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08 May 2006



Great Mommeme babe! For the record I happen to think you're a good dancer...I certainly enjoy the little dances you do for me! You sing, you write the best birthday songs ever...pretty sure you could have made us rich in the jingle business. Oh well...coming home you.


Oh, I really like your add ons!

If it's any consolation- I have lots of planter containers that I need to attend to as well. I've been to busy with the rest of the huge-ass yard!


Honey: you're waaay too kind (guess that's one of the things i love MOST about you!) glad you'll be home soon... it's much too lonely when you're gone... especially when it's out of state!

i lovelovelove YOU!! xoxox

Risible Girl: i think i was leaving a comment for you as you were leaving one for me! (we ARE scary, girlfriend!) our huge ass yard totally intimidates me, which is why i stick to containers. hopefully i'll get around to what little planting we have before all my little plant-lings die!! (aieee!) thanks again for giving me the inspiration to do this meme! : D


It is fun to learn more about you. I love brussel sprouts, I don't like pineapple but I love at least we have that in common.
I have spent the last two weekends planting in containers....Ken does all the digging and planting in the actual gardens....even in the one he made for me last Mother's day.....that is another thing we have in common....great Husbands :)


I sometimes resiest calling my momma too... she drives me insane. (She claims the same of me! Can you imagine?) I copied your meme as you tagged everyone. It was kind of fun to sit and finish those sentences.

Hey let me know what you thought of the Soprano's last night. I'm patiently waiting!


lovelovelove your "mommeme"... YOU ROCK!

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh! Everyone is commenting on planting so I will too... I suck at keeping the garden going and that is Loverboy's thing. All our trees are fruit trees and we have cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and the like being made as we, well, as I type.

Dancing! Gotta love dancing and when someone such as you is so tuned to the beauty of life I am sure the moves are equally beautiful...

LOVE finding out more about you my dearest Neva!

Miz BoheMia

PS- LOVE the Daily Show and the Office has finally grown on me... I also laugh at my own jokes which in turn makes the hubby laugh at me... have been to Maui twice and it already feels like a second home and though I do like pineapples I cannot have any because it burns my tongue....

And I just love you!


finally, someone who shares my phobia about brussell sprouts (shudder...) I shall save this meme for later when I also have nothing to write about.


How are you? ^___^ I'm back! I had a real nice time travelling last week! I'm so sorry I didn't have chance and time to visit your blog for a while! I hope you're doing fine! ^__^

Miss you!


Mo'a: "great husbands" is a GREAT thing to have in common! i'm very blessed to be married to someone as amazing as joel, and it sounds as tho' you feel the same about your honey! (sorry about the brussels sprouts... don't know why i hate 'em so, but i sure do!) : D

CJ: it's just that when my mom gets me on the phone... i can't get her off! she's a chatty one... much to the dismay of my ears! i read your meme... and you put me to shame. i was pretty silly here, but yours is lovely! (if i haven't left a comment it's just that i didn't have time... but i'm going back over there to do that right now!) : D

Karen: thanks! now you know the drill... i'll be looking for your version of this sometime down the road! : D

Miz B: fresh cucumbers/tomatoes/peppers? yummy! so loverboy is a REAL gardener! lucky you!

and, yep, "the office" is a bit of an acquired taste... but i think it's truly hilarious! glad it's grown on you, too!

can't eat pineapples? oh... i'm so sorry! 'cuz few things are better than fresh pineapple... but since you've got all those other homegrown goodies to eat, i'm guessing your mouth is still pretty happy! and you already know that i lovelove you, too, sister/girlfriend!! or, if ya don't, you should: D

Joy: yeah... there's something so terribly wrong with those little cabbage heads. i mean, besides the fact that they taste like shit (sorry Mo'a, but in my mouth, they do!) and saving this "meme" for a "non-inspirational" day was exactly what i did! i'll look forward to seeing your version sometime in the future (tho', from what i know, you are rarely at a loss for words! and i mean that in the best way possible!) : D

Jom: HI!!! i'm soooooo glad you've been out 'n about havin' a good time. goodness knows you earned it. and i've missed you, too!

oh, and i want to tell you HOW MUCH i lovelovelove the picture you sent me... oh-my-god i was so touched by that thoughtful gesture, not to mention the amazing job you did painting it! i'm getting it framed and i will be hanging it where i can see it and enjoy it and think of you and your kindness! (i'm gonna take a picture of it and post it, as well, just 'cuz i want to show off what a talented artist you are!) is there nothing you can't do?? i don't think so!

you were missed quite a lot, young lady, so i'm very happy to "see" you're back! : D


Hi neva-its great to learn more about you :-)

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