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03 May 2006



As on evaluation of Idol which continues to fall like a rock on my list of things I'm most interested in. Just don't see the breakout performances we've seen in past years when, like now, we were foolish enough to be sucked into the show's powerful vortex - thanks again Doc Terri! They were great PB&J's by the way! Love the you more!!


man... you are one fast reader/commenter! i just finished tweaking this (one more obsessive time)... only to find you had already been here! hee hee!

lovelovelove you honey--i promise, unless something dramatic happens, we absolutely will not watch this drivel next year! still... are we excited for the upcoming season of Rockstar?? i think we are (does that make us even more pathetic? sigh) : D

i adore you!! xoxoxox


One of my daughters is addicted to this show. We don't watch it, but I have heard Taylor sing, and I'm hoping he'll win. Could be the grey hair...mine's white.


TLP: yeah... i don't know what it is about the show that compels us to continue watching. i guess it's just that, after investing so much time you don't want to admit to yourself that you made a mistake! as for taylor? he's so fun and he's very good, and i, for one, would love to see him win! (of course, chris is the consumate rocker, we love him, too)!

nice to "see" you, by the way... since you're taking some time off (i guess) i feel as tho' i don't really get to "talk" to you anymore! (guess that's what e-mail's for, tho', right?) hope you're well & enjoying your spring! : D

Miz BoheMia

Your PB&J sandwich mention reminded me of how much I miss my toasted Alvarado Street Bakery Wholewheat Oat bread with almond butter and fruit-juice sweetened fruit spread I used to gobble down back home in SF... *sigh*

See the comments bohemians give when they nothing about American Idol other than for the most part they totally love Simon and his comments (although I read he was pretty homophobic with his comments in the beggining of this season and that did not sit well with this bohemian).... but I digress... (when don't I! Dios mio!)... ;-p

Lovely post by an equally lovely Neva!!!

Miz BoheMia

PS~ I am to be locked away in a box or somewhere until I finish reading your veryveryvery smart sister's book because it seems that all I can think to talk about with the Loverboy are genitals... in addition to my normal interest in genitals that amounts to quite a bit of genital talk! ;-)


Miz B: trust me you're missing nothing by not watching american idol (okay, i actually think you'd enjoy a couple of the performers, but, overall, the show is no big whoop) i don't recall Simon sounding homophobic... he's very straight forward, which i like, too! i just think he has a good "feel" for how potential fans will respond to any given performer, and he's usually right on the mark. he also knows music, which i totally appreciate!

i'm sooooooo glad you're enjoying terri's book! i'm hoping she's gonna decide to do an update soon, it was a little ahead of its time when it was released... i think it would do much better, now! she reads these posts and/or comments, so i know she'll love reading what you just wrote! (you can also send her an e-mail, if you're ever inclined to do so... i know she's love "meeting" you as much as i have! seriously, she's love to hear from you!)

hope you're enjoying a great week--and that loverboy's not too annoyed by all this talk of genitalia! somehow i doubt it bothers him too much! by the way, even tho' i haven't responded to your e-mail yet (yikes)... OH MY GOD what a perfectly beautiful family you have. i mean, i already know how gorgeous you are, but your husband? your kids? seriously you belong on the cover of "beautiful family" magazine! (just thought i'd mention that--think i'll go over to your site now, and say all this again! ) : D


Is that a picture of Sophie watching idol? :)

Neva you and I have something in common- both of our sisters are very very smart doctors!

My Spin On Things

1. elliott: I liked the second -- the first blech. He's going home soon.

2. paris: Oh my GOD! You hit the nail right smack on the head! She does talk like a four year old in that stupid stupid chatty cathy voice -- I want to strangle her. And YES she does SING like a DEAD Jazz singer. GO HOME ALREADY PARIS!!! I think if she had sung a Natalie Cole song like "Pink Cadillac" It would have been a hit, but what the hell do I know.

3. chris: "Come On Baby Light My Fire" Ooooh!

4. katharine: I hated the first song, loved the second, but why the hell were you rolling around on your knees. You should have either stood, or kept your ass on the floor. And yes, you are a camera whore! You are not going to win my pretty!!!

