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25 May 2006



Somehow I missed American Idol this time around.

Since I am a Birminghamian by birth, I should have been into it, but just missed out.

Sounds like TIVO is the way to go though. Hate the drabble of shows, commercials included. Nice to be able to fastforward through the less than stellar parts.

Oh---and in case you were a fan of Idols past---Ruben has a new album coming out in August.


I've said it before and I'll say it again...Tivo is the greatest invention in the history of man and woman kind. I mean the car was pretty cool and what can you say about sliced bread that hasn't already been said, but Tivo's got 'em beat hands down. Nice synopsis babe...short, sweet, and to the point...all things the show was not. I wish Taylor awl tha bay-ist (attempting a southern accent in print) but I just don't see it long term. I'm thinking Kat will join Ace on a Fox 20 something drama then kick around LA doing the Vagina Monologue and singing on the occasional syndicated talk show...but, of course, I could be totally wrong. Glad to be done with Idol although now experiencing that summertime panic of not knowing what the hell we're going to watch now that all of our shows have gone on hiatus...perhaps we should start watching the hundreds of DVDs we've purchased but never viewed??

Love you!


I think Kat and Ace are doing it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah....

I'm here to celebrate the Enron guilty verdicts with ya!

"Fortune 500 companies are not above the law" - if only that applied to the White House.

And I'm so glad to have seen you at Doug's today, my friend. :)


My official comment ha ha:)

I think AI has come a long way from the first season. It seems every start wants a part of it now.

I loved Dionne, Prince, Clay, and Burt. I almost vomited watching Meatloaf. I think Kat was scared as well. She most likely thought he was going to eat her on stage. Was Meatloaf's jacket wet or was that sweat? Either way it made an icky visual.

I think Taylor is going bluesy and he's going to have the following of Joe Cocker. I think he will have an image make over, and will go on to be a wonderful enteratainer.

I wanted to take the shears to Clay, he looked a little straggely.


I love those pictures!!
Neva - substance and pics are up!


Now I have nothing firsthand to bring to the table on American Idol as Jews do not believe in idolatry:>, but I'll celebrate the Enron guilty verdicts!


Just dropping in to say hi and I miss you.

I have no online connection at home and have to resort to using PCs anywhere I can. But I had to read YOUR blog of course.


Cavewoman: with regards to TiVO, skepticism gives way to pure viewing joy in a matter of minutes! (it's a good thing!) we're not the die-hard "idol" fans we appear to be, so i'll probably skip ruben's new cd. that said, i'm glad he's doing something... he kind of faded out of the limelight for awhile there, it seems. : D

Honey: great southern drawl, babe! HAHAHA! katharine doing the vagina monologues... lord help us all!

and, yep, i think it's time to finally watch a few dvds, now. maybe we should should start with shindler's list? (maybe not).

lovelovelove you! glad it's a long weekend. hey, i have a thought, let's go see X-Men 3!! (that'll give us something to talk about! hee hee!) XOXOXOX

My Spin: kat and ace would make a cute couple! and i agree, taylor will probably do very well in the blues genre. hope so! i love his positive energy!

i've said it before, and i'll say it again: clay looked like lindsay lohan. and... yikes! : D

CJ: your pictures were fabulous!! that thea is adorable!! : D

G: welcome!! not a fan of "Idol"? join the crowd! (seriously!) but, more importantly, let's all give a collective sigh of relief and/or joy for that guilty verdict handed down to ken lay. now let's just hope he gets what's coming to him, i.e, 45 years in the slammer! : D

TLP: i am sooooo happy to see you!! you are missed more than you know, girlfriend! so get your connections back up and get back to blogging! (please?) i hope you've been well, and that you're enjoying this time away from the 'net...(glad to know you can at least check in, from time to time!) i'll try to find something more interesting to write about, now that "idol" is finally off the air for another year, hopefully give you an actual reason for coming back! : D

Miz BoheMia

They showed snippets of it on CNN here... so many celebs turning out to see it! Baffles me!

YAY for all I guess, no?

Just needed to pop in and say hola to my fave lady! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Puppytoes - It's just that I never got on the bandwagon and my tv dancecard that I can commit to is full - glad you enjoyed it though. And let's here for the guilty verdicts once again. Just read another story about a woman who worked there - lost her pension, her stock options, her health insurance, and her husband is battling a brain tumor. Just one of the many. On that note, have a good long weekend!

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