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27 May 2006



Yes it's true we're boring but that's no news flash sweetie...we've been boring for 20+ years best I can tell. The good news for us is we embrace our dullness and are happy in it's warm, sleepy haze. Didn't know about the dryer imitating art which is imitating life...ah the neverending circle. Well, I think it's time to bust out of the doldrums and head out for our walk...that'll push those cobwebs out of our respective heads and get us ready for...MEXICAN TAKEOUT!! Yipee!!! Lucky for us we have great Mexican cuisine in yawnville.

Love you


yep... it's what enables us to feel so good about all those "siestas" we take!

"life imitating art imitating life"... couldn't have said it better myself! (should have tho', it would have taken less time/space!)

lovelovelove you!


You know what ends up in my wash all the damn time LIP GLOSS! ARGH I can't tell you how many pants and shirts have been wrecked over that crap at my house. Goo Gone? I may need to check into that I can certainly foresee a crayon or 10 in my dryer in the future.

Ready for the Big Love Finale?


how well i know the curse of "lip gloss" in the laundry! and silly putty. and cough drops... and, yep, i think you should definitely brace yourself for the day you find crayons in the dryer! for the record, "goo gone" actually does work, but it's a lot of work to get the "goo gone" out, as well... still, better than buying a new dryer, i suppose!

and, yeah, we're ready for the finale... it's surprising how likable many of these characters are, despite their polygamous ways, tho', isn't it?

have a great weekend, CJ! hope you have it off so you can enjoy your beautiful family! : D

Miz BoheMia

Oh my! My laundry has been in the laundry room for days now and I kinda forgot it was there! Ooops!

A show on polygamists? Huh! I have never heard about that! Do you recommend it? Bohemian minds want to know!

YES! You ARE a kindred spirit!!!! Not that I ever doubted it but this proves how very parallel our universes are! Since a teen I have always sworn by Goo Gone!!!! I introduced the Loverboy to it, use it here for practically everything (Can't get out that mess stain? Why, try Goo Gone!) and we were dorky enough to make sure we bought at least a couple to bring with us to Spain although back then they had no spray ones! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! I LOVE GOO GONE!

Gum in the dryer is just... a NO NO!!! Poor, poor Neva! My dryer got funked up with Lil' M's bibs back when he was a baby... they had a plastci back which got stuck to the metal back part of the dryer and there was much scraping off to be done!

The babies are so beautiful! And *GASP*! Are those your hands? Ooooh! So pretty!

*sigh* Being lazy is a dream that is alas, too far away in the land o' bohemia!

Do you wanna know how sexy I am? I know Joel will be able to relate and this should sum up my weekend... Apart from the recent tooth that went crunch, got filled only to lose the filling which means I have half a tooth in my mouth, on the other side a crown and bridge popped out! So now I can't chew on one side cause my teeth pop out and I can't chew on the other because it hurts and my dentist can't see me until Tuesday (that's their emergency service for you!) Ooooh so pretty! ;-P Ha, ha, haaaa! Hey, how about we all go out for a drink? (Well, make that juice because I just don't like alcohol!)... and with that, my god, I will stop this novel!

This bohemian just needed to hang out a bit with cool kid Neva! Much love and here's to a delightful rest of the weekend!!!! Muchos besos!


Sweet and Lovely Miz B: oh my lord, i am soooooo sorry to hear of your continued dental woes! our "oldest and dearest" friend is a fabulous dentist (by "oldest", i mean we've known 'im (and his wife) longer than 4 years and by "dearest" i mean we actually "like" them a lot!) it you were HERE we'd be gettin' you seen ASAP! i guess that's why god created smoothies, right? (i'm sure you know smoothies... frozen banana, APPLE juice (not orange... these things don't taste right with oj), and frest fruit and/or fruit flavored keifer ("liquid" yogurt). very tasty and healthy, and easy to drink with a straw! oh, and for the record, I DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL EITHER! and neither does joel. i've been sober for over 28 years, and joel's not had a drink for as long as we've been together (over 22 years) so you and me and he will sip on delectible frozen daquiris and/or margaritas. (not pina coladas, however, since your mouth is not friends with pineapple, if my memory serves... and at this late hour, it's possible it does not!!)

