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04 April 2006



I'm pretty sure Ma Nature won't be crossing lil Soph anytime soon...she's small but fierce! Love you


Snarkier than usual today, Puppytoes - delicious!

We were under a tornado watch last night. It was wild. Lots of rain, sleet & wind, then as it died you could see out the back windows it black as the ace of spades but in the front of the house was a glowing yellowish hue. I was pretty freaked we were in the eye of the storm, but it passed after that thankfully.

*fingers crossed no snow for puppytoes!*


Yeah - just surfed through on BE - you are fucking weird.


you are cracking me up! NO SNOW. It's not winter anymore! You tell 'em Sophie!


Its 56 in Minnesota today. HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAH And you thought I lived on the frozen tundra!


Same here! sleet showers, -2C ...sooo cold!...

Mother Nature, please... notice that one tropical girl is living in your playing field! T__T


i am freezing my beedoobies off over here too. where IS SPRING? i plan a ranty post about it myself tomorrow along the lines of "april is the cruelest, p%^&^%teaser of a month..." type thing. (grumble, grumble).

p.s. thanks for the gorgeous message to me yesterday. you are one lovely lady.


honey: needless-to-say, sophie was one relieved pup to discover the sun shining upon her return! (whew!) lovelove you, too! xoxoxo

sar: tornado watch in richmond??? whoa... don't think that ever happened when we lived there (tho the james river once spilled out into the streets after a hurricane...not really the same, tho'). i'm glad you're okay--i think tornadoes are even scarier than hurricanes, cuz you really don't know when they're gonna hit.

personally, i think you should pack up the family and move back up our way, girlfriend... oh sure, we have more snow than you do, but at least here the whole city doesn't shut down when it happens... and i can remember many days when that was not the case when we lived in your neck of the woods! : )

trollmeister: i don't know if fucking weird is good or bad... maybe it's just... weird? whatever, it's all good, and you are welcome to drop your trollish truths here anytime the mood strikes ya!

peg: yay! and, howdy!!! are those pups of yours settled yet??? (i visited... it's lookin' pretty good over there... but we need pictures! and lots of 'em, please!) : D

cj: such cruelty from a sweet girl like you?? rub it in, why don't ya? (can you tell? we're totally jealous of your good weather-related fortunes!)

i'm gonna check back with you next february, young lady... then we'll see who's laughing! tee hee : P

jom: figures! once you finally get a chance to get out of that stupid library you have to step into sleet?? sooooo sorry! still, the boy tells me you might have some nice company next week, is that true? i hope so... 'cuz maybe that'll help "heat" things up... heh heh! (i really do hope the weather improves for you soon... we can send blankets/coats/boots if you need 'em!) ; D

joy: i've decided we should all start referring to you as "dr. joy"... 'cuz lord knows you've earned that right! i love your blog, and i'm always honored when you visit mine! thank you! : D


ps to dr. joy: ... "beedoobies"?!?! tee hee!! : D


snowin' here, too, and I'm gettin' my hair done tomorrow... two great minds, ah, heads think alike!! :-)


it's gonna be poopie weather tomorrow, too, but i always feel better after my hair appt. guess you might call this my *fluff and buff* week; nails today, hair tomorrow, and teeth cleaning thursday then i'll be good to go! :-)


Neve - If I lived near you, we would have so much fun snarking together! Your comments just made my day today. :)


Ooops, I meant Neva. Damn those fumble fingers.

Miz BoheMia

I just read about your son in the previous post! My god! I am right there with you sistah! I cannot even begin to imagine what I would do! When my daughter was 3 some bitch kid threw a rock at her face and got her right below the eye and my girl ended up with a nasty cut... she was lucky they didn't get her in the eye... we made sure to raise hell over it and after that no more incidents... I have a son and shudder to think of the drama that will ensue when they are older! Dios mio! I hope he is ok!

Snow? Ay! We were enjoying summery weather and overnight the temperatures have dropped, the clouds have flown in and we are facing some rainy weather to come! Hope the storm blows over soon!


Yet another day of beautiful weather.... I think the good news for you is my weather is heading your way! :) The bad news is that the weather bastard on MSNBC just told me it could snow friday. WTF is up with that? But then again I do live in Minnesota GOD only knows what our weather will be like.


Karen: i'm soo sooo sorry about your potential "bad hair day"! (tho' i confess i'm more than a tad jealous to know you're gettin' your nails done,this week, too! teeth cleaning, too? bonus!) : D

Sar: "neve" is what all my friends used to call me, so i didn't think anything about the mis-spelling (see, we're best friends, already!) and you should sooooo move up here--my snarkiness is nothin' compared to a couple of my friends, we would have the best time (and... i do shopping reallyreally well!)

Miz B: yeah, a mother's job (apparently) is never done. not sure i'll ever get past that "protective" thing...

my son, tho' flawed/confused/immature, is such a sweetheart, it still galls me to no end that this happened. heck, we've never hit him (or our other son, for that matter) even tho' it's been tempting at times, but i sure as hell don't want someone else trying to rearrange his beautiful features!

as for your daughter? i can imagine your reaction, and i have no doubt you put the fear of god into the offending child! (we try to live peaceful lives...but that doesn't really matter when our kids' safety is at stake, does it?)

as for that abundant sunshine? send it our way, girlfriend!! : D

cj: see... you mocked our crummy weather and looked what happened? that's right... the gods are gonna blast ya one more time (only seems fair, since you do live in minnesota, after all!) actually, hopefully we'll all start enjoying warmer temps soon. it is spring... isn't it? : )

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