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31 May 2006



Love the frollicking Pup pics...always brings a smile to my face...thanks for the shameless plug honey!! See you you.


I love all your doggie photos.....such a handsome group....well you are beautiful, they are handsome.
Your request is my demand...going over to check out the have bought my vote. :^)


I love the pictures! They look like very happy puppies!

PS- I voted! :)


Yeah! they look sooo happy playing on the yard! ^__^ Please, Neva, post their pictures after getting their hair done!..;)


jes voted for daddy cuz yer such a cutie! and, of course, daddy's was the bestest!


Honey: i thought these pictures might bring a smile to your weary face! as for the "shameless promotion"? what's a wife for, if not to "shamelessly" promote her man! (ewww...that sounds a bit too 50's for my sensibilities... if you know what i mean. and i know you do!)

lovelovelove you, sweetie!

Mo'a: well, i love the beautiful photos you put up, yesterday! and, you know you're not so far from me... feel free to come & hang out in my neck of the woods, any old day! (then you can see these pretty pups up close & personal!)

and thank you for voting for joel... i'm trying to encourage him to participate in these things more often, 'cuz, as you can see, he's pretty dang funny! : D

Risible Girl: thank you! they are happy puppies! not to mention spoiled!

and thank YOU for your support! (of joel. my "good humor" man!) : D

Jom: as soon as i can get them to cooperate, i WILL take the "after" pictures... tomorrow i'll try to put 'em up! they do look pretty adorable! ^__^

Karen: thank you, my friend! (lucky for me you're a sucker for a cute poochie face!) and, in case i haven't mentioned it lately, i'm reallyreally glad you're back from your vacation! your new post/"prayer" is outstanding!! : D


RABBIT, RABBIT! Nice blog you have here -- and adorable doggies!


"I once shot an elephant in my pajamas, how he got there I'll never know!" =='

Okay, are those show puppies? They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. And of course, anyone who quotes Groucho, well, you're the best!

Now, I need to visit Joel's place, I believe he had a barbeque going but I didn't have time to stay earlier. Also, head over to Sar's where I will begrudgingly place a vote because mine wasn't even close. :)


AP3: Rabbit, Rabbit! to you, too! and thanks for the compliment (about our doggies) and, most of all, THANKS for visiting!! : D

g: elephant/pajamas is one of my all time favorite Groucho quotes... 'course, he had a million of 'em, and they were all funny!

no, we don't show our puppies... they're too spoiled, and we're too lazy for anything like that!

and you're so wrong (about your caption)! it was hilarious! seriously, there were so many this week, i'm impressed Sar was able to pick just 5! that said... thanks for voting for Joel's... i actually did and do think it's the best! (not that i'm prejudiced, mind you!) as for the barbeque? yep, it was mighty tasty! : D


fun fun puppy shots:) Can't wait until we get our puppies:)


Adorable dogs. Enjoyable blog, which is not of course a doggie blog. I found you on Blog Advance. We're neighbors there.


I love the doggie pics. Are you sure you're not a doggie blogger?

Don't Joel, I don't want him to get a swelled head but I voted for him from two different computers...stacking the deck you might say. :-)


I'm late making my rounds today, but never too late to say hello!

And way to rock Joel's vote! It was soooooo hard chosing just 5 this week, but Joel's was a no brainer. :)

Miz BoheMia

YEAH BABY YEAH! Already voted for the J-man fo sho! Sizzlin'!

Ooooh! such pretty pictures of such pretty souls! Don't you wish you could be them sometimes? Just good times and no worries... My cats have it so good and are spoiled rotten, their biggest worry being where to nap... would not mind that at all!


My Spin: i can't wait 'til you get your puppy, either! what did you decide to get? or have you decided? : D

Jan: thank you for stopping by! i've actually visited you in the past (via schnoodlepooh, i think)... and i promise to come by more often in the future! : D

Kyahgirl: whoa! thank you for votin'!! i had TLP in my corner a few weeks ago and i credit her with my "win"! (sadly, i wasn't as good a campaign manager for her caption the next week... i still need to make it up to her!) i thought you had some mighty funny captions, too! but joel's was pretty dang funny, even if i am biased!

as for the pics? thanks! i'm still waitin' to see a few of yours, girlfriend! : D

Sar: it is never too late to see YOU! and i'm glad you don't mind the "shameless promotion" too much! (what the heck... i figure this way maybe we'll see more of joel's comments in the future. in other words... i'm doing this for the good of ALL!)

by the way... i totally think we should put our heads together and figure out if a trip to Spain is in our future! (how fun would that be?) think about it... : D

Miz B: how're your teeth?? i'm worried about my favorite Bohemian... get them fixed!! or, i swear, you're coming HERE so we can take care of this problem properly!

spoiled dogs... spoiled cats... this is what i want to be in my next life (because i believe there will be one!)

thanks for votin' for my honey... HONEY!!! xoxox

Ayatollah Mugsy

The term "doggie blogger" trivializes our many contributions to the blogging realm.

Great photos!

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