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23 May 2006



First of all I think it only fair to disclose how cute you look in jeans, t-shirt, nikes, and hat. I have absolutely no doubt that despite the absence of diamond drippage and designer pant suit on your part you were easily the "belle of the barns." Honey you make jeans and t-shirts look damn good!

Love you - coming home now.


Your mommy was right on, the veryveryvery rich dress just like mommy did to go slumming. The veryverypretencious rich have 6 bedrooms and 8 full and 2 half bathrooms what does that tell you....that they are full of.......*blush*
Now mommy should wear a white cotton dress and a bigbig hat for the garden tour.....let the veryvery rich think that she is veryveryvery rich and eccentric :)


I am sure you have more style in your little finger neva than those broads do in Bob Macke.

I am sorry you had to hang out with a bunch of pretentious Martha Stewart wanna be's.

You can come hang out in your comfy genes at my house anytime.


Congratulations, Puppytoes! With this post you're my new Reiging WPW Inspirational Blogger!

(love the "Belle Of The Barns", Joel!)

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh yes! Take Mo'a's advice! She is a wise lady that dear LovaMo'a! Eccentric rich is veryveryvery good indeed!

Man, when you said barn tour I imagined something much more... ummm... mundane? That's not the word but it's early am and the little boy is doing nothing but shriek!

And I second Joel too... I have yet to see you *GASP* but from your words, your powerful and beautiful energy I can visualize you as being nothing but breathtaking!

Here in Spain they say, "aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda" which translated means something like "You may dress a monkey in silk but a monkey she will still remain". And the opposite goes for beauties... dress them down but you just cannot take away that somethin', somethin'! Fo sho!

Hope you wake up to a beautiful day my dear, dear Neva! Besos from Spain!


I can't get past the whole "Barn" thing. I live in Minnesota and grew up on a farm. THOSE ARE NOT BARNS DAMNIT! Barns do not have furntiure... if you want to sit, sit on a bale of hay! Did they have rope swings in them? If they did not, it wasn't a very good barn! And since you didn't get to milk any cows you really missed out on the experience!

It sounds like quite a day!!! And I am SURE you had more style and class than anyone there. They sound like a unique group of ladies who needed you for the day. :)


I'm with Mo'a on this one. White cotton dress and a big hat! Oh, and maybe barefoot. (tee hee)

So, tonight's the big night! Who's gonna win?


Honey: you are too too kind... (as usual) but thank you! as long as you like me in jeans and sneaks, what else matters?

lovelovelove you! xoxox

Mo'a: hmmmm. white cotton dress? not a bad idea... knowing me, the only problem would be keeping it clean for the duration of the tour! (i'm a bit clumsy, especially in white!) and i suspect you're 100% correct regarding the need for all those bathrooms! : D

My Spin: you are so sweet! and i'm quite certain it would be waaaay more fun and/or interesting at your place than at many of these folks' homes! thanks! : D

Sar: *blush* i am so proud and humbled by the honor! thankyouthankyou soooo much! and, yep, joel's "belle of the barns" was a great line... wish i'd thought of it! : D

Miz B: i'm thrilled to know you stopped by, for it seems life is more than a bit crazed in the land of bohemians! love the phrase... i'm gonna copy it down and use it one of these days! and thank you for your lovely compliments... and warm wonderful friendship! muchos besos are flying your way, as well! xox

CJ: yes... these people don't live like the rest of us do. and never was that more apparent than when viewing their "barns". tho' i did see hay in some of the stalls... the bales, however, were no where in sight! : D

Risible Girl: i'm gonna have to find a white dress, then! by the way, i'm sooooo happy to see you! i haven't been able to get your blog to load up for the past couple of days, and i was worried... also, those last two comments joel made? that was me (i didn't notice he was logged on... oops! my bad!) hope you're well...REALLY REALLY well!!

and, much as i know you like katharine... i'm pretty sure the winner's gonna be taylor. but, based on the way voting's gone this season... it's really anybody's guess! : D


Wow this is just an entirely other world from me. Besides, you have to have very thin thighs to get away with jodphurs. Looking forward to hearing part deux.


That's a great quote at the end of a great post:)
This is most interesting. I had no idea that "barns" like that existed, or that people would be so trite as to laugh at how you came dressed for a country tour. Huh.

Intriguing cultural experience, too!


Man, I have SO been there (not the barns part, but the "i feel like a poor relation" part).
what a surreal experience! I'm kind of imagining a galavanting around West Egg, with you observing from a distance in your baseball hat and jeans. or bouncing around on Gatsby's bucket seat while Daisy looks idly at "barns" from the side window.


This is hilarious! Your mommy is one cool chick.

who needs all that money anyway? Bah!


I love the accompanying pics and then your take - now that's priceless!


Mom-101: i had no idea, either! needless to say, it was quite the adventure in the land o' the elite! and, assuming she doesn't take back the invite, i should be taking that garden tour the first week of june... i'll keep ya posted (get it? "posted"? ... heh heh... sorry, it's late and the word play is especially bad!): D

Actonbell: the thing about "ladies" like that is that they don't so much "laugh" as smirk. then they ask you questions in order to make sure you know that they know that you aren't "one of them". (which, of course, i was happy to do, because i never want to be "one of them"!) : D

Joy: i actually thought of you while i was on this tour... because i knew it would crack you up. now i think i'm gonna need to borrow that white linen dress and floppy gardening hat of yours for "the great greenwich garden tour"! : D

Kyahgirl: no one needs that much money! the only value, in my mind, would be all the great things one could do for other people! i'm sure the family selling off their barn & acerage for $17.5 million will be donating lots to charity. or to their daughter's extended riding lessons. the ones she's taking in europe. so she can compete in the olympics. sigh. : D

g: thank you, my friend... and thank you for stopping by! and, congratulations on your new blog, which, from what i've seen thus far, is a wonderful success! : D


That was a great description. I did live close enough to Greenwich to smell it for many years, during which my salary ranged from $3000-9500/year.
Going on this must have given Daisy all KINDS of notions!

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