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24 May 2006



It's's over...praise jeebus it's least almost. Not at all sad to see it go...pretty sure next season we'll take a hiatus. Right honey..we'll take a hiatus right honey? Right? Say it with me...No More Idol...No More Idol...No More Idol...hallelujah!! I know the meaning of the word and I say again...hallelujah! No More Idol.


No more Idol...No More Idol...I'm with ya Joel!

Yay for my inspirational blogger, Puppytoes! Now Puppytoes, would you, your mommy, and your daddy all consider being my feature guest(s) in the future? Email me (in my profile)! :)


Sar is right on....I loved your post on the Barns.
I used to live in Saratoga Springs.....we had a box at the track....through the Hotel that my Husband managed....and sat at a round table for ten more often than I care to remember. We saw up
close just how the wealthy live and act. Learned to bet on the Horses and always fed our visitors tube steak, paid with my winnings:)
I love living the simple life that we lead now....less pressure and more fun :)
Now about AI thank you for all your information.....I cannot stress enough, how good you have made me look, when the conversation comes up in the about living vicariously.

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh! LovaMo'a you are happenin' sayin' in "the hood"! You go you Icelandic mama!

Yay it's over although... hmmm... have I a right to say that when I don't watch! For shame BoheMia!

I guess all the Idol talk has kept my actual state of "TV junky" in hiding! But mention 24, Lost, Huff, Sopranos (although I have kinda lost interest in that these days), Boston Legal and you won't be able to shut me up! Be warned! ;-)

Oh! And I read Taylor won! YAY FOR YOU! THAT I can cheer you on! See? They should just ask you from the getgo who deserves to win and save themselves all the cost of and fanfare I tell you!

Boho kisses coming your way and have a beautiful day sweet Neva!


congratulations on your 'Inspirational blogger' status!

And seriously, you gotta stop watching this crap on tv. Its not good for a dog's brain. Trust me, I'm a dog...I know.


Honey: yay hooray and yipee!! it is, indeed, oh-vah!!

now what? hee hee

lovelovelove you!

Sar: no one is more happy to be rid of this show than me! as for doin' a "guest blog"? why i'd be honored, and i shall e-mail you asap! (tho' now i'll get nervous and won't be able to think of anything to say!) thank you again for the lovely honor you bestowed upon me this week! : D

Mo'a: i totally agree! the simple life is the best life... which is a good thing, since ours is about as simple these days as it can get!

and i'm glad to know my silliness helped you "look good" with your friends in the "hood" (hee hee!) : D

Miz B: i've said it before and i'll say it again: you've missed nothing by not watching idol!! and i tend to agree with you about the sopranos... kind of a big "blah" to me this year... we "passed" on 24 this season, and the jury's still out on HUFF (it was gettin' so depressing... but we're 2 episodes behind, so maybe it'll pick up??) there are so many better things to do than watch some of the crap that airs these days, but, you know us, we're lazy, and our TV is just soooo darn BIG (we can't escape it's magnetic draw!). kisses from connecticut flying right back at ya! xoxo

Kyahgirl: thank you! and, of course you're 110% correct about the effects of TV on the brain! what was i thinking?? (oh, wait... guess that's the one thing i wasn't doing, huh?) i'm lovin' the emotional journey you're taking us through over at your place, too, by the way... powerful stuff, there, girlfriend! : D

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