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17 April 2006



I love it when you're "not inspired" because it's always great! I remember thinking how strange it was when we lived in Boston that Patriot's Day was an actual holiday...also found it strange that all the TV stations would air the Boston Marathon and people would actually watch...a lot of people. For my money I can't think of too many things more boring to watch than people running 26+ miles. Don't get me wrong...lots of admiration for those who can...of which I am not one...but I'll take their word for it...don't need to bear witness. Love the Dave Barry quote - a strange one that friend of you!


I had to send that Dave Barry quote on to my husband. He'll love it.

For the record, I don't think I'm up for any marathons in the future either!


*LOL* Tony has a piddley scar... I have a real scar/s I have franken torso. :) I kind of dig looking at the scar, I always say to myself "Ahhh I've had worse. Pansy!" :)

I've never run a marathon and maybe I should.... I'm not a runner, I've always said "Why run when your not being chased?" I thought that was a good philosophy but now I'm pushing 30 and the most running I've done in ages is the bases. Speaking of which I thought of Joel while running the bases. Thea suggested we play pretend baseball because when she grows up she wants to play baseball. What a gal!


honey: "patriot's day" was one of the many things i enjoyed about our time in boston! (will we ever run a marathon? terri & i think we should try to do the one in hawaii next year... which means we should start training...NOW!) lovelovelove you even more! xoxox

Risible Girl: howdy! i kind of lucked into that quote--pretty perfect for the day, tho'! and, yeah, i'd really like to think i could run a marathon some day, but as the clock keeps ticking, i'm pretty sure i'm getting further and further away from actually doing anything about it! aieeee!

CJ: tony's scar isn't as bad as that whale-blubber belly of his, actually! (we've got a few fairly impressive scars around here, too!) oh, and i'm sure joel will be very flattered to know you thought of him while playing "pretend" baseball! (he's a "nut" for the game!!) i lovelovelove the fact that Thea wants to play baseball when she grows up! we love breaking down any and all stereotype barriers! you tell her to "go", girl! : D


"Congress is NOT going to pass a flat tax"...

is that anything like a flatulent tax :snicker:

{i love the way you and hubby post on each other's blogs}

Miz BoheMia

Oh my! I thought I left a comment but I must not have! Bad bohemian, bad bohemian!

I used to run an hour a day and loved the high! But it totalled me knee (which yoga later restored) and I had to give it up! *sigh* I always wanted to run in San Francisco's Bay to Breakers but never made it cause of the knee!

Oooooh! Sopranos! It's getting somewhat interesting but the extreme homophobia, although quite expected of them and true to character, really horrified me because it really is like that in most of the world and it really hurts to see!

Hope you had a good Easter! Too bad you couldn't get a good deal on your family trip to fill up the SUV! Maybe next time! ;-P


neva--as i haul ass to my various aerobic workouts right now, I am consistently reminding myself "neva ran a 10K when 6 months, neva ran a 10K when 6 months, neva ran a 10K when 6 months, neva ran a 10K when 6 months." actually, I am doing a 5k on Sunday. But most likely walking more than running:)

same mantra will go when i hit the garden center--"neva says do planters, etc etc."

i'll keep you updated on my progress;-)


Hey Neva - who won the election on West Wing? I want the yummy looking guy to win, not the old Alan Alda guy. So you ran a 10k when you were 6 months pregnant? I ran as well when I was pregnant -- actually I made my husband run -- to the border and got a Taco at Taco Time! You are the best!


Karen: "flatulent tax"... good one! like those guys on bush's team--full of hot, smelly air! : D

Miz B: i am honored/thrilled to have your comments anytime/day! sorry you hurt your knee--yoga's better for that total body thing, anyway! and, i totally agree, the homophobic reaction on the sopranos is true to life (at least tony's not completely freaked out--so his near death experience has helped him in the tolerance department!)

as for the "family trip"--yep, that's about as exciting as it gets around here! (pathetic, aren't we? tee hee!)

Joy: i didn't even bother to mention the fact that i ran throughout both pregnancies--in fact i ran 3 miles the day i went into labor with my first child (maybe that's why he was 3 weeks late?) as for the race. i ran it, but not fast. 10 minute miles, to be exact! still--i managed to get back into shape fairly quickly, so that was something!

and containers rule--and you won't have to bend over too much to fill them. you also won't have to worry about soiling that white linen dress...mostly, you just won't have to work so hard! (always a goal for us!) i'll be starting our "plantings" soon, we can compare containers down the road... altho' i have a sneaking suspicion you'll totally kick my petunia planting ass!

