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11 June 2006



Truer words were never spoken and a I'm pretty sure there is no cuter puppy on the planet. Buddha's quote reminds me of the word inertia:

1. The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.
2. Resistance or disinclination to motion, action, or change: the inertia of an entrenched bureaucracy.

...and how easy it is to give in to it. Gotta keep moving forward!

Miz BoheMia

Joel, you wise man you, you beat me to it!!!!

I was so going to say the same thing... inertia... and we all know how I feel about that! ;)

I am in love with your quotes I tell you... as for Bobo... so beautiful! What a look of serenity and nobility!

I am still waiting to be able to open up to my animal friends once more. The deaths of 4 out of 5 cats I grew up with and our dogs (a samoyed and a half german shepherd/half husky), to name but a few, traumatized me beyond words and shut me off from the world of my non-human friends. It took me years to be able to even pet dog let alone allow one to come up to me... deep down I love our cats (if you saw a pic of them you would love them... they are beautiful and soooo sweet to boot!) but cannot bring myself to open up to them or touch them too long and sometimes see them as mere "animals" that are infringing on my life and the cleanliness of my house... probably the traumatized part of me talking... shocking to those who truly know me as I tend to know what my non-human friends want from just a look and things such as cat hair meant nothing to me... nothing that a good vacuuming couldn't fix! I have lost a part of that connection and hope it'll come back in time.

This picture of Bobo touched the "old" me! The one who can still speak their language and misses her furry family. There is so much in a simple look they give! It truly speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Hmmm... verbose as always! *sigh* Oh well! ;)

Happy Monday to you sweet, sweet Neva! Big besos to my fave lady!


Just wanted to let miz B know that I don't shed .... I love me a hot bohemian momma!!



Good thought, but do I hafta make it last a whole WEEK?


Bobo, how 'bout...

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."



honey: yep, inertia is bad m'kay? and not starting is certainly as bad as not following through. something i sure need to keep in mind as i shift into my avoidance/procrastination mode on any given day!

you, on the other hand, inspire me to keep my eyes in front of me... 'cuz that's where i'm headed (with you, right?)

loveloveLOVE YOU!

Miz B: well, if ever there was a dog who could win one over, trust me, it's Bobo! he's as delicious in person as he is in 'print'!

and, yes, i know inertia is a word you are very familiar with... and one you've managed to avoid!

lovelove you, too... bohemian beauty... and i send you all happy thoughts for the coming week! xoxo

Casper: i suspect that "hot bohemian mama" would *love* you right back! (clearly she needs to reconnect with her "canine" side, right?) : D

TLP: which part? the finishing? or the gettin' started? 'cuz they're both tough for me!! and, "no"... you don't hafta make it last ALL week i mean, we're allowed to rest on sundays, right?? hee hee! : D

Karen: that's a great quote! this week's "Dalai Bobo" is aimed at someone i love who happens to be in need of a little reminder about "starting" and "finishing"... yours is one we can *all* benefit from remembering each, and every day! thanks! : D


That Buddha has just too high expectations. :)
Lovely captions today over at Sar´s. Thanks for writing them again for me. Donæt wanna miss out!


I like to remember that one.


Monika: i don't think Buddha's expectations could ever be too high for an accomplished young woman like you... i'm guessing you start & finish any and all things you set your mind on with great panache and flair! these words are geared more for folks like me, who need a good kick in the ass once in awhile!

oh, and i feel so bad about the italics thing on Belle of the Brawl! i won't do that anymore... and i really appreciated your kind remarks! you're a doll! : D

schnoodlepooh: yeah... simple thought... great reminder (you've been soooooo busy, i'm guessing it's hard to know *where* to start these days, right?)

hope things are going well for ya, my friend! it's nice to see your happy face! : D


thanks for dropping by, neva! i loooove the puppies here. you could call it puppy love :))


Congrats on making it to the finals in Sar´s Caption contest. may the better Soccer-fan win! :)


Karma: thank you, Karma! i plan to spend more time over at your place... i looove the art work, your wonderful writing, and, most importantly, that beautiful energy of yours!!

Monika: lol! (congrats to you, too, girlfriend!)


Great quote! And that IS a beautiful picture:)

(boy, I'm late. Not keepin' up at all!)


talkin’ about penis’ at my place, one hot notorious penis at that!! come on over for
a penis par-tee!! rotflmao!


The Dalai Bobo - sage as ever. Sorry, haven't been around, life does get in the way sometimes. Hope all is well.

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