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20 May 2006



I'm so glad you're on the road to recovery sweetie...hate it when you feel bad. For the record, sick or no you are a cutey whether you feel like it or not. I totally empathize with the glasses thing...wherever I go now so also go the reading glasses...very annoying. As for Max, still thinking puppy prozac may be in his future. Keep waiting for him to lose his voice...but alas... you babe...glad it's the weekend.

Miz BoheMia

Glad to hear you are on the mend although... ay... to go through the flu is simply no picnic!

Here's to much and well deserved healin' rest! Enjoy the weekend at home with your sweet fam! Bohemians everywhere are sending you get-well-soon vibes fo sho!

Kisses to one oh-so-lovely Neva!


I sure hope you are feeling better -- being sick just plain sucks.

I am writing press releases today - waaaaa.

I liked Bette Davis -- especially in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, an the other movie she was in with Joan Crawford where she served Joan a dead parrot for dinner:) muahahahhahaha -- Whatever Happened to Baby Jane! That's it!!

Feel better sweetie!


Oh Neva... that sounds terrible. Mathilda barks a lot .... drives me insane. When I got sick I had both of my dogs at/under/around/on my feet at all times of the day. its amazing how devoted they are. I hope that you are getting back to life as you know and love it... and isn't it just a bitch that laundry does NOT do its self.
:) cj


"some of the very early films that featured bette davis totally sucked ass"

ALL movie reviews should be this honest and succinct!


Honey: thank you for loving me at my worst... and it's too bad the only one who lost a voice around here was me! (okay, at least i think it's a shame my voice is gone!)

thank you for taking such good care of me, and for caring for me always!

lovelovelove you!!!

Miz B: thank you so much! i am indeed better... and glad to be so! hope your weekend is a happy, restful respite for you and yours, as well! and manymany kisses to you, too! XOXOXO

My Spin: so this is a working weekend? that my friend, is not how it's supposed to work!

i, too, am a fan of bette davis, especially the 2 films you mentioned... most especially "all about eve" (she was fabulous in that one)... but her earlier stuff, whoa, pure suckage. surprising, i know, but there it is!

try to have some fun this weekend! : D

CJ: so you understand the non-stop barking dog thing? i'm so sorry! i can't even begin to imagine what it's like when added into the vocal demands of 2 young kids! aieeee!

and it really is a shame laundry can't do itself. of course, maybe we're just placing too high a value on clean clothes, huh? hee hee! : D

TDB: it's not hard to be succinct when there are so many sucky movies to critique! tho' i confess i was a bit surprised by the amount of bad flims made back in the 30's & 40's! honestly, i've always thought the crappy films out these days were due, in part, to the fact that all the really good ideas had been used up "way back when... A) stars were stars. B) studios cared about audiences. C) fine writers, like f. scott fitzgerald, helped create movie scripts, meaning the stories must be amazing. D) any and/or all of the above! clearly (sadly) that's not the case! : D


Wow. Puppy sure has got a potty mouth! :)


I agree with Spin on those Bette Davis movies. I also liked Jessabelle (sp? too lazy to look it up!)

Glad you're on the mend. I hate those kinds of colds. OK, I hate ALL colds.

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