My Spin: jimmy smits did, indeed, win the election. tho' alan alda actually plays the world's *only* acceptable republican (as far as joel & i can tell).

tacos and pregnancies? i hear you, girl! i craved enchiladas, tacos, and mexican mac & cheese! (but then, i always do... in a past life, i'm pretty sure i was a mexican senorita named lupe) : D


Neva, thank you for stopping at my place come again and often.
At least Tony's scar is not blody at the moment...In any case is is discusting :#
I think we could become fast friends I love Hawaii and Mexican food....sisters I think :)


Neva...I'm going crazy! I have only 5 days left before final exam..I'm so scared!!! I have never been like this before. Today, after studying with my friends, we had conversation about the exam. After that my heart was beating so fast that I couldn't do anything. I don't want to tell my mom, dad or sister because they will be very worried about me...It's the first time I have to do exam. in different language, place and atmosphere...this is so difficult.

Sorry for posting this but...I'm so confused T___T Please...wish me luck!

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh! You met Mo'a! I loooveee me my dear Mo'a!


Mo'a: it was a genuine pleasure visiting your site--your work is breath-taking! (and i agree, hawaii + passion for mexican food = *sisters*!)

Jom: not only do i wish you luck--i will keep you in my prayers. you're gonna do FANTASTIC--you are brilliant and focused and your english is excellent.

it's natural to feel nervous, especially after all you've been through, but you know this material, and i believe with ALL MY HEART that you will not only do well on this exam--you will "blow" your competition away! i know it's hard, but try to relax and just "be".

start by closing your eyes and breathing--deeply and slowly--in and out. in and out. feel that warmth? feel that calm? you can do this. you *know* you can do this. in a few days, you're just going to sit down in that classroom, take in a couple of good cleansing breaths, and allow the information you've been storing up all these months to flow onto those pages.

above all else, Jom, *believe* in yourself--i know i do. and so do all the people who love you so much! ^_^


Miz B!! i didn't mean to leave you out! and, yes, thanks to you i *did* meet Mo'a! (you little "girlfriend matchmaker", you!) after reading your wonderful tribute to her, how could i resist learning more about this amazing person you clearly love so much? : D


Neva...Thank you sooo...much... I don't know what to say but..'I love you' ^___^ Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much! *big hug* ^__^


I remember in the good ole' days, back when I was young, unlike now, when I am old, I did run several of those marathon races. The best one would have missed qualifying for Boston by 4 seconds, count 'em - FOUR FREAKIN' SECONDS. But who gives a rip - I would never have run in that monster mash anyway. I would never run with a bun in the oven though - can't cook and run at the same time!


...and I remember the time when I had sooooo much trouble posting a lousy comment to your blog and I kept getting an error message and I kept trying over and over because it was so witty and then - voila! - my comment finally appeared - 10 times! oh no! SORRY :-(


Peg: i went ahead and removed those extra comments--soooo sorry you had that problem (altho', it sure did make me look popular!)

i left a comment on your blog in response to the one you left, but i'll repeat it here: 4 freaking seconds???? oh my lord--so you're a serious runner, eh? my sister & i always ran races for the tee shirts (which explains the 10 minutes/mile pace i averaged in the 10K i did when i was pregnant!) we'll have to run together, sometime, but only if ya promise to hold the pace down to something an aging woman, like myself, can handle!) : D


and dear Jom: i love you, too... and i'm just gonna send a whole lot of positive energy your way! and, for heaven's sake, hang in there... you're almost done!

i believe with all my heart you'll do well, and totally kick ass, in the process! (don't tell your real mom i said that, tho', i don't want her to think you've been adopted by some crass american!) and always remember, we're proud to be a part of your life (however small) and wish you nothing but happiness and success! (of course, i'd still be happy if you changed your mind, came over here, married the boy, gave me grandkids, blah blah blah... but it's okay if you don't! i love you, anyway!) ^_^ xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

mommy on the verge

I have to skip all that stuff about the Sopranos cause I don't get HBO and I always rent the seasons like 50 years after they were first on.
Dogs don't always have great writing days, just like the rest of us!


where have you gone puppytoes...your fans need a fix.

love you


awwww! (you're sweet honey, but i doubt anyone else noticed i'm late getting a post up!) xoxoxo
love you, tooooo!

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