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17 May 2006



baxter and bailey want to give you a big healing lick right on your face. that will make you get better. please get better, please please please, come out and play and feel better


You nailed it once again!! Who needs when there's as accurate and much cuter and cleverer (is that a word?) to boot. Get well sweety...although I must confess the raspy voice is pretty sexy.

Love you


Hmmmm- not sure I could stand watching Taylor and his seizure like dancing (reminds me of Elaine from Seinfeld)

I TOTALLY agree with you about Katherine running for Miss America. You hit the nail on the head with that one and I'm jealous that I didn't think of it first.

Elliott... looks and sounds like a goat.


There. I've said it and I'm not taking it back either.

Feel better sweets.


Elliot went home -- you were right on. So Taylor baby bring it on home!!! Feel better Neva!


I don't torture myself with TV so can't comment on your idols, but I sure hope you're on the mend. It sucks to be sick!


oooh. sorry neva's not feeling good. hopefully she is getting some nice trippy hallucinations in with all that 'tussin.


Schnoodlepooh: you are soooooo sweet! and i accept your healing licks with much gratitude! (i think they must be helping, because i do feel better!) thank you!! : D

Honey: since you didn't get to see any of the performances tuesday nite, i guess you'll just have to take my word on this stuff this week! thanks for being such a loving/trusting boy!! i love you (and am i ever glad you're home!) xoxoxo

Risible Girl: oh my god! elaine's dance!! you're sooo right! hee hee! but see, i think taylor'll be great in the recording studio, and listening to him will be a lot of fun (watching him's is a lot like watching joe cocker... it's not pretty, but you just know he feels that music!) : D

My Spin: at first i thought maybe chris' fans would vote for elliott just to spite katharine... but she was better than elliott this week and she deserves to go to the finals. don't think her's was "the best performance" in the history of the show... i think (like my sister) that that honor goes to fantasia's version of summertime, which was sublime! thanks for the good wishes! : D

Kyahgirl: as a woman who appreciates a good scent, trust me, it stinks to watch this crap! you're better off not bothering (tho', Rockstar actually featured unbelievable performers last year, and by unbelievable, i mean unbelievable! so ya might want to check that one out this summer...) thanks so much for the kind thoughts, too! : D

Joy: i cannot believe i managed to get this crappy flu!! but i'm determined to get over it faster than joel or my son did (both wound up with sinus infections, my son also had an ear infection & bronchitis... as joel said, the "itis" trifecta! yeesh!)

thanks for stoppin' by and for the lovely message... i've got a shitload of blogs to catch up on--including yours, dear girlfriend! (it's on my agenda for today, after i make everyone around here happy by taking a much needed shower!) : D


Glad you were well enough to watch Idol....I bet the hot toddy helped :)


Mo'a: hi! and yep, toddies are tasty, and i definitely think they helped!... tho' i should probably mention that the hot toddies i drink are probably tame compared to the ones most folks like--since i no longer drink alcohol! instead, i drink green tea with lemon & honey...which seems to help, as well!

and, thanks soooo much for your wishes! i promise i'll be back to blogging norm (more or less) by tomorrow! : D


thanks for stoppin' by, girlfriend! Hope that means yer feelin' better.

eh, about that artwork, my bad! i, ah, sorta *borrowed* it from another girlfriend...

...but, hey, spread the ♥~love~♥ is what it's all about.


Miz BoheMia

Hola sweet Lady N! I for one cannot join in on the Idol chat I am afraid! Now, mention Huff and the like and I am on! ;-p

I am sooo glad to hear you are feeling better! May the healin' continue and the breathing return! Boho kisses and hugs coming your way!!!


Hi Neva, I see you're on the mend.
thank you for the nice comment you left at my place. The warm feelings are mutual!


Well, I think maybe your mom feels just a touch better, at least I hope so. Pretty good post for a dawg. Just sayin'.


You've been sick too long. :( That's no fun. I hope you're feeling well enough to truly enjoy the weekend my friend!

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