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06 May 2006



I just figured you were busy with that thing we call Life:) I did miss you :) xxxoxoox


I love that quote... I suck the lozenge each and every day THAT is for sure!

Miz BoheMia

Glad you finally made it! What a travesty had you not been able to post!!!! Bohemians everywhere are shocked, SHOCKED I say!

Lovin' the quote dear Neva and the pictures are beautiful! Oh to be that carefree!

Have a great weekend!


Sounds like your life has been like mine the past week. SHEESH! When there's no time for blogging, something is definitely wrong! :)


Love the quote...if that's the one you were compulsing over yesterday I now totally get it. Another great non-post babe and love the pup you more


My Spin: well, yeah, "life" does have a way of preventing fun stuff, like blogging, but this time, typepad gets the blame, as well! thank you for missing me, tho...i missed you, too! ; D

CJ: i'm glad ya liked the's a bit obscure, but i thought it was applicable, not to mention funny! hope your weekend is going well! : D

Miz B: thank you for your outrage! from your lips some "typepad administrator's" ears!! and yes, it would be lovely to be as carefree as our pups! (or your cats, i'm thinkin') : D

Risible Girl: i don't know what happens during the week (besides the typepad snafus, that is) but, you're right--it does seem weird when ya can't fit a blog post into your day! oh well, hopefully this week will be better! : D

Honey: such a silly quote--but it sure was the bane of my existance, yesterday! yeesh-ka-bob! oh well... mostly i just wanted to make sure there were fun pictures for you to look at when you got down to Miami and had a chance to get on the computer (i know how homesick ya get!) i'll try to put up a few more later tonite... or tomorrow!

lovelovelove YOU and MISS you, too!!! xoxoxox

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