i truly hope you're able to enjoy your weekend, and that the "emergency" dentist restores your enticing smile to all it's radiant glory first thing tuesday morning!

and, yes...that's my hand, silly girl! one of these days i guess a picture is in order, and i'll post one as soon as joel takes one i like! (vanity vanity, i know, but there it is!)

much love & kisses & hugs flying overseas, even as i write, dear friend! : D


oh, and Miz B: as for the show, "Big Love"? surprisingly good! it comes on right after "The Sopranos" on HBO (not sure how that works in Spain). i think they'll be showing all the re-runs sometime this week. it's definitely thought provoking, and interesting! i think you might enjoy it, because it's very original!

as for you and i being "kindred spirits"?? i think we've known that from the get go! (well, at least i have!)


Miz BoheMia

Oh my do I know smoothies! I used to work in a health food store/ juice place before Jamba Juice and the like made it big in Orange County... about 12 years ago! Yikes! I used to have tons of delish recipes and in some OJ, mixed with the right stuff was actually fab.... there were many frozen berries involved, some ice, juice, bananas and there you are (and yes, sorbets, sherbets, yoghurt and kefir and the like can be added!)... as for kefir... I looooveee the store bought ones because they taste like yoghurt. However, Lovebroy makes it at home... because homemade ones are way healthier and better (and MAN does he give a mean lecture on why it is better than yoghurt)... but I cannot stand it because I can taste the milk in it and I have a HUGE aversion to milk and so I have promised to make smoothies with it as kefir should do wonders with regards to helping me with my gut and... yes, I have still to keep that promies... part laziness (big part I admit) and part fear of not liking anything with kefir in it!

Ooooh! No alcohol either! Sistah my sistah! I used to drink about 10 years ago when I briefly hit the party circuit but have never really liked the taste and ever since becoming a yogi I just have an aversion to alcohol! Loverboy gave me some champagne last night and after a couple of sips I just could not stomach it any more so yes, your drinks of choice sound fab!!! Oh! And your memory is brilliant! Pineapples do bother my tongue but in small doses here and there I am ok so let's go!

Hey, if you aren't ready to post your pic yet then maybe somehow one could be emailed to a certain bohemian... *hint, hint*... just a thought! ;-P

We would be "showless" were it not for our naughty ways of downloading our fave US shows so we usually see everything the day after it airs in the US! I will have Loverboy on that show asap! I am sure he will wonder what watching it with me will be like though as when pissed at a character I tend to yell at the TV and polygamy might do it! Poor, poor man!

Kindred spirits... Neva, you had me at "the foreskin actually has over 20,000 nerve endings..." Love at first foreskin exchange! ;-)

Had to pop in one more time! Have a great weekend dear Neva and all my love to you and Joel!

Miz BoheMia

PS~ Your dentist sounds dreamy! :-D


I started watching Big Love after reading about it in Dooce's blog. She and I have the thing in common that draws us to that show- we're both reformed Mormon's.

Don't get me wrong- I do not regret that I was raised in that religion, and I don't think it's a bad religion, but it's not something I ever truly believed in, when I finally became old enough to have a belief system of my own.

This show is like a bad accident to me- I just can't stop watching even though some of it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

Of course, the Mormon religion does not condone polygamy (except in the afterlife- but that's a whole 'nuther ball of wax), but SO much about this show is very familiar. Mostly it's small nuances, like drinking Tang and Postem and the way they pray.

I really do like the show, but sometimes it makes me super tense and I can't figure out why.

Weird, eh?


The only thing in our dryer was dead frogs in my sons pockets. ick.


This is such a hilarious post. Love it. I've never heard of 'Goo Gone' but will have to look out for it.

I wish the laundry fairy would come back.


You see just when I'm trying to use envrionmentally friendly items in the house, in come the ringing endorsements for Goo Gone. I mean stocking up prior to transatlantic voyage? And all the smoothie talk, actually I had one for breakfast because Mr. Scissorhands made them for us.

On Big Love - I loooove that show! It hooked me in from the start.

Anyway, lovely pups, have a good night.

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