken care off.


You know I read this yesterday and in my own ADD moment didn't comment. So now can I relate or what?

Besides, you've been too busy taking care of things at the Shnark. A brain can only handle so much you know. You just crack me up.


...ya know, the thing you really have to watch out for is boy #2 cause he has a tendency to suck the energy and creativity right outta ya! Oh he doesn't mean to, mind you...lucky he's a cute kid.


"Ode to a Grey matter"
Lovely lyrics :)


Karen: food. sex. more food. more sex. what else is there? (hee hee!) xox

cj: from your lips to my ears and straight through to the mass formerly known as my brain! thanks! : D

TLP: in my mind's eye i see this brain on a bicycle... oh, wait, that's the paper boy. you are too funny, girlfriend! i laughed out loud at that comment! xox

Brian: now see... you had proof positive of my brain's failure to communicate! thank god! a witness! (thanks for fixing that!) ; D

g: here you let me yip at you, girlfriend, when you had your *own* new post up! you should have been thumbing your nose at me instead of coming over here to comment on this worthless post! xoxo

Minka: you little cutie pie! based on what you now know, you can see why i was relieved your "brain teaser" was so easy today! it's very tough keeping up with you clever kids, don't ya know! xox


Neva, you're too funny. Happy Friday! :)

Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, haaaaa!

Ooooh! Shiny things? Lil' BoheMia went through a phase, when she was 1, where she would run towards anything metal, and yes this included run-down crummy fences in the street, tongue out, ready to lick! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

OOoh! Someone talk to Loverboy! Sex, food and vacations!!! I want me some of that! Hey Loverboy! Are you reading this?!?!?!?!?

*sigh* See what happens when your husband is a non-blogger? I predict the controversy wil move away from interracial relationships and into the new frontier of blogger-nonblogger couplings... it is tough I tell you, TOUGH!!!


That's a cute post, brain or no brain!


If I happen to run into your brain I will remind it that its owner blithely promised to check the mail today :-)


Sar: and you are too kind! hope you have a fun weekend... and that the birthday doodle-girl does, too! xox

Miz B: and yet, loverboy has no one to blame but himself! still... i'm laughing at the idea of a new couple's controversy! that was mighty brilliant! not to mention funny, honey!! much love to you and your family and MUCHOS BESOS to you, too!! XOXOX

kyahgirl: ouchie! see... and you thought i was kidding about the whole brain thing... hee hee! the email is up and running now, my friend! (sorry about that...) xoxox


Thanks for the advice at my place - but we already have a puppy! Well, a fat lazy bulldog. I guess I just don't write about her nearly as much as you. Maybe it's time to formally introduce her to the blogworld?

Enjoy your weekend.


My noggin's been on the blink too, not that it's very noticeable.

Miz BoheMia

PS~ Your noggin' is fab, FAB I TELL YOU! no knockin' it porfavor! Blame life! *sigh* If only I could kick "life's" ass! K-POW fo' sho'!

Just thought I would pop in for a quick hello before I hurry on to bed! Can't help lovin'the fab lady that you are! YEAH BABY YEAH!

have a beautiful weekend my dear Neva!

Big boho besos,



liz: you have, indeed, written about your puppy! ah... me and my stupid sense of humor. that's *why* some things are called "private jokes", right? hope you have a fab weekend, too! xox

actonbell: i know how well read you are, girlfriend, no lazy brain cells in that head of yours, of this i'm *quite* certain! xox

Miz B: my favorite girl of ALL TIME!! thank you for your continued support and loving wishes! the room is always brighter when you step in... FO SHO!! hugs & kisses & MORE HUGS for YOU!! xoxoxox


Y'know, brains deserve vacation, too. :)

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