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25 June 2006


Miz BoheMia

Wow to this quote (and to YOU!)... The concept of illusion is such a hard one to grasp I do not know if I ever fully will.

As you know, my sweet Mama E is a Tibetan Buddhist and we discussed this concept quite a bit (because the Dalai Lama's books on it were just too much for me to comprehend just yet! That man is a vast ocean of knowledge and compassion!), especially after 9/11 happened because that really shattered me and brough to the forefront how greatly I was living under the illusion of safety... then I was so scared and jittery for such a long time I had to hammer it into my head that I was now at the other end of the spectrum, living under a great illusion where I lacked safety.

I am still way too attached to the concept of "me", which is said to also be an illusion and have yet to totally understand enough to let go of that.

That's my journey with the word illusion... as for the quote, beautiful and so wise. I remember, after 9/11, desperately searching for an answer to "WHY?" Why did so many people die? Why did this happen? What did this say about karma? How could so many people have it such that they had to go? After all you are only responsible for your own karma and would not be a source of "payback" for someone else's... blah, blah, blah! Then a dear friend of ours, and of Mama E's (part of a tight knit inner circle/ spiritual family in SF), Dr. E, brought it back to basics for me because in my panic, in my immersion into this new illusion, I could not see what was right in front of my face (goes back to what we talked about too!)... that in the end we have to bring it all back to us, to our individual journey, to creating good karma and living with compassion because this is not the end all and be all and when our bodies die we move on... this place is a testing ground and come what may, keep the focus on yourself, as in keep looking in that mirror and all shall be well... this place is not set in stone... it is an illusion.

... and yes, it did end my suffering on many levels...

Can you tell I loved this quote? LOVED I TELL YOU! As I simply LOVE YOU! Have a great weekend my dear soul sistah (fo' sho'!) and hey... could it be? Is it?



This is soooo true! I like it (the quote) so much that I'm going to text it to "Lenney" (Jom's version...hee hee hee) and to write one and attach it on my wall ;)

By the way, I hope you're doing alright...I've heard that you're taking a break, aren't you? ;) Have a nice day and week!


Nothing like trying to tackle such a weighty concept first thing in the morning, eh? Having said that...believe it with all my heart and contend that we are the creators of the illusion because we decide what we truly want to see regardless the image that presents. What power! What freedom! Overwhelming and tough to hang on to conceptually but soooo wonderfully true! And how bout that puppy! He knows of what this quote speaks!

Love you!


if I am an illusion and Bailey and Baxter are illusions and our tennis balls are illusions and even that frisbee that got stuck on top of the house is an illusion (thank goodness for that!), then maybe we really should go the the dog park today and all of the other dogs and people will be illusions also and we can have the place all to ourselves! Yay for that! But you know that iced mocha? Does that have to be an illusion also?

Sorry to be so flippy with your quote. it really is lovely and deep. I'm just in a snarky mood today. Just havin' fun with you!


Miz B: oh, sister/girlfriend, you are so correct. it's not an easy thing to remember, but once we realize that we're the ones creating the illusion, it's not only comforting, it's POWER! not to mention personal freedom.

like you, i've struggled with this concept off and on (joel's much better at grasping such things) but on those days when i remember to step back and regain perspective... whoa. it's absolutely liberating!

thank you for being here... for being *first*... and for loving me! i return that love a gajillion-fold! you are a true bright-spot in my day, and i love you for that and all the wonderful and positive energy you bring with you! xoxoxo

Jom: sweet dear Jom! i am sooo happy to see you! i know you've been beyond busy, and i'm so honored you took time to stop by! i'm glad you liked this quote! you know, i often think of you when i'm choosing these, because i realize you not only embrace each concept, but are the embodiment of them, as well!

i hope your day is going well... i know you're in the middle of that dissertation, but i hope you're able to relax from time to time. after all... you work is only as hard as you *imagine* it to be! xoxox

honey: thank you for helping me to always maintain the perspective i need to go through each day. i don't know where all your wisdom comes from, but i'm very grateful it's there.

when i remember "there is no spoon" i know my life is what i choose to make of it. for the record, i *choose* you to be in it with me... so, guess you're stuck! unless i'm imagined you... in which case, i'm screwed.

i LOVE you, too!!

schnoodlepooh: the iced mocha is real. the frisbee on the roof is an illusion. the SMILE on my face when i read your comment? VERY real!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BAXTER!! and happy weekend to you, my dear friend!! xox


I really need to think today (Monday) is an illusion...have I mentioned how much I don't like this particular day of the week? Have to create a new illusion me thinks.


Wow...I have never heard this one before. I have to think about it though...I am a bit slow!


Now why didn't I know this bit of info 25 years ago? Ahh well, never too late to learn eh? I started the day with the sage Dalai Bobo's wisdom and ended it up staring out the window figuring out how I was going to budget myself to spending $10Mil. You see the correlation I hope. Can I say I can't wait until tomorrow!?


Interesting, as I have been reading a lot about the illusion of everrything lately. It has had me thinking.