5. taylor: Awww Taylor, I adore you -- sadly you are not going to win this competition, but I'd come see you at any concert you performed at. I'd love to dance with you as well, you are just sooo cool!


"ate his peanut butter 'n jelly sandwiches"... yummy!

"he sat on the couch with mommy"... warm fuzzies!!

"(does mommy know how to spoil him, or what?)" ... priceless!!!


CJ: sophie watching idol? tee hee! she's usually sound asleep or hanging around hoping for a nibble of whatever it is we're eating at any given moment!

i didn't know about your sister... not always easy to have super smart siblings, is it? (tho', come to think of it, in my case, it's actually easy and/or AWESOME!) : D

My Spin: EXCELLENT run down of the so-called contestants! i agree that chris is, hands down, the best, but i'm still secretly hoping taylor will win...gotta love his energy! : D

Karen: you're so sweet! thank god you understand the fact that i'm so challenged in the kitchen... tho' i'm usually good for something better than pb&J, but not when he gets back so late... and there's crappy TV to watch/review! hee hee! : D


"challenged in the kitchen"...

...boy, could i tell you stories, {grin} but i've remedied the situation over the years with my crock actually cooks all day by itself... tee, hee!

pb&J is the *perfect* late night solution, wish i'd thought of that the other night when i settled for Rice Krispies with a banana. :)


I just wanted to stop by and say Hi!!! All I know about American Idol is through book club dinner had to be over by 9.....they all love American Idol and think I live in a paper I told them what I think about Idol....stealing it all from you....their eyes got big a sausers and they said that they did not know I knew so much about Idol seeing as I don't watch it. I felt rather smug ;) Thank you, thank you.....for once I got the floor at book club, where we don't talk about books but drink and eat too much.
In our defence....we read the books....but never talk about them on book club nights, because we have already talked about them when we see each other around and about :)


Karen: i'm gonna have to make friends with my crock pot...that is, if i can find it! still, that's a great suggestion! altho', i actually *love* cereal with bananas-- especially rice krispies-- late at night (assuming i didn't get to eat dinner and i need something) cuz it's easy to digest and tasty, too! : D

Mo'a: glad to be of service!! your book club sounds like so much fun...i wish we lived closer to each other--i'd beg you to let me join, 'cuz i've always wanted to be in one... even if you guys don't always discuss books...books are just details, right?

it's always a treat when you stop by...oh yeah! how's that hunt for the "perfect" kitten heel going? i'm keepin' an eye out & i'll let ya know if i see something i think you might like! (good excuse to check out cute shoes!) : D


Yay - I can comment again! I kept trying to last night, but TypePad wasn't cooperating. I couldn't get onto Joel's site either. Don't think I've forgotten you!


If Taylor wins, I am SO sending you flowers! I want the guy to win now. In fact, I want to kiss him! He's awesome!


Greeting from Bath, UK! ^__^

How are you? I didn't have time to visit you for a while! (not even for checking my email!) I'll tell you about my trip when I get back! ^__^

Hope you have a very nice and wonderful week! (Today I went to Stonehenge! the sun was shining so brightly! ;) )

Take care!


ok, so I am not the ONLY one who likes to say "Bu-bluh, Bu-bluh" whenever mention of that crooner is made.
oh, and like the lady above, all i know about AI this year is through you. I watched some of the earlier shows, but husband REBELLED at onslaught of reality t.v. shows, and my addiction therein. see how oppressed I am? huh?

Miz BoheMia

My dearest Neva! Thank you for the very beautiful and undeserved (by me fo sho) compliments... you are too sweet!!!!

I would LOVE to email Terri but am working on being levelheaded about it because I love, love, LOOOOOVEEEEE that book so I am in awe of her as I am of you for who you are and what you've done (which I know includes work on that fabulous book)! I am, at the moment, an awe-struck giggling teenager who can only muster up a "Good Golly Gosh!" See what talk of genitals does to me? ;-P

And no, Loverboy does not mind all that much... he is wise enough to use it to his advantage! :-0

Miz BoheMia

That was meant to be :-0... my faces get cut off too! *sigh*


OMG!!!! You SO hit the nail on the head with the Jim Nabors thing! I can't stop laughing!!!!

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