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04 June 2006



Ain't that the truth!!! I know I'm guilty of sometimes just filling the space with seemingly meaningless words...but in truth they never are without impact or meaning. BoBo, on the other hand, would never waste a single word or glance...his every action is intended and meaningful and he communicates better than most humans by far. Those eyes speak volumes and have magical powers that I do not understand...but then, I guess we're not meant to. Great pic...great quote - as per usual. Love you Babe!

Miz BoheMia

Uh-oh! Methinks I am in trouble! The Tibetans have seven different hells! Crap! I am destined to be sent to ne for sure!

*buries head in sand in shame, SHAME I TELL YOU*

Hey, thought I might try to make you laugh! ;-P

Like always, another great quote and a beautiful pic! Hope you have a beautiful, sunny, warm, well-rested and peaceful weekend!


Very very true. :)


aren't you a wise puppy?

Have a great day neva.
Did you check your mail?


Look at those beautiful eyes. And yes in did oh wise one -- words are powerful, we should select with him care. However, I have been guilty on more than one occasion of just allowing them to fall of my mouth like petals in the wind.


honey: just like it says in The Four Agreements, "always be impeccable with your word". this was a very good week for me to remember this sentiment, with regards to A) our son, B) myself, C) my thighs (hee hee). you have always been masterful with this concept. but i'm trying. oh how i'm trying!

i adore you, Love of my Life! xoxoxo

Miz B: thoughts of you doing anything that would place you in any one of 7 different hells is reason to LAUGH (and laugh and laugh)!! for i could never imagine such a thing in a million years!

thank you, my beautiful friend, for the lovely weekend wish. may yours be wonderful, as well! (if you're eating again, i'm guessing it is!!) xoxoxo

cj: you realize this more with each passing day. words are powerful. (especially the negative ones we use on ourselves...) hope you're having a great weekend! : D

kyahgirl: the puppy is wise. (the mommy... not so much!) and, i promise, i'll check my mail as soon as i'm through here! by the way, is that beanie givin' ya any headaches? (just wonderin'! tee hee!) : D

my spin: Bobo's eyes are, indeed, a wonder to behold! as for allowing things to "fall" out of our mouths, with our without our permission? that would be me! but i'm workin' on it! : D


This is one of those pictures that speaks a thousand words. One of the being beautiful.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! :)


Bobo is sooo...cute! and the quote is definitely true!

ฺBy the way, I talked to boy#1 about Thailand's trip :D and think that you might want to visit Thailand someday ;)Here are some pictures of those beautiful beaches...hope you like


Oh, how cute!

Give doggies lots of hugs and kisses from me!



could that puppy be any more beautiful? Or transcendant? xoxo


This Dalai Bobo, well I don't want to create jeoulasies amongst the pups, but I just love her (she?)! And your quote is inspirational as always. It's such a lesson that I shall have to print it out.

You and Joel make a nice pair.


Sar: Yeah, Bobo's eyes speak volumes! our weekend was great, thanks!hope your's was, too! : D

Jom: we looked at the pictures, and all i can say is WOWIE!! i knew Thailand was a beautiful place, but i had no idea HOW beautiful! thank you for the link! as for the boy visiting? i think that's a *fantastic* idea! (not sure he'd want us tagging along, tho', so we may have to plan something separately!) : D

Karen: okay... since you insist (hee hee)!

hugs and kisses are never a problem around here! : D

mireille: thank you for such a kind compliment! (of course, we're partial to the bobo, but it's nice to know others find him as beautiful as we do!) : D

g: the dalai bobo is a he! and, trust me, he's as special in "person" as he is in pictures... i don't know what it is about him, his eyes, i suppose. he's very Zen (hence "the dalai" thing!)

and, with regards to joel & i? thank you!! we *feel* like a nice pair (a "perfect fit")... guess that's why we've been together/happy all these years! : D


Thanks for leaving this up today babe...have referred to it many times to help get through the dreaded Monday blues.

Love you.


honey: come home... we'll go for a nice long walk, eat mexican food, and chase all those monday blues AWAY!!

i love YOU! xo

Sam I am

Thank you for sharing that how true ,We just love the picture !!


Sam I am

Thank you for sharing that how true ,We just love the picture !!


Ayatollah Mugsy

Words of wisdom.


I hear you an Joel shouting 'I love you' everywhere in the blogosphere and it warms my heart!


Bobo is exquisite. Puppytoes is adorable. But Max? I LOVE Max. Max has my heart. Yes, I know he barks a lot ... but to watch him running like the wind would be a high point in my life. I just love that dog. I also like the words of Buddhic wisdom. And your and Joel's determination that you will be the loves of each others' lives. This is a great place. xoxo

Miz BoheMia

Oooh! The party is still going strong! Can I join in?





Sam: woof woof right back at ya! : D

Aylatolla Mugsy: now, coming from you, that's a real compliment! thanks! : D

kyahgirl: i'm happy you were able to take a break from Doug's to stop back by! (i'm working on a new post, i promise!) yep... joel and i strive to be the love role models for everyone. thank goodness we really are in love, otherwise, this would just be, you know... wrong! : D

mireille: you are so sweet! and max thanks you from the bottom of his heart! (he is often so very misunderstood... and he's such a lovely boy, i don't know why sophie gives him such grief!) thank you for that nice compliment! and thank you for coming over! you are a lovely and happy site for these tired old eyes, and always welcome here! xoxoxo

Miz B: is it ever a party without you? methinks the answer is "no"!! but i am ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS happy to see you here, sister/girlfriend!! your energy is so contagious, your joie de vivre an inspiration to all! xoxox


So you're puppytoes. Nice to meet you. Thanks for liking my poem at Shayna's.
Brian aka hummingbunny


the dog. it speaks the truth. this doesn't mean i can't have a good bitch session now and then though, does it?

been reading the other entries and realized that the gumball machine we just got son as "potty incentive" could well come to bite me on the ass. i'd better get some goo gone.


Brian: i loved your poem! and the ones on your site, as well! sadly, blogger isn't letting me leave any comments today (and man, am i going through serious withdrawls!) anyway... thanks for visiting... hope you'll be back! (i plan to go see you as soon as i can express my admiration for your wonderful prose! : D

joy: HEY GIRL!! i missed you ALL LAST WEEK!! so glad you're out of that conferencing mode, and back in the blogosphere, where ya belong! (and, yes girlfriend... "goo gone". it will save you. or screw with your brains--so, y'know, no sniffing, mommy!)

i couldn't leave a comment yet for your new post... but boy did i laugh! (and laugh and laugh!!) lovelovelove that picture, too! : D

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