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18 June 2006



Is that true or what!! Amazing when you strip away all the "manmade" rules and regs in life what a different existence you're left with. Not suggesting a lawless society, just saying so much of what we accept as "gospel" is the work of a mere mortal with a specific agenda and a raging case of self. Now that I've stepped onto my soapbox, let me continue (please?)...we need to remember to chart our own course when possible...not accept the norm as our predetermined fate...renounce our lemmings-like tendency to simply follow the crowd as they march blindly to, and then over the edge of the cliff. Whew! I feel better...thanks (stepping down off soapbox).


That is one deep thought. :) Beautiful picture .... Bobo is handsome!


Boy, isn't that the truth. I had a taste of that just last week when one of the owners of the company where I work told me that I was ignoring what she told me and I was being rude and disrespectful. Wow. I was shocked. That was the farthest thing from my mind. I was following the plan that we had agreed upon (according to my interpretation of the plan) and was being tactful and polite. What she interpreted as ignoring her was me interpreting as following her instructions. What she interpreted as being rude and disrespectful was me interpreting as being tactful and polite. So there you go. What I interpreted as a breakdown in communication, she interpreted as me being a very bad person...


honey: spoken like the brilliant man you are! for, surely, when we take a moment to regard the things in front of our very noses, and accept them for what the *are* and not for what we've been told they are, we can maintain a better all 'round perspective. make better choices. ultimately, be better people. sitting back and allowing others to dictate the direction in which we need to move is not just lazy, it's wrong.

i learn so much from you every day, and the thing i appreciate most (well, one of the things) is the fact that you are not judgemental of me, you allow me to be who i truly am without imposing your sense of who you want me to be. thank god you love me, sometimes (oftentimes) in *spite* of myself!

loveloveLOVE YOU!

cj: deep and deeply profound! (that's what i like about it!) thanks! so glad to hear the recital went so well... can't wait to see your *own* beautiful pictures!


schnoodlepooh: whoa! nothing like a communication break down to screw up an otherwise good day, eh? one of our favorite books is a slim volume called "the four agreements", which makes a clear and simple point, life is only difficult because no two people see things in exactly the same way. even those having the *same* experience will not perceive it in the same way. which is why good clear communication is essential! in understanding this, is is so much easier to step back, gain perspective, and remember not to take everything too personally. when we step out of ourselves, it also becomes easier to keep our feelings from being hurt and to assess any given situation from the perspective of the other person. sometimes folks see what they do, because it's a projection of their own expectations. not fair, but it's what people do all the time. maybe this is what was happening with in your situation. (naturally, i don't come close to doing this justice, because there's more... and it's powerful and liberating).

i'm sorry you had to have that experience, tho', especially in light of all the chaos in your life right now.

the other thing to remember? she's a bitch and you're not. neener neener neener! (couldn't resist!) stay well, my friend! i think about ya all the time and am sending manymany good wishes your way!! : D


Now I know that the gorgeous dogs are Tibetan! Just like every gorgeous being that I ever met from that almost forgotten land. I love your quotes and I adored your last post. MamaE


Mama E: you are too kind! (and i'm so happy to know i could put a smile on your lovely face with that last bit of silliness! hee hee!)

it's such a treat to see you've been here...thank you! xox

My Spin On Things

You have the best quotes:) I love em all:) Yes we do march to the beat of our own drummer (at least I do), we do find our own truth and chart our own courses:)

Miz BoheMia

Reminds me of John Lennon's Imagine...

Even that one word says it all!

Happy Sunday, Father's Day, day off from work and lazin' around day... may it be a relaxing one! Many kisses from psychotically psycho 'n oh-so-warm Spain...

I love this pic by the way! I wonder what Bobo is thinking! I would love to know his secret!


My Spin: thank you so much! and, yep, i always had the feeling marching to the beat of your *own* drum was something you liked to do! and, hooray for that! we like you because of the unique woman you are! : D

Miz B: John Lennon's Imagine... you are SO right, that song is *perfect* for this quote! what a beautiful thought (just what one would expect from someone as beautiful as you!)

joel took this picture last week... and i fell in love with it, too! i'd like to think bobo's in a meditative state, tho' i fear he's just wondering what the dog next door is doing. sigh. oh well... i can always imagine, can't i?

lovelovelove YOU!! warm there, you say? warm here, too... if that's any consolation! xoxoxo


"The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives."



Karen: well said, my friend... and amen! (so "paint" wisely, grasshopper...) xo


thanks for the recommendation on the book. i'll look it up the next time i'm on the communication thing does suck, but you're right - she IS a bitch and i'm NOT. neener neener is the best medicine of all! hahahahaha!


Great quote, nad happy Monday Neva! :)


Oh, this is a good one. How many times a day do you come across this one. Some days, I can't see the forest for the distinctions. Hope your day is chillin ~ gggggg G!


schnoodlepooh: you'll LOVE the book! glad i could help! xo

Sar: thanks my friend! i keep popping over to your site to help push ya closer to that 20,000 mark! you're almost there! yay! xo

g: "can't see the forest for the distinctions"... well said, girlfriend! hope your day's goin' well, too! xo


I always like the Buddha quotes-thanks!



What beautiful babies and what lovely quotes you have. Just dropped by to visit because of the name....I enjoyed the visit!


THank you for this. I'm going to need to remember this. It might help get CRUMBELIEVABLE out of my head. (Thanks a lot for that. Grrrrr)


I just came by to thank you for the article link. It made me laugh.
Thank you!


kyahgirl: thank you! (so glad you're feeling better!) xox

Deana: thank *you*! i'm guessing your here from my hubby's link? i've been lurking on your site... now i owe you a comment! (thanks for stopping by!) : D

Mom-101: i'm soooo sorry! but i hate that "crummy" commercial so much (because i LOVE the song) and i had to make sure it wasn't yours! (i was pretty sure it was *not*...) xox

Minka: i'm glad you enjoyed that! i know it was silly, but i figured it was good for a giggle! and congrats on the caption contest! well done! (i'm loving your caption this week, too!) xox


you may just have to leave this picture and quote up ya know...I look at the BoBo and reread the quote every day.

Love you

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