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01 May 2006



Let me first say that the wifi in this here hotel SUCKS!!!! High speed my ass! Anyway...thanks Babe the puppy pictures brought a big smile and a warm heart to me sitting here in this lonely hotel room with suckass internet service. Now if only there were a picture of your smiling face there life would be as complete as it can be without me there with you...I miss you, can you tell...miss the pups too...and as for the boys, yeah, well, sure miss you and the pups! Sorry, couldn't resist...I kid. I love you...can't wait to come home. By the the BoBo shakeout picture...awesome...and the quote is great!!!


Sleep well! Love you

Miz BoheMia

Funny, funny Neva! Thank you for having me start my morning off with a laugh... loved the eviews you'll give next week! ;-p With the whole Julianna Margolis thing, why is it that all beautiful women are so easy, have no integrity and will so easily open their legs up for Tony? Agh! Except for Lorraine Bracco... but even she fantasizes about him! Dios Mio!

I hope Joel is not gone too long and that you get to be in each other's arms sooner than expected! And may the presentation thingy go well and may you all have a beautiful day!


love love love the puppy photos... and I saw part of west wing - i never watch it. did martin sheen get voted off? what's that other guy doing pretending to be pres? oh.. about believing in dog - your husband should know. he has conversations with god. but we all believe in dog now, don't we??? yes - you have to say yes! and that last picture is priceless. we believe we believe we believe in dog


Aww what cute puppies -- and me loves some jimmy smits !! Now if bobo gets too lonely there is always old fashioned phone sex:)


had to take a puppy break...boring meeting...need smiles!

Love you - miss you


Honey: we aim to please around here! miss you/lovelovelove you!! xoxoxox

Miz B: about julianna margolis...i know! or, should i say i don't know. (that's what i kept asking joel sunday night... why why WHY??) apparently "power" is a hell of an aphrodisiac!

fortunately, joel will be home tonite... thanks for the "good thoughts" : D

Schnoodlepooh: oh yes... we do believe in Dog! as for west wing, martin sheen's character's "term" is up, and jimmy smits just got voted in. as for the guy pretending to be president in real life? he's been doing that for 6 years now... thank "dog" his days are numbered! : D

My Spin: glad ya like the new pics!

and, yep, we do love jimmy smits! and, thanks for the suggestion, like you, we're no strangers to the concept of "phone sex"! fortunately joel's only gone for one night--so i won't have time to get too lonely! : D

Honey: as i said before, we aim to please! this blog's whole purpose in life is to put/keep smiles on your face! : D

i love you & will be VERY happy when you're back home, where you belong! ^__^ xoxoxo


What cute dogs you have! I have a little one, a cockapoo, your dogs can have him for breakfast. He is always frightened at the bigger dogs. The next dog I buy will be a bigger one that I can take on hiking trips. My dog doesn't even like the car because he is so small...geeish.


Don: thanks for visiting/leaving a comment! as for your little pup, which i'm gonna assume is adorable, you could take him hiking... just get one of those little puppy back-packs! seriously, the advantage of a smaller dog is that you can travel more easily with it... my husband and i haven't been on a vacation in 5 years!! (aieeee!) oh well... we do love our puppies, so i guess the trade off is worth it! : D

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