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04 May 2006


Miz BoheMia

Love the quote... your predictions rock as DO YOU! And you know what? I MADE IT HERE FIRST!

And here it comes... an injection of Miz B...



LAUGHING LOUDLY! I had no idea you were tri-lingual! (English, Spanish, French) Such a multi-talented person and beautiful to boot! You are quite the Idol sage although it does get tougher from here on out. I will go out on a limb and predict that Elliot will be next to go...could be Catherine, but I'm feeling it's Elliot.

Love you


Your French is impecable I understood every!!! What a talent and your prediction was excelent....I am sure the world cannot endure another Paris....with a name like that I am surprised she lasted so long.Is there not male Paris on the loose the one rejected by the Paris.... Paris....Perhaps he and this Paris can get together so we can say,"Look there are Paris and Paris.


P.S. Still on the lookout for kitten heel sandals...drove today for the first time since the surgery ^~^


That Judy Garland quote was wonderful. :) I wish I was into Idol...


mind fuck stew - oh my! you come up with the best sayings!


Jeesh I already knew you were awesome, but you speak French too? Wow! I think it's just the most beautiful language and I'm (finally!) going to take classes in the fall.

Happy Friday & Cinco de Mayo - stop by and play "Mi Amgio Blogger"!

My Spin On Things

My prediction: Elliot is next to go unless he wow's them with some trick out of his hat.

This is going to sound mean, so you hav my permission to beat me with a wet noodle. (No please, really, do it!!!) But I think Elliot is not going to win because frankly he's ugly. I do know I am going to hell for that. Clay Aiken started out geeky, but then cleaned up really well. He's darling. And the boy can sing. Elliot can sing, however, he's not a rocker, rocker's can get away with looking like they need some sprucing.

My Spin On Things

Part II: Running Out Of Room:

Anyhow - it's his teeth, Elliott's teeth freak me out. After that, I guess its anyone's game. All three of the ones that will be left have been at one time or another in the bottom three. I think those three will have some great record contracts. It doesn't matter once you make it to the top three.

I want Taylor to win, but I am not sure if he can pull it off. I'd like to see Chris win if Taylor doesn't. And after Katherine's rolling around on her knee's like a retarded Catholic (I can say that, I am Catholic), she's starting to grate on mah nerves:)


MizB: i know you don't get to watch this stupid show ("get" to watch? hahaha!) anyway, you'd totally enjoy watching taylor "shake his groove thing"... he's a hoot! : D

Honey: hey a quick peek at a french-english dictionary and anyone can "fake" it! (i think my bleuh bleuh bluehs might be the dead give-away, tho'!) tee hee!

and, you and i are in agreement regarding elliott... his bubluh days are definitely numbered!lovelovelove you! xoxoxo

Mo'a: you are so right! Paris' name was another great reason for us to not want her to win! (how many folks named Paris can we take?)

(i'm a bad person, cuz i haven't been around to finish your wonderful post...but i PROMISE i'm getting over there today!!)^__^

CJ: yeah, i like that quote, too... but bite your tongue, young lady! with your busy household, idol is the last thing you should be worrying about! : D

Schnoodlepooh: thanks! sometimes i surprise myself...tee hee! (i know i should watch that salty language, but once in awhile, i figure it's okay!) : D

Sar: i really and truly don't speak french... wish i did! like you, i'm tempted to take a few sounds so romantic and educated. but i can find my way through a few spanish phrases... which is another language i really enjoy! : D

My Spin: yeah, i have to agree with you on poor Elliott's marketability (or lack thereof, i should say) just ask joel, i say the same thing, week after week. the only time Elliott looks decent is when he's holding the mic over his mouth. that said, he does have a great set of "pipes" (not good enough to win, mind you, but that boy can sing!)

i'd love to see Taylor win, 'cuz i think it would totally piss off Simon... and Katharine has just kind of grated on my nerves since the beginning (altho' i actually loved that 2nd song she sang... and i liked her better on the floor, because she wasn't prancin' all over the place staring down that goddamn camera!)

ya know... it's a good thing this show's almost over, i really need to reclaim what's left of my life! : D


"smells like mind-fuck stew"...

... so does mine!


Uhhh...I didnæt know that paris was voted off...but it is fine! I missed the last show, due to some really annoying old people. they are lovely, but sometimes make demands when Idol is on!
who is your favourite?


wtf you dont like cats? Grrrr


"Mind-fuck stew" is French, isn't it? It must be. I just went downstairs and said to my husband (about the CNN program that he's watching): "That sounds like mind-fuck stew."

And he said, "You should say, 'Pardon my French,' when you say that."
He does know French, so, that proves it. You not only speak French, you invent French phrases. WOW. *I'm impressed.*

I'm also very amused by the post, as usual.


I was SO glad to hear that Paris was kicked off. You remember, don't you, that I was going to make that anti Paris and Bucky sign? Never got 'round to it, but doesn't much matter now.

My TiVo isn't recording the kick-off shows, so I heard about it after the fact.

It's going to get tough now. I'm actually starting to like Elliot, but here's how I see it going:

Katherine and Chris will be the final two.

Next off will be Taylor, then Elliot.

Of course, I'd like Chris to be booted off ASAP so I can start buying his CDs!

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