Everything is an illusion. Everything is
temporal. Attachments to these illusions simply causes suffering. I can accept that. I can grasp that. But practicing it daily…picking up a spoon and KNOWING there is no spoon, that it is just an illusion is well, easier said than done, which is perhaps why I am not quite wise. Nor am I a man of course.


"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."
Dr. Seuss



honey: that's what the Dalai Bobo's here for... to provide those gentle reminders about what's real and what's not. Monday's a pain in the ass because you *think* it is... once you decide it's not, it won't be! (wonder if that will work with laundry?)

i lovelovelove you... and that's VERY real! xoxoxo

Monika: the weird thing is that the concept is so simple and yet not. whoa. i just blew my own mind! i think the point is to remember we create more drama out of many things by *thinking* they're more than they are. our minds control our outlook... you know? it's that whole glass half empty/half full thing...

wish i was a smarter person, i'd probably be able to give you a better explanation! hey, i know! when you come for your US tour, we'll spend time on this topic! xox

g: in our heads that which is real... is not! (you know who i'm talking about...) and, yeah, that imaginary $10 million looms large in my brain, as well... sigh.

did somebody say EXCITED ABOUT TOMORROW??? not me. nah. not even a tad. (she said lying through her teeth!) can't wait!! xoxo

Squaregirl: i know... it's not that hard to grasp. but very hard to put into practice on a daily basis. but i'm trying... because if i have to see a spoon that's not really there, it may as well be a really *nice* one!

thanks for stopping by!! xox

Karen: ya see? Seuss knew a thing or two about keeping it real... and keeping it simple. he was more brilliant than people give him credit for being. for, of course, it's TRUE don't you see... i'm the ONLY one i know, who's ME!! (i made that up...hope it fits!) xoxo


I started reading the Four Agreements today. The part about 'the dream' sounds very much like Buddha's assertion about illusion.

Miz BoheMia

I have yet to start the Four Agreements. Loverboy has it ransom for now! I gobbled up Terri's book though and am nuts about it!

Had to pop in to say hi to my fave lady! And... being a little strange in my habits and liking things just so most people assume I like even numbers. I don't. I hate them (even though my birthday is on day 20... *sigh* Ok, that number I like). My point?

This makes me commenter #13! WOOOOHOOOO! LOOOOVEEE that number you see!

Hope all is well with you you fabulously wise mama!

Busy Mom

I shall not do the work on this desk, as it is an illusion.


Perspective is everything, isn't it? Great quote:)


Kyahgirl: yep! same concept... and a very powerful one, at that! (now if only i could keep it in mind when i want to strangle one of my kids!) xo

Miz B: nothing makes me smile more than seeing your name... and feeling your wonderful, positive energy! you are a force, a force i tell you, FORCE!! and a mighty powerful one, at that!

thank you for the call today... you will NEVER know the emotional lift it gave me! truly, you ARE psychic, or just incredibly tuned in to the people who love you so dearly. (that would be me)

GRAB that book back from loverboy the instant he's through with it... for you will adore it. mostly, because it will feel very familiar. and there-in lies the beauty! i figure if we hear the same thing a few different ways over and over and over... eventually it's all gonna sink in. at least that's MY hope!

with all my love to you and your beautiful family, special lady... xoxox

Busy Mom: HELLOOOOOO!!! *drops head in shame* uh... i haven't been a very good friend to you lately, have i? no, i have not. why, you ask? because i've been going insane with life/kids/stuff... no good excuse, really!

i shall right this wrong IMMEDIATELY!! for you are one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE PEOPLE... and, whether i'm over there all the time, or not... you are very much on my mind, and in my prayers. thank you for stopping by!! i'm on my way over to "see" you NOW!! xox

Actonbell: yep... it's everything, and yet it's the easiest thing to forget when our noses are pressed up against the "stuff" that's driving us nuts. i, for one, have got to step back, wash off that piece of perspective glass, and remember to try and see it all more clearly.

hmmmm. you know, the first thing i'll have to clear up is what the hell i just said! in my head this all made perfect sense! but i just re-read it and thought... "these are the ramblings on one very confused woman" sigh. i fear it's true.

i'm glad you liked the quote, i do too! xox


Hi, just popping by to see the cute pooch and say 'hi'
don't strangle your kids, just fondle their necks and dream about it. Its all about the dream.


Well, to avoid suffering is also to avoid pleasure I think.


kyahgirl: yeah, that's what i try to do. the fact that they (my kids) are still around is proof i've been successful thus far, i'm guessing you can relate! hee hee! xoxo

TLP: deep, very deep. for, without suffering, how *would* we know pleasure? still... part of the point here is to take control/responsibility for our perceptions. cuz, let's face it, most of the time we over-think/sweat the small stuff, and that's what causes problems! (okay, so for me it does!)

i LOVE it when you stop by!! xoxo

Miz BoheMia

Hi my dearest Neva! I lovedlovedloved talking to you the other day! I have sent you an email as promised and thought I would pop in and tell you! Love you much and have a fabulous time tomorrow at the wedding! Endless kisses,


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