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01 April 2006



You are so much fun, and clever too! Good joke, good pics, good night! Gotta feed these pups we call our kids.

Love you


Thank you, again, for bringing me smile! ^____^(especially during such exhausting week!)

Thank you!


Love all the new photos!

Monika I see! joey and the mommy and you three doggies it seems, are all one big family?!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
You sure are very lucky, beucase your dogs look amazing and the pictures were fab!


More great pictures!! ;) It rained here a lot this weekend we had a lot of flood advisories... it didn't make Trudie (Gertrude K dog) very happy either! Glad there was at least some fun frolicing!


Absolutely the best blog I've seen in a long time. LOVE IT!!!! Your dogs are adorable. Number one my favorite list.

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