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10 May 2006



Poor Chris seems more than a little bitter, eh? I totally agree that he'll look back on this and see it was the best thing that could have you said, no "Idol stink" to hold him back. That boy'll have a label and band built around him in no time. As for the show...don't care...over it...capute...will probably play out the string but who cares thereafter. Bring on Rock Star! Great post Babe as per usual!! Love you - oh boy, Chinese food is here yipee!!


Mother F*cker. I cannot believe America voted Chris Off. Jaysus Christ. I have no idea what America was thinking.

With that being said -- I am putting all of my effort into Taylor.

And yes, I am fine, I had the rest of my implants finished, my crowns in, and veneers done.

Marie Osmond has nothing on me sister. I am just sore, I had 8 done all at once.


Paula Abdul = Train Wreck. And we really can't stop watching.


Thats why you should watch the Soprano's instead. :D

Miz BoheMia

When I left the US Paula Abdul was normal and great on the show... now I see her looking so dishevelled in pics... haven't seen her live to know what's going on. Is it really that bad?

As for Chris... I actually DID hear about it and of all places on CNN International! Although I have no history with him to be devastated. Ay!

I can say that I really like Simon Cowell. More honest and to the point people like him are needed in the plastic BS world that is LA...

Hope you have a great day today my dear, dear Neva!!!


joel's right about the idol stink--let's face it, it's not helping some of hte other winners/ close winners much.

though "amy" of 3rd season fame is to be seen right here on this campus this weekend in a dazzling rendition of the "narrator" in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. So I guess being an AI loser *can* make your dreams come true.


Oh oh oh!! Rumor has it our beloved Chris, got a fabulous job offer to be the lead singer in FUEL! So as Joel says, he doens't have to worry about Idol stink! I think that kid is going places!


I haven't had time to watch either night of Idol (planning on it this weekend!), but Hubby told me about Chris. I couldn't believe it.

I'm kinda happy though because it'll be that much sooner that I'm able to buy his CD!


Honey: yeah, i'm thinkin' chris really expected to win... but why not? i thought he would, too!

great post? you are waaaaay too kind, sweetie! guess that's why i love ya so much! xoxoxo

My Spin: there's the girl we know and love! yeah, it was tough watchin' chris go... my fingers are crossed for taylor, too!

and, wow! that's a whole lot of work you just had done! bet it looks great... hope you're feeling better! oh, and, by the way? HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! sorry we missed it! : D

CJ: yeesh-ka-bob! we are so far behind on our viewing... hopefully we'll watch last week's episode before this sunday! : D

Miz B: simon cowell is a very smart man, and. like you, i find his honesty refreshing! besides... he's always right! as for poor paula? oy.

hope you're feeling better... and that you have a fabulous weekend! : D

Joy: HAHAHAHA! i laughed out loud when i read your comment!! i'm so glad to know the "dream" still lives for former idol-wannabes! hee hee!! : D

My Spin (part deux): i actually think chris was getting offers before he got kicked. joel's theory, however, is that someone will build a band around chris... so he can be the stand out. it'll be interesting to see what happens... which is why, i suppose, we'll stay tuned (groan) : D

Risible Girl: the value in watching a tivo'd version of idol is that you'll be able to fast forward through a lot of crap (be sure to watch long enough to get a good look at priscilla, tho', cuz she's quite a sight to behold!) it was a surprise to lose chris, but i'm sure he's gonna come out of this better than most...if ever someone had the "it" factor, it's him! : D


Did you see this week's huff? I just saw it last night when all were alseep and I wasn't! I must say that Russel does far too much blow. *LOL* Will he have a heart attack already? And yes, the photography is complete BS. :) Its full of no life crisis!


I haven't been watching this season, but I will tell you, I'm aware enough to know Chris is some kind of hottie! Personally, I think that Bitch Ryan is so self absorbed that he was thrilled to see the real chick magnet booted off.

Yesterday it was Elliot day around these parts. All over the radio & local tv, a parade, and signing the national anthem at the ball game. Now that the hottie is out, I'm rooting for the hometown local, if not watching the show. :)

Sam I am

--let's face it,Chris will end up being a AWESOME lead singer for a really BIG Rock Band!!!WOOFwoof

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