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10 May 2006


Miz BoheMia



Miz BoheMia

Ok! Now I can comment! ;-) FINALLY some criticism of Priscilla Presley! She is a freak and unfortunately not of nature! That is what she lacks and she reminds me of a female version of Batman's The Joker character. She really scares me!

And yes, Huff! And what the hell is up with his father? I just love that show! Hank Azaria is just brilliant!

... as are you my dear! I looooveeee me this juicy post!


I laughed and laughed...and then became very hungry! Great use of worms my talented dear...true creativity and, of course, right on the money. I don't suppose we're having lasagna are we? Damn that sounds good...but so does mexican food...on my way home!

Love you


Agree with Miz B that Priscilla Presley reminds me of a female version of Batman's The Joker character, or, I was gonna say Yvonne De Carlo who played Lily Munster back in 1964.

Must be a mid-life crisis she's having... *sigh*

Now if we all took lessons from our fine furry friends, we'd be much happier...

...they woof us unconditionally!


I like to howl when I hear the people sing on American Idol. Although if I were a human, I thikn I would like that Chris guy.


get a "soft focus face" - that's a good one. I need one of those too. It's a sad thing about those cheek implants. I used to like Priscilla - she's a pretty lady. But I don't like smeary. That's just scary.


Thanks for visiting my blog, er Doogie's blog rather. Have to comment on your remembering Doogie Howser. For those who note that when I introduce them to our Doogie, I have to come back, "Our dog is Doogie Bowser." Get it?

Not a fan of Idol, but the rest of the fam here is, so I get exposed to it by osmosis. I wanted the girl gone, but I understand that Chris got the boot.


Priscilla freak of nature. Chris Daughtry voted off abominable. Thank God I am on pain medication (had surgery today) -- or I'd be gnashing my teeth and pissed. Right now I could give a shit, and said "Oh poo" when they announced he was going home.


Ok so I'll keep waiting patiently to hear your thoughts on the Soprano's. :)

As for Huff, I watch that a lot when I am up late with babies.... Gracie and I like to watch Huff on Showtime on demand. I didn't watch this week's yet b/c Grace hasn't been up late. However last week's episode when Platt was getting wasted at his clients place was definatly WTF worth. Midlife crisis maybe? Grace says that its a no life crisis.... It was creepy to me when he was holding the baby - I cringed.

Miz BoheMia

I ditto that CJ! Although I was dying for someone to hold that poor, sweet baby! I was ready to jump into the TV and just kill 'em all for neglecting that child!

Oliver Platt's character is just hitting bottom... very badly... look forward to seeing how they develop that plotline!

See dear Neva what your fab post is doing? Ooooweeee! Bohemians just looooveee them their dear Neva!


Miz B: the sadsadsad thing about priscilla is the fact that she was so gorgeous before! now she looks like a melted down version of her own wax museum dummy. (i feel bad for her, even tho' she did this to herself!)

and yeah, i totally forgot about Huff's dad!! how weird is he??? yikes! can't wait to see what happens with his story line! : D

Honey: sorry about raising your dinner expectations... maybe i'll make that lasagna this weekend! or maybe we'll just eat more enchiladas... because i love 'em so much!

just like YOU!! xoxox

Karen: you're RIGHT!! a female "joker"!! bless her heart... maybe she fell into a vat of the same shit jack nicholson did in the movie! : D

Spirit: yep, sophie usually sleeps (or yips at max)... but she'd like chris, too! : D

Schnoodlepooh: yeah, priscilla's one scary gal these days (but then, so's her daughter... ewwww). what the heck happens to these people? don't they own mirrors? tho' not opposed to "enhancements", i do lean towards a much more natural look... : D

Big Dave T: hi! so nice of you to visit! and i lovelovelove "doogie bowser"! it's a great name! we all wanted the girl to go... sigh. shows how much we know (maybe if we were actually interested enough to vote, things would have gone differently... but we don't, so there ya go!) hope you'll come back, i know i'll check in soon & i'll be hopin' for more pictures of that adorable doogie! : D

My Spin: surgery? what happened? are you okay? i figured you must have been on drugs, because otherwise i just knew you'd be waaaay more vocal about the loss of chris! oh well, let's keep our fingers crossed in hopes the same fate does not befall dear taylor!

CJ: pretty spicy stuff to watch with that baby-doll of yours! and yes... that scene where platt was holding the baby was totally creep-o-rama! "no life crisis"? too cute! : D

Miz B (part deux): yeah, he's hitting bottom alright... but how far can a guy go, for pete's sake? i adore oliver platt, so i really want to like this character. hopefully he'll get better. HOPEFULLY, it'll be soon!!

and, thanks so much for saying somethig so sweet! this has been a messed up day... so your comment was great for my fragile little ego! just ONE more reason i love ya, girlfriend! xox: D

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