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15 April 2006



a good day indeed! the sun was was warm...we were together! All good!

Love you babe


It seems like you're having a bright and lively day! :) which is good for you 3 little puppies! ^__^ I'm always happy to see your pictures :)

Neva: nah..It wasn't a flattery! My words were totally true :D (couldn't you see that Joel agreed?...hee hee)

Joel: yeah! I believe 'mommy' is really gorgeous! ;)


those photos are so great! what beautiful frolicking dogs and a nice day too! yippeeeeee.


The last picture reminds me of why I *LOVE* the dog park so much (I sometimes go even though I don't have a dog)

The absolute JOY on their faces is just so infectious. I leave the dog park about a million pounds lighter.

Miz BoheMia

Your dogs are soo beautiful! Glad the weather was good! And Pooh! He is big in this household!

Have a great weekend!

My Spin

Your puppies are just plain darling:) Just like you!

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